11 Types of Psychic Jobs: Put Your Talents to Work 

Updated June 18, 2021
Psychic Spiritual Healer

Many people with psychic gifts are unsure of what to do with their capabilities. The good news is that psychic abilities, like other talents, are natural gifts you can use to enhance your career and life. So if you have psychic talents and want to put them to work in your job, one of these careers may be the perfect one for you.

Intuitive Energy Healer

An intuitive energy healer relies on their psychic abilities and spirit guides to assist in performing the healing. In some cases, a psychic healer uses various healing techniques, such as crystals, reiki, and various energy healing arts. A psychic with talent in the healing arts is able to draw out and remove negative energy from an individual.

Psychic Counselor

You may be drawn to a career as a psychic counselor. In this career choice, you'll help clients make meaningful decisions regarding their present and their future. They may have specific questions to ask you and once they receive the answers they seek, their counseling ends. Other clients may require several consultations over a period of weeks or possibly months the same way they would work with a guidance counselor or therapist.

Psychic Spiritual Healer

A psychic spiritual healer helps clients with specific problems that are deep-seated spiritual issues. This can be a bad habit, emotional issues, phobias, and types of illnesses. Most psychic spiritual healers can read the person's history, including past lives, to assess how the problem is connected to the person's past and how they are influencing their current situation.

For example, a karmic debt a person carries might be diagnosed. The spiritual healer empowers the individual to take full responsibility for their current circumstances and guides them in facing their karmic debt and how to use healing spiritual energy to cleanse themselves of the problem. The healer may practice laying on of the hands, which transforms the negative energy using their own energy system to cleanse it and then return it to the person as a healthy form of energy. However, each healer works differently and has their own methodology that allows them to use their special talents.

Telephone or Online Psychic

A telephone psychic speaks to clients via the phone, online chat, or a Zoom conference. This type of work is often as an independent contractor with an established psychic service. The psychic is paid according to the amount of "talk time" with the client. The company pays the psychic based on their pay structure. You'll need to be at least 18 years of age for the company's legal liability guidelines. You may be allowed to apply for specific areas including relationships, psychic healing, psychic counselor, tarot card reader, and so on.

Tarot Card Reader

A tarot card reader can offer clients all types of readings for specific issues and problems. Some clairvoyants find this job a good choice, especially if they already use tarot cards as a divination tool. Tarot readers provide greater insight into a client's problem with helpful and actionable information. You may conduct your readings live on the Internet, via email, text messages, FaceTime calls, social media, or use one of the many online chats/video conference choices.

tarot card reader

Psychic Development Teacher

Share your experience and knowledge by teaching beginner classes in how to develop psychic abilities. You can create a course and syllabus using your website or social media account as a teaching hub. You may decide to start small by offering a few courses on Udemy with an expansion of choices featured on your website/social media account once students complete your introductory courses. You may prefer to join a professional organization that offers various coursework as a contractor or employee. This will allow you to step right in to a pre-planned course.

Gallery Readings

You may prefer to use a gallery reading format for conducting business. You can reach more people when you opt for an online live reading. However, some psychics prefer in-person gallery readings that's held in your home or that of a friend. If you are need to be in the presence of the person you're reading, then you need to opt for the in-person style of readings.

Psychic Investigator

Psychics with a good track record and reputation sometimes work with law enforcement. You may visit crime scenes, assist police in missing person cases, and/or work for individuals who are trying to find a missing loved one.

Bereavement Medium

A bereavement medium works with clients who have lost a loved one. The medium can work either in-person or online to provide readings for clients. Your method may be trance channeling, working with spirit guides, or you may prefer conducting seances. The divinity tool(s) you use is strictly up to you.

Pet Bereavement Medium

Some psychic mediums have a very strong connection to animals. Pet owners grieving the loss of their beloved companion often turn to psychic mediums for assistance. This can be very consoling and comforting to pet owners.

Psychic Pet Counselor

Another area for a psychic that connects with animals can be as a counselor to pet owners with unmanageable or problem pets. This might be a dog that barks all the time or a pet that has some type of behavioral problem. The pet psychic can communicate with the pet to discover the underlying issue and what the pet is trying to communicate to their owner.

Choose Your Type of Psychic Job

There are a variety of jobs that allow a psychic to earn a living. Once you determine which job is right for you, it's time to get started helping others and earning an income!

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11 Types of Psychic Jobs: Put Your Talents to Work