Who Are Psychic Twins Terry and Linda Jamison?

Linda and Terry Jamison, the Psychic Twins

Many twins claim to share a special telepathic bond with each other, but identical twins Linda and Terry Jamison describe themselves as "psychic twins." They are known for making world predictions and practice spiritual counseling, especially to celebrities.

Growing Up and Starting Acting Careers

The twins' childhood was plagued by numerous illnesses, but the two girls shared a special bond early in their lives. In their own words, they considered themselves bifurcated souls - parts of the same soul inhabiting two bodies. After high school graduation, they attended Temple University where both girls majored in fine arts.

Their early careers included stints as performance artists, comics, and models. They founded a performing arts company and performed across the country, including a special appearance at the White House for President and Mrs. Regan. They even did a skit on SNL (Saturday Night Live) as "Louise the two-headed homemaker."

Today, the two women live in L.A. and maintain a counseling practice for individuals and businesses. They are following what they believe is their purpose this lifetime. They are dedicated to educating and elevating those who seek their guidance. Having appeared on more than 60 shows on prime-time and cable networks, it's not surprising that the twins are popular among celebrities. They even conduct readings for celebrities and post them on their YouTube channel. The twins state they are experts in the area of world predictions - something they started doing in the 1990s.

Predictions and Accuracy

The twins further claim they are the most accurate of psychics and point to their long track record of world predictions. However, critics counter and point to some of their predictions being rather vague and general, such as an escalation of terror attacks, an increase in deadly hurricanes, and the nuclear threat of North Korea. Since all of these have been escalating over the last decade, their critics discount their predictions.

Other critics found the twins' 2017 and 2018 predictions for innovations in technology and medical breakthroughs doubtful since they didn't give any specific breakthroughs, such as a cure for a specific disease or a specific technology. Critics further argue that technological advances and medical breakthroughs happen all the time. However, some of their predictions that came true seem to be very specific.

They publicly predicted the following:

  • Economic boom and increase in jobs during the Trump Administration (2017 and 2018)
  • Sex scandals involving people in powerful positions (2017)

  • 2017 the year of women finding their voices
  • Biggest recent terrorists attacks in the US and Abroad (2017 and 2018)
  • JFK Jr.'s death in a small plane accident (1997)
  • The World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks (November 1999 - radio show to over 2 million listeners)
  • The election and re-election of George W. Bush
  • The air crashes of India Air in 1999, Alaska Air in 2000, and a German plane in 2000
  • The April 2000 stock market nose-dive
  • Invasion of Iraq
  • War in Afghanistan

The twins claim to have legitimized their work by successfully helping police solve murder cases, locate missing persons, and reunite families. They state that immediately following 9/11, the FBI shut down their website and any other website that mentioned their predictions. Their work as practicing professional psychics has taken the sisters around the world and won them numerous fans of their predictions over the past two decades.

Bond of Psychic Twins

It is clear that psychic twins Linda and Terry Jamison have a unique bond that transcends the average twin connection. These twin psychics clearly enjoy their work and believe in their mission.

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Who Are Psychic Twins Terry and Linda Jamison?