Sasquatch Sightings

Sally Painter
Sasquatch impersonator in the snow

Sasquatch sightings are reported each year throughout North America and other regions of the world. This legendary creature was known to the Coast Salish Indians (Canada) by the name, Sesquac, which means Wild Man. Throughout North America over the centuries, tribal legends tell about this being that has almost as many names as there were tribes. The British Columbia coastal Indians had totem pole carvings of the manbeast, Bukwas (Wild Man of the woods).

Synonymous with Bigfoot

The term Bigfoot was coined during the twentieth century, and it's used interchangeably today with Sasquatch to describe what many people believe is an undiscovered primate. Some cryptozoologists speculate that the Sasquatch might be a missing link leftover from the last ice age and that the creature possibly even walked the earth with dinosaurs.

Famous Sasquatch Sightings

There are a few Sasquatch sightings that are considered classic, but they are also surrounded by controversy.

The Patterson - Gimlin Footage

The most famous Sasquatch sighting occurred in 1967. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin set out on a horseback expedition in search of the elusive, legendary beast and filmed the now famous Patterson - Gimlin film. This was the most compelling footage captured of a Sasquatch, and it was surrounded by controversy and proclaimed a hoax from the beginning. Patterson died five years later, but the rumors of a hoax continued. His partner, Gimlin, chose to ignore the rumors. He didn't respond to the accusations until Bob Hieronimous stepped forward and claimed he'd been hired by the duo to dress up in a gorilla costume for the filming. Gimlin vehemently denied Hieronimous's claim, and the controversy heated up once again .

In an effort to test the film's authenticity, experts have used modern technology to analyze the footage. Whether or not the film was hoaxed or genuine still remains controversial, and the opinion you receive depends on which expert you ask.

Truth or Hoax

One of the most historically controversial claims of an encounter with Sasquatch took place in 1884 when a train crew claimed to have actually captured a Sasquatch. The men even named the ape-like creature "Jacko". Unlike the seven-foot-tall, monstrous Sasquatch toldof in tribal legends, this creature was only about four-feet, seven-inches tall. The men described their captive as having long black hair with a very human physique. The report went on to give greater details about the body and how the men were planning to put the creature on exhibit. That never happened, and it's commonly believed that this was one of the first Bigfoot hoaxes. Whether or not it was a hoax, the story did end up in newspapers.

Frightened Miners

In 1924 in the region known as Ape Canyon, four miners claimed they'd been attacked by what they described as ape-like beings. The creatures supposedly threw rocks at the miners' log cabin one night. The rough and wilderness-savvy men seemed visibly shaken by the experience, but no evidence was found at the site.

Sasquatch Websites for Sighting Reports

Most of the websites dedicated to Bigfoot and other cyrptoids are earnestly trying to further the cryptozological studies. As with all things, some are commercialized and charge monthly fees that grant you access to exclusive interviews and other materials. Whether or not you deem a site valuable is a personal choice, and many people enjoy belonging to fee-paid sites. However, you can find similar information on the free sites as well as on YouTube, so you may want to examine the free sites before paying for information that may or may not already be available. You'll probably want to spend some time investigating all of the sites that interest you, and then you'll know which ones offer original and exclusive information as well as which ones have duplicate information or seem less credible.

Here are a few sites you might have fun checking out.

Evidence Commonly Found


Reports of sounds attributed to a nearby Sasquatch are common, and they are typically reported by hikers and campers who claim to have been harassed by a Sasquatch while attempting to sleep. The campsite is invariably disturbed by the sound of sticks being struck together, and stones or rocks are sometimes tossed at the tent or campfire. Various vocal sounds are often reported that the witness is unable to identify or attribute to any known animal.


Many unusually large humanoid footprints have also been found. Reasearchers make casts of the footprints, take photos and document their experience with measurements and other data that give an accurate representation of the size and proportion.

Close Encounters

The least common type of Sasquatch encounter is a visual one where the person claims to have seen a Sasquatch. This type of sighting can range from a mere glimpse to a face-to-face encounter.

Little Proof

Unfortunately, visual Sasquatch sightings are rarely accompanied by photographic proof. People are usually taken off guard and don't expect such an encounter. Understandably, any photograph or video proof that has been captured comes under close scrutiny, and the majority of these supposed "sightings" have been proven hoaxes. Until concrete proof is found or presented to validate any of these Sasquatch sightings, the possibility of an undiscovered primate will remain cloaked in mystery and skepticism.

Sasquatch Sightings