How to Develop Psychic Abilities: Simple Techniques & Tips

Updated June 30, 2021
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Everyone has some level of intuition, and it is possible to develop psychic abilities with some easy practices and exercises. Doing these things regularly can help strengthen your psychic muscle.

Keep an Open Mind

The first challenge in developing psychic abilities is to open your mind. If you can imagine and accept the possibility that your mind has hidden areas just waiting for you to tap into, you have a greater chance of discovering specific talents, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, and other psychic abilities.

Meditate to Tune In

Practice meditation to tap into your subconscious and access these unused areas of the brain. Meditation increases your ability to concentrate and improves your powers of observation.

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Meditation can help you to tune in to various psychic perceptions as it paves the way into deeper consciousness. Meditation allows you to reconnect with your higher self and reach out beyond this world to the spiritual realms on the other side.

Each time you meditate, you make your connection to the other side stronger while infusing your psychic abilities with positive divine energies. Eventually, all you'll need to do is focus on your connection, and you'll be plugged in.

Pay Attention to Your Intuition

One of the biggest challenges in learning how to develop psychic abilities is trusting yourself. Your natural powers of intuition are stronger when you're a young child, unless you've been raised to trust your feelings. Oftentimes, children are encouraged to ignore intuition when parents mistaken it for unrealistic fears.

Visualize with mind's eye

The most important step to regaining confidence and trust in your intuition is to break the old habit of automatically dismissing feelings and impressions you have about people, places, and situations. Instead, focus on what your subconscious is trying to tell you. You should take the time to consider the information you're receiving and then either act on it or dismiss it.

One simple way to strengthen your intuition is to pay attention to it. Keep a notebook or a recorder with you (or use a notes or recording app on your phone). Any time you receive any intuitive information, simply record it. Just this act of recording your intuition--even if you don't act on it--can help strengthen it.

Visualize to Unlock Clairvoyance

Visualization is similar to daydreaming, only you have a specific goal to undertake within the imagination framework. This means you'll focus on achieving that goal and manifesting it into your life through the art of creative visualization.

Expand the mind and keep studying

Visualization not only manifests your desires, but trains you to see beyond your physical sight. When you engage your imagination during a meditative state, you call forth latent psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance. This practice opens your third eye and strengths your abilities to provide you with premonitions and other information about the future.

Just flexing your visualization muscle can make a big difference, so try this simple exercise.

  1. Go somewhere you won't be disturbed and sit or lie comfortably. Close your eyes.
  2. Think of a place you knew well when you were a child. It could be your childhood home, a favorite neighborhood playground, a classroom, or anywhere you spent a lot of time.
  3. Now, in your mind's eye, visualize as many details of that place as possible. Try to bring it fully to life in your mind's eye.

Unlock Your Clairaudience Ability

The art of psychic listening is known as clairaudience. You can increase this ability by using your physical hearing to fine tune your clairaudience abilities. The frequency or vibrations of sounds can elevate your personal frequency. This results in lifting your frequency closer to that of the higher realms and those ethereal ones beyond, making it easier to communicate through clairaudience.

Woman with finger to lips

One of the best ways to open up your clairaudience abilities is through sound. Be discriminatory about the sounds you select. Only choose music and musical instruments that create higher frequency sounds. Lower frequency music or tones will only lower your frequency with denser vibrations.

  • Classical music is just one example of higher frequency music.
  • String instruments provide sounds with higher vibrations.
  • Singing bowls are exceptional ways to raise your frequency.

You can combine meditation and sound to open your clairaudience abilities.

  1. Go somewhere you won't be disturbed and sit or lie comfortably. Turn on a music app or recording and close your eyes.
  2. Focus your attention on the sounds. If it wanders, simply return it to the sound.
  3. Notice any thoughts, visions, or ideas it brings to mind. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.

Connect to Claircognizance Ability

Claircognizance is often called clear knowing, clear recognition or simply, a knowing. If you possess claircognizance, you can sense the presence of spirits and other disembodied entities. In addition, you have sudden knowledge about other people, even those you've never met. This ability is like a program downloading on a computer, only you are the computer.

