Real Ghost Sightings

Illusion or manifestation?

Whether or not there really are true ghost sightings is a topic that is still highly debated. However, numerous people have reported seeing full body apparitions even though paranormal investigators have found it exceedingly difficult to capture clear evidence on film.

Examples of Supposedly True Ghost Sightings

First stop: This website has posted a video that appears to show spirits aboard the Queen Mary ocean liner. Check it out for yourself. There do seem to be transparent human forms walking down the hall, but it's difficult to judge whether this is due to reflections on glass and polished woodwork, creative editing or actual paranormal activity.

Next stop: The majority of ghost sighting videos on YouTube can be dismissed as outright fakes. However, a small number are worth a closer look to decide if you think they truly show something paranormal. View them with an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism.

  • Ghost Soldiers in Gettysburg - Gettysburg is the site of one of the worst battles of the entire civil war, and many people claim to have sighted ghosts in various areas around the battlefield. This video may provide proof of their existence, but it's too unfocused to make an accurate judgment simply by watching it. Still, the footage is fascinating, and it does look like someone or something is appearing in and out of the tree line. Are these true ghosts of Gettysburg? Decide for yourself.
  • Ghost Face at Abandoned Hospital - Old abandoned asylums have proven irresistible to both professional and amateur ghost hunters. This image was shot at the Bangour Village Hospital in West Lothian, Scotland in Villa 9. Is it just an unusual looking dust orb, has the videographer altered the image, or could this really be the face of a spirit?
  • A Ghost At The Hayswood Hospital - Maysville, Kentucky - The quality of this video leaves a lot to be desired, and that is often a hallmark of a faked ghost sighting. Watch for a hazy feminine figure to appear in the far right window around the 0:26 mark of the video.

Last stop: This website allows visitors to submit their favorite ghost videos, and it claims to have sorted out the best for your viewing. Take a look at a few for yourself and decide if these captured "sightings" could be real.

  • Lupton House - This video was purportedly taken during a legitimate investigation conducted by Hidden Realms. Check out the unusual object that passes by the staircase and see if you can tell what it is. This video offers several slowed down views of the pertinent footage to give you a better look, but the film is very grainy.
  • Twisters Restaurant - This surveillance video from a restaurant in Arizona appears to show a misty mass moving through the store after hours.
  • Moonville Tunnel Ghost - The second video on the page is a bit more provocative and appears to show what actually looks like a fairly defined spirit.
  • Vatican Ghost - did a young vacationer really capture the presence of a spirit at the Vatican? The young man believes the image he captured is the shape of a male figure wearing a cloak, but one visitor to the site believes the image is simply a flag carried by a tour guide. What do you see?

Watch Ghost Cams Online

As the old saying goes, "Seeing is believing", and that is exactly the point with the numerous ghost cams found online. The links below offer visitors the ability to keep watch at reportedly haunted locations in an effort to see an actual ghost make an appearance. You can view a few of these projects yourself, and perhaps you'll have the opportunity to experience your own sighting.

Share Your Own Real Ghost Sightings

The one thing that everyone seems to be able to agree on is that very little is know about how the paranormal world works. Do spirits really exist, are they capable of appearing, and do the living have the right technology to capture evidence for proof? Perhaps one day there will be solid answers to all of these questions and more. For now, paranormal investigators continue to search for those elusive true ghost sightings in haunted places in Washington state, other states, and around the world. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments box below.

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Real Ghost Sightings