5 Seriously Scary Video Clips (and Where to Find More)

Updated August 2, 2021
Ghost in the attic

What are the odds that when something scary happens to you, you'll have a camera rolling? In these creepy videos, that is exactly what happened--someone was filming when something frightening happened. And while what you find terrifying may be different from what someone else does, there's no denying that each of these scary video clips has some serious creep factor.

Scary Video Clip of a Haunting

Featured on the Travel Channel, this creepy video was taken by a man when the lights in the refrigerator began to flicker and then the light in the bathroom started flickering. The water faucet in the bathroom sink turned on by itself. After he turned off the water, the man heard something behind him. When he turned around, the door to the bathroom closed. Freaked out, he went outside to talk with his girlfriend about the strange activities he was witnessing. Despite his girlfriend begging him to stay out of the house, he ventured back inside to continue recording. He found the kitchen cabinets open and chairs overturned. Once more he left the house, but thought perhaps someone had broken into the house and was attempting to scare him. What happened when he returned for the second time will keep you awake at night!

Deerpark Poltergeist Caught on CCTV

You may have heard about the Deerpark Christian Brother's School official YouTube channel posting a CCTV footage of what appears to be an angry ghost making itself known. You can see and hear the door open at the end of the hall and then slam closed with great force. Soon after, a locker violently rocks back and forth as though it will turn over, then abruptly stops. Next, a locker open on its own and papers fly out and onto the floor. You can hear a clicking sound as though something is dripping or someone is tapping a cane on the floor. The final upset is the wet floor triangle that appears as though someone bats it away, sending it flying into the air. Is the video a well-staged hoax or did the school security camera capture something amazing?

Ghost Orbs on a Ring Camera

Pastor Monzell Ford of Daytona Beach, Florida, was surprised when his security camera motion detector went off during the night. The Daytona Beach Police Department Chaplin watched a ghost orb moving around his living room on his phone app. Eventually, the orb divided into multiple orbs, and he got out of bed, still watching on his phone as the orb divided into multiple orbs on his phone. However, when he entered the living room, still watching the activity on his phone, the orbs weren't visible to the naked eye.

Little Girls Terrified

This disturbing video shows a little girl who becomes terrified of something she sees. Her sister laughs at her until she too sees the same scary thing and joins her sister, screaming in a panicked terror. The scariest thing about this video is how the mother laughs at her frightened children instead of trying to console and comfort them, making the video even creepier.

A Different Kind of Scary: Humanlike Robots

CNBC features a short video interview of humanlike robots with facial expressions that are very creepy and scary to many people. The eye cameras and AI allow the female robot to learn. The inventor claims the robot will have the capability of becoming as conscious as a human.

Other Scary Videos to Watch

There are other scary videos you can find to watch. Just be sure you aren't alone when you do. You can find several scary videos, especially very scary haunted house videos. If you get too scared, take a break with some funny ghost videos.

Real Ghosts Caught on Tape?

This video features several disturbing and scary events. The first is a dark figure crawling around a Brazilian prison wall. Another clip is of a strange pantry that opens on its own and upon investigation by a skeptic, an apparition of a person inside the pantry seen through the glass door is caught on video. A young girl is frightened by an invisible force the disturbs her drawing activity by tossing papers and pencils about the room. A clip of a man trying to track down why his dog and cat are frightened captures video of glowing eyes peering out from a dark room and sounds from the attic where things are thrown. The last clip is from a security camera at a store that captures a ghost seeming to be inspecting a rack of clothes.

Montage of Creepiness

A video of five creepy clips just might make your skin crawl. The first clip shows creepy apparitions in the balcony of a theater. A night watchman often feels as though something is in the theater with him, and on this particular night, he caught the eerie evidence. The second clip shows a young girl sitting on a tourist boat and behind her a dark scary hand is clawing its way over the edge of the boat.

In the third clip, a dog sitting on a bed is clearly frightened by what it sees in the hallway that its owner cannot see. The fourth clip is of phantom footsteps walking down a creaky staircase as a ghost orb descends in sync with the sounds. The fifth clip shows a girl singing while a frightening shadow lurks behind her. The final video was filmed in an abandoned hospital and reveals a shadow person moving out of view with the videographer completely unaware it's there.

Alexa Scares Children

You've probably heard about the random creepy laugh of Alexa that happens randomly at any time of day, but have you seen what happens when the AI creeps out little kids after they ask her to tell them a ghost story? Was Alexa just doing as asked?

Other places to find scary videos include:

  • YouTube: You can find a range of scary videos on YouTube, from compilations of ghost videos to the unexplained phenomena
  • Yahoo: You can search video.yahoo.com for scary videos.

Scary Pranks

Some people are true pranksters and go out of their way to capture the victims of their pranks on video. Below is a compilation of some pranks meant to be scary. Some are amusing and a couple didn't go quite the way the prankster intended.

Scary Optical Illusions

An optical illusion is not only perplexing but can be entertaining as you attempt to figure out just how it was created. Some optical illusions can also be very scary if you aren't aware at the time that it is just an illusion.

True Scary Ghost Videos

Armed with all the technological tools at your disposal, you could also capture a ghostly image or encounter on video yourself. While it's true that modern ghost hunters use an array of tools to assist in their investigations of haunted places, there's also the element of the unknown that no amount of technology or knowledge can overcome. You can capture EVPs, Electronic Voice Phenomena, to help document a haunting or measure the amount of electromagnetic energy emanating from a room.

Even with all of these tools, no one has yet been able to explain the phenomena of apparitions. Scientists cannot currently explain or understand all the hows and whys of ghosts. We're left feeling nervous, and in many cases scared, because a ghost or a haunting remains shrouded in mystery. Below are a few of the thousands of video clips you can find online. The creators of these videos claim that the clips are untouched, and a true rendering of real ghosts. You be the judge:


There's controversy among professional paranormal investigators over orbs. Some people believe these are the spiritual embodiment of ghosts before they manifest into the physical realm. Others discount all orbs as nothing more than dust particles captured on film or by a digital snapshot.

Here are some interesting videos of orbs:

Paranormal and Ghost Television Show Clips

There are numerous television shows that document the attempts of paranormal investigators to debunk or prove ghosts are real. Some of the most popular shows are:

  • Ghost Hunters: A team of paranormal investigators checks out suspected haunted locations in the USA.
  • Ghost Hunters International: Paranormal investigators explore suspected haunted locations around the world in this Ghost Hunters spinoff.
  • Ghost Adventures: Three ghost hunters are locked up in haunted sites all night with no way out.

Understanding Ghosts

There are different kinds of scary videos that will get your heart pumping faster. You may even capture your own scary video, and if you do, you'll be left with many unanswered questions about ghosts and haunted places.

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5 Seriously Scary Video Clips (and Where to Find More)