Ghost Flames Gallery of This Fiery Phenomenon 

Updated July 2, 2021

Creepy Ghost Flames

A gallery of ghosts seen in flames tells a story that is as captivating as the images. It only takes a little imagination to see these ghosts within the dancing fires.

A firebird escapes the fire and flies away into the night. This ghost flame has found freedom in the night and illuminates the world with its fiery wings.

Screaming Ghost

Within the fire a ghost emerges, screaming in horror with the flamer leaping all around it. Don't look too long at its burning. Instead, close your eyes. While you may hear its frightening wails, once you've closed your eyes, the ghost will leave you in search of another to follow home.

Demon Face

The demon ghost spreads its arms wide and balances on the burning logs. It is ready to leap from the fire. Its two black eyes set in an evil glare of flames that are difficult to get out of your mind. Don't look too deeply into its eyes or it will attach itself to your aura and hitch a ride out of the fire.

Ghost Lovers

These two ghosts are caught in a lover's embrace with their heads leaning toward each other. The flames of true love melt these ghost lovers into one. They are forever caught within the burning of the fire and the eternal flame of their love.

Masked Spirit

Is the masked ghost in the flames the spirit of someone who went to a Halloween costume party? It looks as though the ghost is haunted by another ghost that's standing behind it. To exorcise its ghostly attachment, the flame ghost needs to extinguish the fire and unfortunately its own fiery existence. Care to give it a little assistance?

Bigfoot Ghost

The ghost of Bigfoot isn't sure which scary face it wishes to wear. Even as a ghost, Bigfoot is scary with its burning arms spread out in a threatening stance. Could this burning vision be a warning of what is lurking in the wood near your campfire?

The Old Pirate

A spooky pirate wears its burning bandana headscarf and stares past the fire with its blackened eye sockets. His jutting chin and open mouth reveal his determination to protect his ghostly treasure. This is one pirate best left to fade away into the night with the dying embers.

Melted Face

The melting face of the ghost emerges from the fiery depths with two distinct eyes, cheekbones and a developed square chin. However, the most impressive part of this fiery manifestation is the tongue sticking out from the mouth, almost in a mocking gesture.

Moustache Spirit

A creepy little guy with dark, round eyes and a moustache peers out of the fire. His low brow cap gives him a serious look. Does he wish to impart a bit of wisdom, or is he contemplating something sinister?

Wood Nymph

The wood nymph flutters in front of a door as though she's fleeing her burning home. She seems uncertain about which direction to take flight. Is it remorse for what she has lost? It seems the door is the only thing she leaves in her fiery wake.

Fingers of Flame

Are ghost flame images gallery real or just an optical illusion induced by the power of suggestion? Are these fiery hands reaching out for you? Is this ghost trying to pull you into the flames with it?

Many people have claimed to see spirits in fires throughout the centuries. It's easy to get caught up in seeing ghost images in flames. Ghost stories can also capture the imagination and blur the same lines of reality.

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Ghost Flames Gallery of This Fiery Phenomenon