Ouija Board Dangers

Beware Ouija Board Dangers

Ouija board dangers are real according to many past users. Psychological and psychic professionals warn that playing with a Ouija board can have grave consequences. Demonic possession is just one possible danger. Before you take the risk, learn about a few of the most important dangers of Ouija board use, especially when treated as a game.

A Portal to the Other Side

A number of paranormal professionals believe that playing with a Ouija board can open a doorway that is better left shut. They say it's possible to invite disembodied entities to cross over and wreak havoc.


Psychics warn that entities that typically communicate via the Ouija are of the lowest order. These beings often pretend to be someone the user once knew, and they will offer a few small truths to gain trust. All too often, the information turns dark and misleading, causing the user confusion, anguish and isolation.

Pyscho-Emotional Attachment

Someone who frequently uses the Ouija board for advice and guidance risks becoming psychologically and emotionally dependent on the board. This often leads to obsessive behavior as well as shutting out friends and loved ones.

Unleash Psychokinetic Activity

There are anecdotal reports directly connected to Ouija board use about physical attacks and objects thrown and smashed by unseen forces. In some cases, the activity continued even after Ouija board use ended.


Perhaps the most frightening danger associated with Ouija board use is the possibility of demonic possession. Some say the case of possession that served as the basis for the movie The Exorcist was caused when a young boy began playing with a Ouija board by himself.

Belief That It's Only a Game

The single greatest danger is adopting the common belief that the Ouija board is only a game. People who don't take the powers of the Ouija seriously are most at risk. If you find you can't resist the temptation, at least try to only use the board in the company of a psychic who knows how to open and close the session using spiritual protection techniques.

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Ouija Board Dangers