Psychic Twins Linda and Terry Jamison

Linda and Terry Jamison, Psychic Twins, photo by Jason Christopher

While many twins claim to share a special telepathic bond with each other, identical twins Linda and Terry Jamison are the only ones to be described as "psychic twins" in the world today. They are the only psychics who publicly predicted the attacks of 9/11 and are nationally known as spiritual counselors and experts regarding world-event psychic predictions.

Psychic Twins: The Early Years

Linda and Terry are the daughters of the well-known watercolorist, Philip Jamison and his wife, Jane. They also have an older brother who has not, to date, demonstrated any psychic abilities. The twins grew up and went to school in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Their childhood was plagued by numerous illnesses, but the two girls shared a special bond early in their lives. In their own words, they considered themselves bifurcated souls - parts of the same soul inhabiting two bodies.

After high school graduation, they attended Temple University where both girls majored in fine arts. Early careers included stints as performance artists, comics and models. They founded a performing arts company and performed across the country, including a special appearance at the White House for President and Mrs. Regan. The twins are still recognized as the comic character "Louise the two-headed homemaker" from Saturday Night Live.

Terry and Linda: Their Lives Today

Today, the two women live in L.A. and maintain a counseling practice for individuals and businesses. They have appeared on over sixty shows on prime-time and cable networks, including Oprah and the Tyra Banks Show. Moreover, they are experts in the area of world predictions - something they have been doing since the 1990s.

They publicly and accurately predicted the following:

  • JFK Jr.'s death in a small plane accident (1997)
  • The World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks (November 1999 - radio show to over 2 million listeners)
  • The election and re-election of George W. Bush
  • The air crashes of India Air in 1999, Alaska Air in 2000 and a German plane in 2000
  • The April 2000 stock market nose-dive
  • Invasion of Iraq
  • War in Afghanistan

Practicing Buddhists, the twins individually pursue automatic writing as a way of tapping into the Akashic Records, believed to be part of the universal consciousness in which every thought, deed and action of the universe is stored for reference by souls evolved enough to access them.

Terry and Linda maintain a popular website Psychic and post informational updates about their professional media appearances on Facebook and My Space.

Respect for both women as professional psychics is hard won. Both have legitimized their work by successfully helping police solve murder cases, locate missing persons and reunite families. Immediately following 9/11 though, the FBI shut down the twin's website and any other website that mentioned their predictions. Even they endured a period time where they faced the red glare of the government spotlight and a country wounded to the core by the tragic events folding around them.

The Purpose: To Educate

Both Terry and Linda believe in reincarnation and that they have led past lives as extra-terrestrials. Listening to them talk, it is uncanny how they both finish each other's sentences, or overlap and speak in unison. They see their purpose on earth as one to educate and elevate those who come looking for guidance.

Both women maintain a set of ethical principles from which they run their business. They are currently the only psychics allowed to advertise in the bitingly sardonic magazine Skeptic whose mission it is to debunk any claims of psychic powers or paranormal happenings on whatever level.

The Psychic Twins are authors of the book Separated at Earth: The Story of the Psychic Twins. They also produced a meditative, reflective CD called Twin Hearts. The CD's purpose is to assist people looking for better love relationships and soul mate connections.

Their work as practicing, professional psychics has taken the twins around the world and won them numerous legions of fans who have great respect for their collective body of predictions over the past twenty-five years.

Further Reading

If you would like to know and explore the mysterious bond that appears to exist between twins, giving them a psychic connection, you may be interested in reading the following:

  • Twin Stories: Their Mysterious and Unique Bond by Susan Kohl
  • Twin Tales: The Magic and Mystery of Multiple Birth by Donna Jackson
  • Entwined Lives: Twins and What They Tell Us About Human Behavior by Dr. Nancy Segal

As the renowned Psychic Twins, Linda and Terry lead the kind of lives of which many of us may be in awe, but when you get to know them through their words, works and interviews, you can feel a very human bond turned extraordinary by love and faith in one another.

Psychic Twins Linda and Terry Jamison