The Pensacola Paranormal Society & Its Search for the Supernatural

Updated June 7, 2021
Light shining through fog in graveyard

The Pensacola Paranormal Society was a paranormal investigation organization based in Pensacola, Florida. The society investigated reports of hauntings for many years, and though they have disbanded in recent years, they continue to offer valuable information on their website.

About Pensacola Paranormal Society

Rick Loe and Sharon Renae founded the Pensacola Paranormal Society (PPS), and Rick served as its director. The PPS specialized in hauntings, and they provided investigations, reports and recorded evidence at the society's website. They provided their services free of charge to accepted clients.

Some of Pensacola Paranormal Society's Investigations

The Pensacola Paranormal Society published several detailed and informative investigation reports, providing details and some evidence for its four major investigations. These include a variety of photos, electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs), and videos.

The Haunted Mortuary - New Orleans, Louisiana

On January of 2008, Pensacola Paranormal Society investigated the Haunted Mortuary on Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. During this visit, which lasted for three hours from midnight to 3:00 a.m., the team reported experiencing the following paranormal events.

  • Sharon, the lead psychic, reported communicating with a ghost of a young girl named Esther Elizabeth.
  • The team captured several photos of orbs in the vicinity where the ghost was believed to be communicating with Sharon.
  • The investigators captured several interesting EVP events.
  • The team heard sounds of footsteps, loud bangs and slams in particular rooms.

Blakeley State Park - Spanish Fort, Alabama

The team visited Blakeley State Park in Spanish Fort, Alabama on December 8th, 2007. During this visit, the group experienced the following paranormal activity.

  • Psychics picked up soldiers roaming the area.
  • One psychic witnessed a shadow disappear behind a tree.
  • Team members heard voices in the woods.
  • One researcher experienced a strong electro-magnetic field (EMF) spike while scanning in the Blakeley Ghost Town.
  • The team captured several orb photos, as well as photos of an odd orange light.
  • Researchers did not capture any video or EVP phenomenon during this investigation.

Coon Hill Cemetery - Santa Rosa County, Florida

In April 2005, Pensacola Paranormal investigated the Coon Hill Cemetery, located deep within the northwest panhandle of Florida. The secluded Coon Hill Cemetery, according to the PPS website, is about 2 acres and enclosed by a 3 foot tall concrete wall. During this evening visit, the team recorded the following paranormal phenomenon.

  • A maximum five light, ten second reading on a K-2 EMF meter
  • Sounds of footsteps in the grass
  • A number of cold spots
  • Various unexplainable sounds

St. John's Cemetery - Pensacola, Florida

In April 2008, PPS visited St. John's, a 26-acre cemetery stretching for ten impressive city blocks in Pensacola, Florida. The investigation of St. John's cemetery lasted for three hours, and during that time the team recorded no evidence of paranormal activity except photographic orbs. Overall, the team found no hard evidence of paranormal activity at this location.

A Record of Haunting Investigations

The society mainly investigated haunted buildings and locations, and it's intriguing to see the first-person recordings of those investigations. If you're wondering if you're experiencing a haunting, signs this team has seen, such as cold spots, orbs, or unexplained voices or sounds could definitely be signs of spiritual activity.

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The Pensacola Paranormal Society & Its Search for the Supernatural