How to Safely Set Up a Ouija Board Space

Updated August 17, 2021
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You've probably heard spooky tales about people using Ouija boards when something goes terribly wrong. You can avoid this and protect yourself by setting up your space correctly before you dive into a Ouija board session. So, take the time before you begin to create a safe space; you won't regret it! The time you spend preparing will ensure you have a positive and safe Ouija experience.

Choose Right Space to Set Up a Ouija Board

Most people use the Ouija board in their home, in a living room or basement. It's best to avoid using it in your bedroom, just in case your session isn't positive.

There are some people who insist you should never use a Ouija board in your home. After all, you will be opening a portal to the other side, and dark entities may attempt to enter. If possible, choose a neutral location, often outdoors. This might be in a park, public garden, on a beach, or some other space purposely selected that isn't near your home.

This preference doesn't mean you can't use a room in your home. In fact, if you follow a few simple safety tips, you ensure only benevolent spirits respond to your Ouija board call.

A few things to consider when choosing the space for your Ouija board session include:

  • Avoid a dark, dank space. The energies of this type of space are negative and low frequency.
  • Choose an area that's relatively quiet. You don't want traffic, music, conversations, and other sounds to interfere with your session.
  • Choose a space where you won't be interrupted.

Neutralize and Cleanse Negative Energies

Setting up a Ouija board session is all about the energy. Energy isn't discriminatory in what it attracts. However, you can set up your space to repel negative energies. This will ensure that malevolent entities can't crash your session. There are several ways to neutralize and cleanse negative energies that may be present and then invite positive energies to take its place. The most popular way is to burn sage. You will smudge your space by burning a white sage incense bundle. Follow step-by-step instructions to ensure your space is thoroughly cleansed of all negative energy.

Next, pour sea salt poured in an unbroken circle around the area you'll be using to conduct your Ouija board session. Be generous with the thickness of your circle and make sure no one disturbs it before or during your session. Once you say, "Goodbye," and close your session, you can break the protective circle of salt. Remove it. Many people prefer to sweep up the salt and bury it to ensure any negative energies it collected and repelled are contained.

Raise Energy Frequency for Protection

When you've cleansed and enclosed your space, it is time to raise the frequency of the neutralized space. This will ensure that you attract like energies into your Ouija board session. The most common way of raising energy vibrations is with crystals. Not only will they lift the energy frequency of your circle, but they will also offer great protection against malevolent and other negative energies.

Place a mix of crystal inside the salt circle in any arrangement you like. Set a large crystal on the table or place several in a circle around the area where you'll be sitting. You can also wear a crystal or two to reinforce your spiritual energies and protect you from negative energies.

Some of the crystals to use include:

  • Amber - Grounds you to the Earth and shields you against powerful negative energies.
  • Amethyst - Ancient Romans wore amethyst crystals to protect them from becoming victims of black magic. This crystal gem also boosts personal spiritual energies.
  • Black obsidian - This crystal protects you against all manner of dark energies.
  • Black tourmaline - When you need protection from psychic attacks, wear a black tourmaline crystal.
  • Emerald - Throughout ancient times, emeralds were valued as protection from enemies.
  • Hematite - The silvery hematite shields, protects and grounds.
  • Labradorite - If you wish protection from all kinds of negative psychic energies, use labradorite.
  • Lapis - The crystal gem of seers, lapis, boosts personal energies while assisting in mental clarity.

Once you have all these elements in place, light a white candle to add pure energy into your circle. The white candle will also burn out any remaining negative energies and prevent them from entering during your session. Ring a bell three times before starting your session to further clear the energies and call the spirits.

How to Safely Set up a Ouija Board Space

When you choose a safe place for your Ouija board session, you ensure a successful and positive experience. Be sure to cleanse the space and put protections in place before starting your communication with the other side.

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How to Safely Set Up a Ouija Board Space