6 Sasquatch Videos: Are They a Hoax or Something More?

Updated July 20, 2021
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Sasquatch videos are used to support sightings of the cryptid dubbed Sasquatch or "Bigfoot" as known in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. There are many questionable sasquatch videos that some experts have assessed to be hoaxes while others remain controversial.

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Video

The most famous film evidence of Bigfoot is what's known as the Patterson-Gimlin film. Shot in Bluff Creek, California in October 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed what is believed to be a female bigfoot. Many cryptozoologists point to this film as strong evidence that bigfoot exists. The Patterson-Gimlin film shows what appears to be a seven-foot creature wandering across an open basin and into the woods, disappearing from camera view. This film has been the subject of many analyses and documents and remains one of the most controversial bigfoot evidence.

Claims of Costumed Bigfoot

Phillip Morris, owner of Morris Costumes in Charlotte, NC claimed he sold an ape costume to a man named Bob Heironimus who claimed to be Patty in the Patterson-Gimlin film. Morris produced a conference program explaining how the costume was modified to create a bigfoot for the film. In 2005, Heironimus passed a lie detector challenging his assertions.

The Munns Report Claims Patty Real Bigfoot

Bill Munns, a veteran creature makeup artist, stated that the Patterson-Gimlin creature nicknamed Patty was real. He gave a point-by-point explanation and analysis using an anatomical comparison between Patty and a human female model. He stated that the creature in the film was not a person in a costume, but a real creature.

Todd Standing Bigfoot Videos

Todd Standing is well-known within the Bigfoot community and the clarity of some of his captures have caused speculation that Standing is perpetuating a hoax. Others applaud his ability to capture such clear close-ups. Survivorman, Les Stroud featured Todd's videos on his TV show and posted clips on his YouTube channel.

Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot Analysis

One of Todd Standing's bigfoot videos of the creature squatting down on the mountainside was featured on an Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot episode. The team analyzed the clip and were split in their conclusion, with the majority stating they were unable to tell if it was real or a man in a costume.

Independence Day Bigfoot Video

This video has circulated on the internet so much that any original source is unknown. The video depicts a parent (possibly a mother) and a baby bigfoot moving behind large boulders in an attempt to get away from the camera. The video restarts with the adult bigfoot moving anxiously toward the outcropping of large boulders. It peeps over the top of the rocks having retrieved what appears to be a baby bigfoot. The baby moves its head and appears to look from side to side. The adult then moves very quickly, holding the baby close to it as it moves away from the person taking the video.

Hoax or Real Sasquatch Videos?

Many skeptics argue that this video is a fake. Critics of the video point to the boxy shape of the adult although believers refer to the Patterson-Gimlin film and the boxy shape of that sasquatch AKA Patty. Some believers are impressed with the animated moves of the baby bigfoot while others point out that puppets have this capability. Bigfoot Tony does an analysis of the video examining the facial features, arm and shoulder positioning and the legs of the baby.

Animal Planet Bigfoot Compilation

Animal Planet's TV series, Finding Bigfoot, posted a short compilation of their idea of the most compelling bigfoot videos. What do you think?

  1. The first clip is the now famous video of the baby bigfoot jumping and swinging in the trees.
  2. A police car dash cam capture of a dark shape running upright on two legs across the road at night.
  3. A white creature possibly a Bigfoot is captured on video supposedly eating a candy bar. Unfortunately, the footage is too blurred to determine without any doubt.

Fake or Real Bigfoot Videos?

The first video could be someone in a costume while the second video is so unclear, it's difficult to know what crossed the road in front of the police car. The third video is so blurry, it's impossible to know what you are watching, much less that it is a white bigfoot eating candy bars as claimed.

Whiton-Dyer Bigfoot Hoax

In 2008, two hunters in Georgia, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer of Georgia claimed they'd discovered the body of a 7'7" Bigfoot and placed it in a freezer. They contacted Carmine Thomas Biscardi, a Bigfoot enthusiast and Las Vegas promoter, and what followed was a grand hoax complete with a news conference proclaiming that final proof had been obtained. They presented a video compilation of photos as their proof, but when it came time to have the so-called corpse examined, the truth was impossible to keep from being revealed. The trio had hoaxed the public with a costume and staged animal entrails spilling from its abdominal area. Whitton, a police officer, was fired from his job for his participation in the hoax.

Timbergiantbigfoot's Video of Reddish Bigfoot

Some videos that aren't blurry or pixelated can still leave much to question, such as one posted by timbergiantbigfoot that reveals a reddish bulky creature that eventually moves out of the camera range. You can clearly see the creature around 3:10 minutes into the video. Shot in 2013 in Ontario, Canada. The film has mostly been ignored. This may be the result of the copyright infringement warning that covers the video and has discouraged researchers from analyzing.

Video Analysis Claims Mother Bigfoot and Baby

Impossible Visits analyzed the video using a masking program to identify the bigfoot is cradling a baby bigfoot before being startled and moves off camera. A comparison is made with the visual of an ape cradling its young the same way as the bigfoot mom does.

Sasquatch Videos: Proof or Hoaxes

With the ability to hoax a Bigfoot video, it's very difficult for serious researchers to prove a video is real. Conclusive proof of Sasquatch being real will require DNA and a body (dead or alive). It's highly unlikely that a video alone will ever be taken as proof that Bigfoot is real.

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