Woman reaching toward sky

The third eye is your gateway to claircognizance. The third eye is the sixth major chakra that provides direct access to the crown chakra that unlocks and gives access to divinity and the realm of enlightenment. You can unblock and stimulate the third eye chakra by repeating ancient mantras. You can also wear and use chakra crystals to assist in opening your third eye. Or, try this simple exercise.

  1. Go somewhere you won't be disturbed and sit or lie comfortably. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus your attention on the spot in the middle of your forehead. If your attention wanders, gently return it to this spot.
  3. Pay attention to what you notice while you do this exercise.
  4. Try this regularly for 5 to 10 minutes.

Awaken Empathic Abilities

Empaths are like magnets for other people's emotions. This ability can create confusion when you're unable to distinguish between your emotions and other people's emotions. You can develop empathic abilities while learning to disentangle from someone else's emotions.

psychic using pendulum

The first thing you want to do is establish a baseline for your emotions. Similar to taking your temperature, you want to begin each training session by assessing your emotional state. Once you've established how you're feeling, you can do the following.

  1. Sit face to face with a trusted friend or family member.
  2. Breathe deeply until you feel relaxed. Now, focus on the person you're facing.
  3. See what you notice. Pay attention to mood shifts, emotional changes, or physical sensations.
  4. Do this for five to ten minutes.

Develop Your Psychometry Skill

Psychometry is the psychic ability to hold or touch an object and receive information about those who either owned or held/touched the object. Accomplished psychics/seers/intuitives can read the owner and reveal insightful information about the person.

Woman holding unseen object in hands

Practice your psychometry skills by touching objects and opening your mind to receive the information stored in them. You should first place yourself in a bubble of protective white light or other form of protective shield. This will safeguard you against the empathic pitfall of taking on the emotions of the object's owner as your own. To practice psychometry:

  1. Go to an antique or second-hand store where you can touch objects there. Do this when you're in a positive and upbeat mood.
  2. Before you walk into the store, visualize a bubble of white light popping out from your core and completely surrounding you. Keep this bubble in place throughout your time in the store.
  3. Find and object that looks interesting and touch it with or hold it in your non-dominant hand. Notice any thoughts that flash through your mind as images, words, knowing, or emotional or physical sensations.

Learn to See Auras

You can learn to see auras by using one of the methods for opening your third eye. It is believed that opening the third eye also creates a pathway to this ability. Once you've mastered the technique, spend time each day practicing. You can use this skill along with reiki or other types of energy work to assess a person's various energy layers.

woman surrounded by green rays

It will require practice, but you can use a quick technique for seeing auras. With persistence, you'll eventually begin to perceive a haze of color surrounding people. Each color indicates something about that person's physical and mental state.

  1. Go somewhere you won't be disturbed and sit or lie comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to relax.
  2. Now, in your mind's eye, visualize colors, fully and vividly one at a time.
  3. Open your eyes and hold your hand in front of a white piece of paper or a white wall. Soften your gaze and notice if you see any light or color surrounding your hand.
  4. Practice this until you can see colors in your hand. Then, try it with a volunteer standing in front of a white wall.

Tips for Developing Psychic Abilities

You can choose the technique you prefer to develop a specific psychic ability. A few helpful tips and specific tools can make the process more efficient and timely.

  • Keep a daily journal to track your psychic development progress.
  • Reconnect with nature through walks, gardening, meditating or other outdoor activity to keep you grounded.
  • Embrace the art of positive thinking to prevent negative thoughts from stifling your progress.
  • Keep studying and learning all you can about psychic abilities.
  • Eliminate fear from your vocabulary.
  • Practice daily meditation.
  • Listen to music that resonates with your heart and soul.
  • Surround yourself with high vibration/frequency objects, such as crystals and spiritual icons/talismans.
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Growing Your Intuitive Ability

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished psychic, learning to develop your psychic self is like an athlete undertaking physical workouts. You will strengthen these abilities each time you exercise your psychic muscles to increase and enhance the accompanying psychic abilities.

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