How to Ask Ouija Board Questions: 7 Keys to Follow 

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So you have a Ouija board, and you want to start asking questions. For best results, Ouija boards usually need at least two people. So gather someone you trust and decide on the best questions to ask an Ouija board.

Create the Right Atmosphere to Question Your Ouija Board

Plan ahead to create the right atmosphere for questioning a Ouija board. The atmosphere narrows the world down to just the board and the questioners, enhancing the mysterious effect with little to no distractions. Follow the original guidelines for using a Ouija board and the right Ouija board questions.

  • Any time of day works although some people like the creepy atmosphere that comes at night.
  • Shut off lights and use candles when possible.

Use Proper Posture When Asking Ouija Questions

Questioners should sit facing each other but maintain physical contact (knees or arms touching).

  • Place the board between you on a small table or on your laps.
  • Designate one person as the medium.
  • If you have a third person, ask him or her to be a recorder who does not touch the board, but who writes down letters as the board spells them out.

Have a Medium Ask the Ouija Board Questions

While a medium is someone who communicates with spirits, when it comes to a Ouija board, a medium is the mediator. They will ask the Ouija board questions for everyone in the group. Questions should be decided upon ahead of time, particularly for a large group. All members of the group should keep their fingers gently resting on their edge of the planchette.

Move With Purpose to Start the Ouija Board

While some people find moving the planchette happens easily when participants touch it, the idea is to allow the planchette to move with purpose. The questioners should warm up the board before asking a question by moving the planchette from side to side, across the board and then letting it guide to the answer once a question is made. The board should never be allowed to take over; only use the planchette to answer questions. Some questioners prefer a circular motion to warm up, while others prefer to make a star or cross the center with an X. The method of warm up is up to the questioners.

Be Patient, Be Firm in Your Questions

The Ouija board is a game that some people believe allows them to communicate with spirits. Others believe the board can channel evil forces and lead questioners down dark paths. Unquestionably, the Ouija board is popular in supernatural stories, myths, and fiction. However, whatever you believe, it is important to be patient, polite, and firm when using the board. The board should never be allowed to direct the activity: you should stay in control.

Always Close the Ouija Session

When you have finished questioning the board, move the planchette to goodbye, an important part of the ritual that is supposed to close the door between planes and shut down the board. You can also say a protective closing chant to help end the session. After moving the planchette to "Good-bye," you can either turn it upside down on the board or turn the board over to complete the session.

Questions to Ask Spirits With the Ouija Board

Remember not all answers will make sense, but sometimes you can tease out information. Keep the questions simple so the spirit doesn't have to spell out an entire paragraph. The following questions should get you started:

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  • What is your name? (Let the spirit identify itself.)
  • What year did you live?
  • Where are you from?
  • Did you have a job? (This may show if you are talking with a human spirit.)
  • Did you have a family? How many children? What were their names?
  • Do you remember the Civil War? (Ask about any major event, recent or in the past. This helps to establish the spirit's background.)
  • Did you participate in the (war, event)?
  • Were you a citizen (soldier, nurse, leader)? (Sometimes spirits may share their stories.)
  • Are you alone? Who is with you? (Some spirits will answer personal questions, while others may get agitated.)
  • What is my grandfather's middle name? (Unknown information can help show if you are "speaking" with an intelligent entity.)
  • Who is my favorite author? What is my favorite book?
  • Has anyone here traveled to Europe (Asia, etc.)? What country did they visit?
  • What job will I have in the future?
  • Who will be my best friend? Husband? Wife? Partner?
  • Did I have a past life? Where? When? What was my name? What did I do?

Questions to Not Ask the Ouija Board

Whether you believe in the Ouija or not, you should be careful about what questions to ask the board. There are some questions you should never ask the Ouija board, including things like:

  • Am I doing to die?
  • When am I going to die?
  • Am I sick?

Offensive or frightening questions may entertain your guests, but the responses you receive could upset you and other participants. If "knowing" the future will frighten you or cause worry, then be careful what you ask.

What You Learn From Questioning a Ouija Board

No matter why you choose to question a Ouija board, remember that there is no scientific evidence to prove it works. Like other forms of divination, responses may come in the form of riddles or may not be wholly understood. They could also be complete gibberish. Use the Ouija board for entertainment or out of curiosity, but never as the only source for help, guidance, or wisdom. Ouija boards may be a party game, or they may connect with spirits, or even with your unconscious: no one knows the answers to those questions, not even Ouija. Be careful what you ask the board and do not be rude or aggressive with your queries. If you get nervous or upset, end the session. It's much better to have fun than be frightened.

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How to Ask Ouija Board Questions: 7 Keys to Follow