How to Ask Ouija Board Questions: 15 Keys to Follow 

Updated July 30, 2021
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You've got a Ouija board, now what? Many people don't have a good idea of how to ask questions in a Ouija board session. While it may feel awkward speaking aloud to something you cannot see, properly questioning a Ouija board is essential for good communication. Use these keys to ask Ouija the burning questions you want answered.

Create the Right Atmosphere for Ouija Questions

Plan ahead to create the right atmosphere for questioning a Ouija board. The atmosphere narrows the world down to just the board and the questioners, minimizing distractions. Follow the original guidelines for using a Ouija board.

Maintain Positive Energy

If you or someone else who will be participating in the Ouija board session is in a bad mood or in a negative place energetically, physically, spiritually, or emotionally, it's best they are not present for the session. Energy attracts similar, so if someone is negative, they can draw a negative entity. Therefore, it's always best for all participants to be in a positive energetic space in order to avoid connecting with something you don't want to contact.

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If You're Afraid, Don't Participate or Ask Questions

Since fear is a form of negativity, anyone who is fearful of spirits, the Ouija board, or the afterlife shouldn't participate and if they do, they definitely shouldn't have their hands on the planchette or ask questions. They can observe and leave the room if they feel their fear rising, or they can be the person who records responses on a piece of paper as the Ouija board spells them out.

Come Up With a List of Ouija Questions Before You Start

Before you begin, come up with some Ouija questions each person wants answered. Write these on a list to keep you focused during the session.

Choose Two Sitters

During the session, two people are designated as sitters. These are the only two people who touch the planchette. Sit facing each other but maintain physical contact (knees or arms touching).

As you ask questions and receive answers, maintain a light touch on the planchette and keep your elbows off the board or table. This keeps either of the people touching the planchette from moving it with awareness or unconsciously. Only two people should be touching the planchette at any time, and it should be the same two people for an entire set of questions. If you change sitters (the people touching the planchette) so others can participate, close the session and start a new one.

Assign a Medium to Ask Questions

While a medium is someone who communicates with spirits, when it comes to a Ouija board, a medium is the mediator. They will ask the Ouija board questions for everyone in the group. The medium can refer to the list you created or ask follow-up questions as needed. If you only have two people participating in the sessions, then one of the sitters will also act as the medium.

If You're Not the Medium, Stay Silent

Don't ask questions if you're not the medium. Remain silent or write your question on a paper and hand it to the medium so they can ask. Having more than one questioner may be confusing to any spirits responding and may actually prevent the Ouija board from spelling out answers.

Assign a Scribe or Record Responses

If you have enough people, have one person act as the scribe who writes the Ouija's responses as they come. This helps you keep track of the answers you receive. If you don't have enough people to have a scribe, then record the session and speak the letters aloud as the planchette points to them.

Warm Up the Board Before You Ask Questions

Warm up the board before asking any questions. To do this, sitters deliberately move the planchette from side to side, across the board and then let it guide to the answer once a question is asked. Do not allow the board to direct the conversation; only use the planchette to answer your questions.

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Introduce Yourself

Always introduce all the participants and what their roles will be. Speak aloud, saying each person's name and letting the spirits know who will be doing what. The medium is responsible for making introductions, so they might say, "My name is Bill, and I will be asking questions. Jessica and Julie are touching the planchette and will help with your responses. Brian is writing your answers on a piece of paper, and Mike and Julian are observing."

Ask Ouija Questions Aloud

The medium asks all questions aloud so everyone can hear them. This lets any spirits know that they need to listen to the sound of the medium's voice and respond only to that instead of responding to people's thoughts.

Ask Calmly and Firmly

When asking questions, be patient, polite, and firm. Try to remain in a non-emotional place and ask questions politely. If you need to communicate something else, such as that it's time to close a session, state that intent firmly and politely such as by saying, "Thank you for communicating. We choose to close this session with you now. Please disconnect your energy from this space, this board, and everyone who is present."

Start With Yes or No Questions

Starting with yes or no questions is a good way to ease into communications. It's easy for a spirit to slide the planchette to yes or no, and it can help them grow more familiar with moving the planchette before they need to spell their answers. After several yes or no questions, try asking questions that require the planchette to point to letters or numbers.

Know What Not to Ask

There are some types of questions to avoid when working with a Ouija board. No matter how tempting it may be to ask them, don't.

Always Close the Ouija Session

When you have finished questioning the board, move the planchette to goodbye, an important part of the ritual that is supposed to close the door between planes and shut down the board. You can also say a protective closing chant to help end the session. After moving the planchette to "Good-bye," you can either turn it upside down on the board or turn the board over to complete the session. Do not ask any further questions or attempt further communication with the spirits once the board is closed.

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What You Learn From Questioning a Ouija Board

No matter why you choose to question a Ouija board, remember that there is no proof it works. Like other forms of divination, responses may come in the form of riddles or may not be wholly comprehensible. They could also be complete gibberish. Use the Ouija board for entertainment or out of curiosity, but never as the only source for help, guidance, or wisdom. Ouija boards may be a party game, or they may connect with spirits, or even with your unconscious: no one knows the answers to those questions, not even Ouija. Be careful what you ask the board and do not be rude or aggressive with your queries. If you get nervous or upset, end the session. It's much better to have fun than be frightened.

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How to Ask Ouija Board Questions: 15 Keys to Follow