Scary Halloween Urban Legends Gallery

6 Scary Halloween Urban Legends

Scary Halloween urban legends lend an extra chill to the most fun and frightening night of the year. Here's a collection of tales you can share with your friends at Halloween parties or anytime you feel like a good scare is in order.

Bloody Mary

Countless teens have scared themselves silly with this classic urban legend. As the story goes, if you stand in front of a mirror on Halloween night and repeat the name "Bloody Mary" three times, a horrible spirit will appear in the mirror. In some stories, she actually pops out of the mirror to either attack you or try to pull you into her world.

Tainted Candy

Trick or treating takes a sinister turn in this tale. Surely, you've heard of the young boy who bit into a candy bar only to cut his mouth on a hidden razor blade (needle, broken glass). Although this may have once really happened, it would be extremely difficult to conceal a razor in a piece of candy without it looking suspicious. Still, some hospital emergency rooms offer to x-ray Halloween treats to make sure there are no harmful surprises awaiting innocent children.

Hallucinogenic Tattoos

This tale is recirculated each Halloween via the Internet. A chain email warns everyone about a reported problem with tainted temporary tattoos, a popular substitute treat for candy. The story changes, but the writer warns that some sick person is coating children's temporary tattoo stickers with a hallucinogenic drug. You have to wonder how many of these tattoos are quietly tossed away as parents dutifully check through their children's Halloween haul.

The Hook

This is a wildly popular urban legend retooled for Halloween. In this version, two amorous teens park on a dark street to make out after leaving a Halloween party. A radio report claims a woman was just murdered nearby, and a witness saw a strange man with a hook for a hand running away from the scene. At just that moment, the teens hear a scratching noise coming from outside the car. The boy starts the engine and speeds away. When he reaches his girlfriend's house, they find a hook hanging from the passenger door handle.

Spider Wig

This urban story tells of a young woman who was going through a trunk of old costumes in her grandmother's attic. She selects a costume with a wig, dresses and goes to a Halloween party, but after a short time, her head begins to feel crawly. Suddenly, another party-goer points at the woman's head a screams. Apparently the wig was infested with a spider's nest, and the little eight-leggers were now crawling all over the young woman's head.

Suicide Dummy

Be careful about poking that hanging dummy in front of the house down the block; it may just be real. In this urban legend, a suicide victim is mistaken for just another Halloween decoration until someone gets close enough to discover the awful truth.

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Scary Halloween Urban Legends Gallery