Haunted Insane Asylum Photos and Stories

Notorious Haunted Insane Asylums

Often the scene of so much human suffering, is it any wonder there are so many reports of haunted insane asylums? Tales abound of former residents who still walk the halls and frightening echoes of the past still heard upon the grounds even after the buildings are demolished.

The urge to investigate these hospitals is very tempting, but it is also extremely dangerous and often illegal. It's better to learn some of the stories from this slideshow lest you chance becoming the latest urban legend connected to one of these tragic locales.

The Ridges

The site of many atrocities performed under the guise of mental health care, the Ridges in Athens, Ohio is connected to the story of a patient named Margaret Schilling. Margaret was somehow locked in an abandoned ward and died there. Her naked body was undiscoverd for several weeks, and today the floor of that ward still shows the human-shaped stain her body left behind. Does Margaret's spirit still haunt the hallways of The Ridges? Some ghost hunters believe so.

North Hampton

North Hampton State Hospital in Massachusetts was reportedly haunted by residual sounds from the past. The site has been almost completely demolished, but the curious might wonder if the new residents of the planned housing community will still hear slamming doors, squeaking gurneys and tearful moans from denizens of the past.


From Bartonville Mental Hospital in Peoria, Illinois comes the story of "Old Book". This patient assisted in the burial of many other inmates and was known for wailing pitiably for their deaths. At his own death, the wailing was even louder, and many doctors, nurses and other witnesses reported looking over at the graveyard elm to see Old Book's ghost crying in anguish.

Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky has been the subject of famous investigations including those conducted by TAPS. The team captured video of a mysterious shadow figure that seemed to pop up out of nowhere. That film is one of the most debated and analyzed incidents of a ghost caught on video.


The miles of catacombs beneath the abandoned Byberry Mental Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have given rise to some strange stories. One especially frightening urban legend concerns a former patient who reportedly still lives down in the tunnels. It's said he weilds a large knife and chases unwelcomed explorers. Is he a ghost or tragically real? Either way, do you really want to find out?


Wernersville State Hospital in Pennsylvania is also said to be haunted. This asylum is connected to tales of a headless orderly and the ghost of an elderly patient who carries a baby with her around the grounds. Supposedly there is an unmarked graveyard somewhere on the grounds.

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Haunted Insane Asylum Photos and Stories