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When you're dealing with the paranormal, unexplainable events can lead to some really scary stories. Paranormal investigators, homeowners and other people experience frightening and surreal things that are very difficult to explain. The following stories offer some examples.

One spooky example was the town in Southern California that went crazy after residents used the Ouija board. According to newspaper reports, mental health experts were called in to examine the entire community, all 1,200 hundred residents. What sort of object could cause over a thousand people to lose their minds, running naked through the streets?

The 1871 Chicago Fire

On October 8, 1871, a terrible fire ignited in Chicago. By the time the fire had ripped through businesses and other buildings in town, 300 people were dead, and over 100,000 people were homeless. Some say that scary ghosts began to appear after the fire such as the "Hang Man of the Water Tower" who hung himself from this large and ominous structure in order to avoid being burned by the fire. In the end, the water tower was the only structure that remained.

The Haunted Statue

In the Druid Hill Park Cemetery, there was a terrifying haunted statue that allegedly scared a young man to death during a fraternity hazing stunt.

The Lost Scout Leader

One of the scariest campfire stories is the tale about a scout leader who gets lost searching for a missing camper, only to lose her life in the process. Or did she? Next time you're in the woods, maybe you'll come across this wretched lost soul, still searching for a missing child.

The Haunted Hitchhiker

If you're traveling on a dark and gloomy road in the middle of the night, there's always a possibility that you could come across a hitchhiker out in the middle of nowhere. If you came upon a hitchhiker that looked like this, would you pick her up? Many people have stopped to give such an apparition a ride only to have her disappear into thin air.

The Crazy Backseat Killer

There are a lot of urban legends out there, but one of the scariest is about the girl who was saved from being murdered by a crazy killer, like this one, lurking in her back seat.

Don't Feed The Bears

Are you afraid of large and scary bears? If so, be careful when you decide to bring food in your tent; you never know what sort of beast the scent may bring to your campsite. There are some very scary stories out there about people who forgot that cardinal rule.

The Legend of The Wolf Strap

There are stories and legends passed on for generations about human-like creatures that roamed the countryside and attacked villagers. One example is the famous Russian story about the discovery of the "wolf strap" in one man's home.

Desecrated Burial Grounds

Across the world, there are communities that are built upon sacred grounds or a cemetery, like the one in Texas built over Black Hope Cemetery. Whenever this happens, there always seem to be homes with poltergeists and hauntings. Imagine walking into a room and seeing an apparition like this standing by the window?

True Tales of Being Buried Alive

The fear of being buried alive is a common one. While this would be extremely rare today, it was a real concern before modern medical advancements. For example, consider the horrible tale about Octavia Hatcher who was buried alive in an Appalachian town after entering a coma-like state.

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Really Scary Stories