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In this remote viewing interview, LoveToKnow readers have an opportunity to meet a real life remote viewer. Daz Smith is one of Britain's best-known remote viewers.

A Remote Viewing Interview with Daz Smith

Raised by a clairvoyant mother, Daz Smith was always aware of his psychic abilities, but it wasn't until 1997 that he took an interest in exploring those abilities through remote viewing while training in controlled remote viewing techniques with ex-special forces expert, Leigh Culver. In this exclusive remote viewing interview, Daz Smith describes his clairvoyant past and what led him to enter the field of military remote viewing.

Introduction to Remote Viewing

LTK: Daz, how did you get involved in the field of remote viewing?

Daz: I was always interested in the paranormal. From the age of 15, I trained in clairvoyance, mediumship, tarot, healing and many other forms of divination, but I always felt they were all lacking in something. That "something" was what I found in 1992 when, at a UFO conference, I heard an audio taped conversation of a man detailing work for the U.S. government in remote viewing. This was a psychic technique that they used to track UFOs to their point of origin and construction. This got me hooked.

That was before the Internet. In 1995, the CIA said, "Ok we've been doing psychic spying since 1971, but we are going to stop now." One year later, I managed to meet with an ex-special ops guy who offered to train me in the military form of remote viewing, CRV (controlled remote viewing). I've been doing it for the past thirteen years.

RV Protocols

LTK: A lot of people compare remote viewing to being psychic. How is a RV reading different from a psychic reading?

Daz: Psychics rarely push themselves to work within rules, and the work is spontaneous. This makes it difficult to assess the accuracy of their claims and puts the psychic process in charge of the flow. Remote viewing puts you in control of the psychic process. This allows you to explore and actively generate more data and information while using every sense in the process including touch, smell, taste, vision and hearing.

Remote viewing is different in that we have rules we call protocols. These help differentiate remote viewing from classical psychic work and present a structure whereby you can be sure the data given is purely psychic and can be analyzed for accuracy.

These protocols are:

  1. The project must be planned and not spontaneous.
  2. The remote viewer and those in the vicinity of the viewer must be blind (preferably double blind) to the actual target. This means they must not know any specific information about the target whatsoever. If they do, it's not remote viewing.
  3. The data must be recorded in some format.
  4. The target must have feedback information. This is to use afterwards, side-by-side with the RV data to gauge its accuracy.

Accuracy Rates

LTK: On your website, you offer a military CRV training manual. Does this mean just about anyone can learn to remote view?

Daz: I would say yes, everyone can be psychic and can remote view, but like any martial art or skill, not everyone will be good. Natural talent, dedication and an entire host of other things will determine the quality of the remote viewer. SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and the U.S. military did many tests, and they found that less than one percent of the population has the natural talent to be extraordinary remote viewers. If you equate this to Karate, for example, only a few people make it to black belt and, after many years of training, even fewer win world titles - the rest fit anywhere between.

LTK: How accurate would you say the process is? Out of 10 attempts to remote view, how many hits would you say you've had that were obviously 100 percent accurate?

Daz: Accuracy depends on the remote viewer - his natural talent, how much the practice and how he feels on the day - many factors increase and degrade the accuracy from the quality of the target (entropy) to the thoughts and beliefs of the person tasking the target.

I am at a level where I would say I am 70+ percent accurate 80 percent of the time. So if I give you 20 sheets of paper with 200 pieces of data and sketches within it, I would say 140+ will be correct data for that target. Since remote viewing uses the body and mind, we do have an element of noise that creeps into the process, and we also have days where things just don't flow right so you have a complete miss. It's like being an athlete. Some days you hit the track and, no matter how hard you try, things just don't work and you can't beat your personal best. A good remote viewer can keep these days to a minimum, but it happens to us all.

I would say I have had many hits, but not many where every single word and sketch is 100 percent accurate. Definitely many in the 90+ percent range, but not 100 percent accurate - maybe one or two in thousands. To answer your question, in the last 10 targets up to present date, I would estimate I have had one that was 54 percent accurate, six that were 75+ percent accurate and three that were 90+ percent accurate.

Working in the Remote Viewing Field

LTK: What motivated you to regularly publish Eight Martinis, of which you offer a free online copy?

Daz: I wanted to show some of the real world uses that people are doing with remote viewing. I use it to help police forces try to find missing people and solve cases. When they have no more leads and nowhere else to go, I don't see the harm in trying. I must stress though, that we don't bother or hassle them with RV data. They always come to us, and we don't work with families, only officials. Other people use the skill to bet on outcomes and events to make a little money, some just want to find things like their car keys. Eight Martinis is there to show how people are using remote viewing, the results and the potential.

LTK: You offer a service called Intuitive Recon. Can you describe this service?

Daz: With thirteen years of remote viewing, I have reached a level where I am on target much more than off target, and I have a good level of accuracy. This is why I started this small service to see if the world is ready for it. I have had a few clients, and I have a guarantee that you do not pay a penny unless you are 100 percent satisfied that we have answered your needs with the remote viewing. So far, all have paid. To be honest, I turn 99 percent of possible work away since they are requests for things like finding a cat, telling someone's future and coming up with the lotto numbers. These are not good things for remote viewing to be used for, so I turn them down.

The Future of the RV Field

LTK: Could you provide your opinion/insight of where you see the field of remote viewing heading in the next 10 to 20 years?Daz: This is a difficult question. At the moment, I would say the field is in poor shape. We have had people in the past making silly predictions based on bad remote viewing because they didn't follow the protocols. We have also seen normal psychics jump on the bandwagon of remote viewing's 23+ years of military, intel and scientific use by claiming they, too, are remote viewers. We have no laboratory or scientific use and evaluation for remote viewing at the moment, which is difficult for me because there is just so much we don't know about how this all works.

It's all in the hands of the public now. If those people who are dedicated enough can prove and show proper, in protocol use of remote viewing and also stave off the charlatans who make claims of being remote viewers, it could prove to be an awesome tool. Whether we will succeed or not, time will tell.

If we can get some focus and direction, remote viewing can be a very cheap tool to add to any exploratory and intelligence gathering repertoire. It wouldn't be a complete replacement because of its noise problems, but it could be used as a complementary tool when all other conventional tools don't work. When remote viewing is done correctly and you can assess the accuracy, it may just give you that one piece of the puzzle for which you are looking.

LTK would like to thank Daz Smith for participating in this interview.

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Remote Viewing Interview