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Ouija Board Dangers

Karen Frazier

Are There Ouija Board Dangers?

Some people caution about the dangers of the Ouija board. No other board game has as storied of a history as the Ouija board, with tales of death, demonic possession, and more. But is the Ouija board dangerous? It depends on who you ask. Some say that in the right hands, Ouija board is merely a tool for communicating with spirits. Others feel using the Ouija board is fraught with peril. Consider the dangers of using the Ouija board before you begin.

One of the Mediums Moves the Planchette

The people touching the planchette are called "mediums." There's always the danger one or more of the mediums may be moving the planchette either consciously or unconsciously. This unconscious movement is called the ideomotor effect, and it occurs because preconceived notions may cause unconscious responses that create minor muscle movements to make the planchette move.

If you suspect this is happening, blindfold the mediums and rotate the board 90 degrees or replace the mediums and try again.

The Board Provides Information You Don't Want to Know

Believing it's a game, some people wind up asking questions they don't really want to know the answer to and then regret discovering something which may or may not be true. For example, a participant may flippantly ask, "When am I going to die," only to be disturbed when the planchette slides to a very specific answer.

To avoid this, be careful about the questions you ask when playing with a Ouija board. Don't ask something with an answer you aren't prepared to deal with.

You Get Caught Up in Superstition

Because so many creepy tales circulate about the Ouija board, one of the risks of playing with it is getting caught up in superstition. The idea of communicating with spirits can feel spooky, and this creep factor may affect even the least superstitious of minds when the planchette seemingly begins to move by itself and respond to questions. This can lead to feeling scared or even traumatized, so it's important you stay grounded during a Ouija session. Remain in control at all times and if you or anyone else starts to feel frightened, close the session and try again another time.

It Opens a Portal to the Other Side

Many paranormal enthusiasts and experts believe playing with a Ouija board can open a doorway to the other side that is better left shut. They say it's possible to invite disembodied entities to cross over and wreak havoc in the lives of the living.

Mitigate this danger by closing down any doorways you open at the end of the session. Slide the planchette to "Good-bye" to close the session and then turn it upside down so the feet are facing up. Store the board with the planchette wrapped in cloth so it doesn't touch the board.

Spirits Provide Misinformation

Some psychics warn entities that typically communicate via the Ouija are of the lowest order. These beings often pretend to be someone the user once knew, and they may offer a few small truths to gain trust. In some cases, the information turns dark and misleading, causing the user confusion, anguish, and isolation.

To mitigate this potential, take everything that comes through the Ouija board with a grain of salt. If you dislike the information you're receiving, end the session and try again another time. Never continue in a communication on the Ouija board that makes you uncomfortable.

You Become Emotionally Attached

Someone who frequently uses the Ouija board for advice and guidance risks becoming psychologically and emotionally dependent on the board. This can lead to obsessive behavior as well as shutting out friends and loved ones.

Realize that you live in the real world, and no game can truly tell you how to live your life. If you feel yourself growing attached, get rid of the Ouija board. If you feel you need help or guidance in your life, seek treatment with a qualified therapist or clergy.

You Make Contact With Negative Entities

Many people believe there are certain negative entities just waiting to communicate via the Ouija board with unsuspecting victims. One such being is called Zozo (also Zaza or Zuzu), a supposed negative entity that takes over sessions to wreak havoc in the lives of Ouija board users. While there is no proof Zozo is anything more than an urban legend or trick of the mind, many people have experienced this phenomenon.

There are several signs you may be communicating with a negative entity, such as the Ouija board counting backwards from 9 to 0, the planchette sliding between Z and a vowel repeatedly, the planchette "laughing" by going back and forth between the letters H and A, the planchette suddenly acting erratically, or the planchette cycling through the alphabet in either alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order. If you notice any of these odd behaviors, immediately slide the planchette to "good-bye" and then turn it upside down. End your session and store the board appropriately.

You Unleash Psychokinetic Activity

There are anecdotal reports connected to Ouija board use about physical attacks and objects thrown and smashed by unseen forces. In some cases, the activity continued even after Ouija board use ended.

This type of activity, known as poltergeist activity, is caused by psychokinesis, which is frequently related to a living agent although it can come from spirits. If you are experiencing poltergeist activity during a Ouija board session, end the session appropriately and see if the activity ceases. If it continues, seek help from paranormal experts and consider talk therapy to deal with any unresolved emotions you may have that could be contributing to the phenomenon.

Someone Becomes Possessed

The danger associated with the Ouija board that frightens the most people is the possibility of demonic possession. This fear arose from the movie The Exorcist in which communicating with Captain Howdy on the Ouija board led to a fictional demonic possession.

End a session immediately if one of the players begins to demonstrate odd behaviors. Perform a cleansing burn to clear out any negative energies. If it continues and you fear demonic possession, infestation, or oppression, this is a spiritual issue and not a paranormal one. Seek help from clergy trained to deal with possession.

You Believe It's Only a Game

Many people adopt the belief that the Ouija board is only a game. People who don't take communication with spirits seriously are most at risk. Be cautious when you use the Ouija board and make sure you are using spiritual protection techniques. Familiarize yourself with signs of spiritual oppression. If, at any time, you feel the situation is out of control, any of the participants are uncomfortable, or you feel any sense of spiritual danger, end the session immediately using proper closing techniques.

Be Careful With Ouija but Not Afraid

As with any other technique for spirit communication, the Ouija board offers the opportunity to communicate with the other side. While you shouldn't take this lightly, it is also not something to fear. Approach the Ouija board and other forms of spirit communication with a sense of respect and open-minded curiosity. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, end the session and protect yourself spiritually. With these tips in mind, the Ouija board can serve as a safe and fascinating way to communicate with the other side.

Karen Frazier
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Ouija Board Dangers