10 Sasquatch Theories: Is This Legend Real?

Updated May 19, 2021
Sasquatch in the forest

There are many theories about what Sasquatch is and where it comes from. Many claim the elusive creature is just a myth, while others warn Bigfoot is real and lives in the forests.

1. UFOs and Sasquatch

According to one popular theory, Sasquatch is an alien species. Those who espouse this theory point to the many UFO and strange light sightings whenever there is a Bigfoot encounter or sighting. It's believed the UFO drops the creature off for whatever reconnaissance mission it is on. The UFO then returns and beams the creature back on board.

2. Missing Link Theory

Is Sasquatch some kind of missing link in the evolution of humankind? Some people believe this could explain the presence of Bigfoot. They also think the creature's ability to remain elusive is its greatest skill and why it is truly the missing link.

3. Unknown Primate Species

The Sasquatch myth does not refer to a solitary creature, but instead depicts a species of beings that have been sighted in a wide variety of locations. One theory is that Sasquatch belongs to the family of a yet to be acknowledged and identified primate. The argument is made that new species are discovered on a regular basis as well as those previously thought extinct. Many believe that it's just a matter of time before irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot is found and this creature's status will transform from myth to new species discovered.

Bigfoot artist's rendering

4. Scientific Experiment Gone Wrong

Another theory that explains the existence of Sasquatch is a scientific experiment gone wrong. This theory embraces the idea that scientists playing around with human and ape genetic manipulation created Bigfoot and somehow, it escaped. This theory may have been inspired by the HG Wells 1896 science fiction novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau. In the book, Doctor Moreau creates beasts that are human hybrids.

5. Guardian Nature Spirit

There are some people who believe Sasquatch is a nature spirit assigned as an eternal guardian of Earth and all its plant life. This theory is used to explain Sasquatch's natural agility in treacherous terrains. It's also believed this creature can camouflage itself by using its highly honed skills to blend in with its surroundings. As the guardian of the Earth, Sasquatch tries to discourage intruders who breech the sanctity of remote areas as part of its mission to watch over the land.

6. Undiscovered Cannibal Tribe

Pioneer missionary Elkanah Walker of Washington State wrote about the local Native Americans' fear of cannibal giants living in the snow-capped Cascade Range. They called the creatures men stealers since they'd steal into the lodges at night and kidnap the people while they slept. According to the Native Americans, these mountain giants are not a myth. There are many stories in their oral tradition that warn about the night visitors who kidnap children and women. It's always a cautionary tale to children not to go out at night.

7. Descendant of Gigantopithecus

Is it possible that Bigfoot is the descendant of a long extinct primate, Gigantopithecus blacki? The Gigantopithecus blacki was the largest known giant primate that lived in the southeastern region of China some 1.9 million years ago. The close relative of the orangutan stood nearly 10 feet tall. Some people theorize that Bigfoot is a descendant of this extinct primate and crossed over the Bering Strait some 20,000 years ago.

8. Supernatural Sasquatch Theory

While many people believe in the existence of Sasquatch, they do not all agree on what Sasquatch actually is. One theory describes Bigfoot as a supernatural being. This theory is used to explain how elusive the creature is and why it doesn't leave any evidence behind. Those who've had encounters with the creature describe how they felt hypnotized by the giant. Some tell how the massive creature seemed to vanish as soon as they saw him.

9. Lost Tribe Theory

Perhaps one of the most bizarre theories used to explain Sasquatch is "Lost Tribe." The hypothesis states that an isolated tribe, hidden from the world, evolved via inbreeding. This caused a wildman mutation that over time spawned Sasquatch. Over countless centuries, the tribe has become adept at cloaking and staying hidden from view. The tribe is nomadic and never leaves evidence of their existence.

Sasquatch in the forest

10. Interdimensional Sasquatch

Some people run with the theory that Sasquatch is an interdimensional traveler. This being originated from another dimension. It retains the ability to move in and out of different dimensions at will. This makes capturing it impossible and helps to perpetuate the creature as a myth since it's impossible to capture it to prove Bigfoot is real.

Exploring Sasquatch Theories

Some Sasquatch theories may seem farfetched, while others more plausible explanations. Whatever the discussion about Sasquatch, there are enough theories to make any discussion interesting in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding this creature.

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10 Sasquatch Theories: Is This Legend Real?