Psychic Tips for the Field From Expert Paranormal Investigator

Updated May 18, 2021
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Psychics can play an important role in paranormal investigation. While not every paranormal investigation team work with a psychic investigator, many do. If you have psychic ability and wish to work with a paranormal team, or if you're a paranormal team who wants to work with a psychic, then consider these psychic tips from my many years working as a medium and paranormal investigator.

Go in Blind

To avoid confirmation bias, enter the location blind. Don't learn anything about it before you do your walk through. Don't research it beforehand, and it's even better if you have no clue where you're going before you get there. Some teams blindfold their psychic investigators on the way to the location and remove any personal information about the people who live or work there so the psychic has no knowledge of the property before they begin.

Protect Yourself

Always use psychic protection techniques when you visit a reportedly haunted location. Whether you use a prayer of protection, wear crystals, or surround yourself in a bubble of white light (or any other technique), make sure that protection remains firmly in place throughout your walk through and investigation.

Perform an Initial Walk-Through

Many paranormal teams want to go into a possibly haunted location without preconceived notions so they don't make any assumptions as they gather information. Because of this, it's always a good idea for psychic paranormal investigators to do an initial walk through of the property separately from other psychics or team members. This usually occurs before the team arrives to investigate.

Record Your Impressions

Instead of communicating aloud to homeowners, residents, or other paranormal investigators what your impressions are, put those impressions in writing or on a recording to avoid any chance of scene contamination. Write in a notebook, take notes on your phone tablet, or do a voice recording on a phone, tablet, or small recording device. Write or record everything you see, sense, feel, hear, or experience as you perform your walk-through. Alternatively, if you have a trusted person you like to work with, walk through the house with them and have them record you on camera as you share your impressions. This person should remain separate from the investigating team or other psychics in order to avoid contaminating their information, experiences, or impressions.

Don't Interpret Impressions

Likewise, it's important you report the exact information you receive. Don't try to interpret your impressions. Simply record what you notice. For example, if you notice you feel dizzy in a certain spot and in the past that has indicated someone had a stroke there, report that you feel dizzy (what you know), not that you think someone had a stroke (what you think).

Don't Share Your Impressions With the Team

A top priority is that once the other investigators enter the scene, they aren't biased by your impressions. One way to confirm psychic information is by having evidence that matches the psychic impressions, such as recording an EVP of a child's voice in a place where you have psychically seen a child spirit.

Keep a Log

If you stick around after your walk-through to investigate with the team, it's important you don't inadvertently affect their objectivity with your impressions. One way to do this is to have everyone (including you) maintain a written log of impressions and experiences instead of communicating them aloud to one another. Note the time, location, and the impression you received or experience you had.

Offer Ideas of the Best Places to Gather Evidence

You can, however, offer ideas of where to point a camera or place a recorder. If you receive a psychic impression in a certain area, it's okay to say, "film here," or "take a photo here" without offering any additional information. In your log, note the time, your impression, and the action you had your teammate take to document the information you received.

Don't Claim 100% Accuracy

Never claim you are 100% accurate, as psychics sometimes misinterpret or misunderstand the information they receive. Recognize that there are reasons why you may receive incorrect impressions and know that even the most accurate psychics are fallible and don't hit 100% of the time.

Don't Make Any Guarantees

Never make promises or guarantees to clients. Instead, tell them your goal is to document what you find to help them better understand what is happening in their location. Likewise, never promise you can make a spirit move on. While sometimes psychics are able to bring resolution to a case by communicating with a spirit and helping it make the choice to move on, you can't force a sentient being to leave a place it inhabits.

Follow Up

It is important to engage in follow up when working as a psychic paranormal investigator. Providing ongoing support can help people living and working in paranormal situations come to terms with what is happening or find ways to cope with or live with paranormal activity if the spirits involved in the haunting are unwilling to move on.

Use Psychic Tips to Improve Your Techniques

The best way to gain competence as a psychic working with a paranormal team to investigate possible hauntings is to work more cases. The more cases you work, the more you will be able to recognize how you receive information and the most appropriate ways to use it to support your team.

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Psychic Tips for the Field From Expert Paranormal Investigator