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Tips for Working as a Psychic Paranormal Investigator

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Many paranormal teams work with psychic paranormal investigators who offer unique insights into paranormal activity that may be occurring in homes and businesses. A psychic paranormal investigator can serve as a liaison between the living and the dead, helping to facilitate spiritual healing for all parties involved.

Investigating the Paranormal as a Psychic

Psychic mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits and understand paranormal activity in a unique way. Many paranormal teams work with psychics because they are able to help the team better understand and record the activity. Psychic paranormal investigator Regan Vacknitz worked in that capacity with her Washington State team, APART of WA for many years, and she shared her insights with LoveToKnow Paranormal. According to Vacknitz, her team worked with both residential and business hauntings. "We go in whole-heartedly with the client's mental status in the forefront," Vacknitz said.

How Psychics Contribute to Paranormal Investigations

Psychics serve multiple purposes in paranormal investigations. They enter reportedly haunted locations to try to get a sense of the haunting. In many cases, they are able to point the team to specific areas requiring further investigation or where they may be more likely to gather evidence of ghosts or hauntings. They can also communicate with any entities present to discover why they remain in the location and what they may need to move on. Psychic paranormal investigators can also work with the people who live or work at the property to help them understand the activity and how to minimize it, resolve it, or live in harmony with it.

Tips for Psychic Paranormal Investigators

Psychic paranormal investigators must maintain specific protocols in order to avoid contamination of evidence in paranormal investigations.

Go in Blind

To avoid confirmation bias, enter the location blind. Don't learn anything about it before you do your walk through. Some teams even blindfold their psychic investigators on the way to the location and remove any personal information about the people who live or work in the location so the psychic has no knowledge of the property before they begin their walk-through.

Perform an Initial Walk-Through

Most paranormal teams want to go into a possibly haunted location without preconceived notions so they don't make any assumptions as they gather information. Because of this, it's always a good idea for psychic paranormal investigators to do an initial walk through of the property separately from other psychics or team members.

Put Impressions in Writing

Instead of communicating aloud to homeowners, residents, or other paranormal investigators what your impressions are, put those impressions in writing to avoid any chance of scene contamination.

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Don't Interpret Impressions

Likewise, it's important you report the exact information you receive. Don't try to interpret your impressions. Simply record what you notice.

Don't Share Your Impressions With the Team

A top priority is that once the other investigators enter the scene, they aren't biased by your impressions. One way to confirm psychic information is by having evidence that matches the psychic impressions, such as recording an EVP of a child's voice in a place where you have psychically seen a child spirit. Vacknitz shared an experience where this happened. "We were investigating the story behind the Black-Eyed Kid at Pt. Defiance 5 Mile Drive. We were moving about the area, hopping from one 'hot spot' to the next throughout the five miles of park. We all got into our cars to go to the next spot when I had a visitor in my backseat. I was talking to her psychically. My teammate and I were sitting in the front, and I was behind the wheel. I had a digital recorder turned on, sitting on my teammate's lap, with an external microphone draped over the rearview mirror. I was talking aloud so the digital recorder could pick up my questions and inquiries, but I was hoping that the answers would be picked up as well. I was shocked upon evidence review to find not only had the spirit's answers been picked up, but the entire conversation I was having with her. Every sound, every whimper, every emotion is heard in a three minute EVP."

Keep a Log

During the investigation, keep a written log instead of speaking your impressions aloud. Note the time, location, and the impression you received.

Offer Ideas of the Best Places to Gather Evidence

You can, however, offer ideas of where to point a camera or place a recorder. If you receive a psychic impression in a certain area, it's okay to say, "film here," or "take a photo here" without offering any additional information. In your log, note the time, your impression, and the action you had your teammate take to document the information you received.

Don't Claim 100 Percent Accuracy

Never claim you are 100 percent accurate, as psychics sometimes misinterpret or misunderstand the information they receive. According to Vacknitz, "I don't claim 100% accuracy. I do claim to have had experiences with the living that confirmed messages received from an earthbound individual."

Don't Make Any Guarantees

Never make promises or guarantees to clients. Instead, tell them your goal is to document what you find to help them better understand what is happening in their location. Likewise, never promise you can make a spirit move on. While sometimes psychics are able to bring resolution to a case by communicating with a spirit and helping it make the choice to move on, you can't force a sentient being to leave a place it inhabits.

Follow Up

Vacknitz noted it is important to engage in follow up when working as a psychic paranormal investigator. "We follow the families for up to a year or longer if needed," she said. Providing ongoing support can help people living and working in paranormal situations come to terms with what is happening or find ways to cope with or live with paranormal activity if the spirits involved in the haunting are unwilling to move on.

Psychic Help for People Experiencing Hauntings

As a psychic paranormal investigator, you are uniquely positioned to provide help to people living with paranormal activity and the spirits causing it. By tuning into psychic information, you may be able to offer resolution for or insight into what can be a stressful situation for everyone involved.

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Tips for Working as a Psychic Paranormal Investigator