Vampire Love Poems

Selection of Vampire Love Poems

Read any good vampire love poems lately? The success of the vampire love movie Twilight and the books that go along with it has revived an interest in vampire culture not seen since the heyday of Ann Rice's Interview with the Vampire. Said to possess preternatural senses far greater than those of mere mortals, you may wonder how vampires view love. Perhaps the following poems will shed a little, but not too much, light on the subject.

The Eternal Kiss

One kiss from my lips,
and eternity is yours.
A neverending lifetime
to explore the farther shores.

One kiss from your lips
and we two will never part.
My love will sustain you
and my blood will fill your heart.

Pale as the Moon

My lover's skin
is as pale as the moon
shining over a dead still pond.

My lover's eyes
glow like moonbeams filtering
through the cracks of an ancient door.

My lover only comes to me
Beneath the silver-knife light of the moon.

Beneath Your Window

How many nights I've
stood beneath your window.
Calling you silently, deeply
from my core. Can you hear me?

One glimpse of you, and
my ancient heart remembers
what it was to feel love.
I hunger for your scent, your touch. Do you feel me?

Waiting here, filled with longing
and a dark desire to reveal to you my world.
Will you answer my call and invite me in,
or must I wait another lifetime to find you?
Let me in...

My Dark Angel

Of all that is dark and merry in this world,
I love you most.

Of all that is beyond the reach of death or time,
I love you most.

Of all that whispers in the stillness of the night,
I love you most.

A Toast to Our Love

"My cup runneth over..."
Some mortal fool once said.
But what is that compared to love
Shared by the eternal undead?

I'll fill my cup with your blood,
And you fill yours with mine.
Together we'll celebrate our love
With life's most precious wine.

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Vampire Love Poems