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The Most Haunted Places in Massachusetts

Danvers State Hospital, Massachusetts

When exploring the most haunted places in Massachusetts, there seems to be a ghost story behind every rock and a haunting in nearly every community. Massachusetts, along with the entire New England corridor, form a hotbed of paranormal activity that can keep many a true ghost hunter busy.

Haunted Places in Massachusetts

Among the many haunted places in Massachusetts, there are a few that are notorious, such as the Lizzie Borden house and the Hoosac Tunnel. The most haunted places in Massachusetts include the following locations.

Danvers, Massachusetts (Essex County)

Danvers was originally known as Salem Village. It was home to many of the women accused of being witches and stood trial in Salem. It is also the home of former Danvers State Hospital. Like many insane asylums, Danvers State Hospital was a place for lost souls. For its time, it was a progressive institution, but it deteriorated from overcrowding in the 1930s and 1940s. Documented activity includes cold spots, the sound of cries, voices and various ghosts of former patients. In 2014, The property was sold to DSF Group that renamed it Bradlee Danvers State Hospital and developed Bradlee Danvers Apartments on the property.

Salem, Massachusetts (Essex County)

Known for the notorious witch trials of 1692, Salem is visible like the ghosts who reside there in the quiet places throughout the town. You should visit the house where Nathaniel Hawthorne was born, which was moved to the House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association's museum campus in 1958. There is also a haunted inn once owned by a woman who was accused of being a witch.

The Hoosac Tunnel (North Adams, Massachusetts)

The name 'Hoosac' means 'forbidden' in Native American. This tunnel was the first tunnel of the time to be built using nitroglycerin. Subsequent accidents, deaths, cave-ins and fires earned the location its nickname, 'The Bloody Pit'. Over two hundred men died during its construction. The tunnel is 4.74 miles long and The sound of disembodied sighs, voices, apparitions, strange lights, and sounds have been reported since the 1800s to this day. Be careful - this is still an active operating railroad line and tunnel.

Saint Thecla Retreat House, Dudley Road (77 Dudley Rd., Billerica, Massachusetts)

The Retreat House is the private property of the Daughters of St. Paul Convent. Dudley Road in front of the house is a public road and has seen its share of ghostly nuns, strange lights, and sounds. It remains a perfect spot for EVP, digital recorder and camera work.

Becket Land Trust/Historic Quarry (Becket, Massachusetts)

The Beckett Land Trust's Historic Quarry was a stone quarry from the 1850s through the 1960s. To this day, it looks as though the workers put down their tools and just walked away. There is a reason to be cautious around the abandoned machines and piles of stone. There are reported cold spots and the sounds of working machinery can be heard as well as disembodied voices. The Historic Quarry and Forest feature a self-guided quarry walk.

Most Haunted House in Massachusetts

It's difficult to pinpoint a single house as being the most haunted. Instead, there are a couple of houses that fit the bill for being most haunted. Both are the scenes of tragic deaths. Murder and accidentally unexpected deaths are believed to leave an imprint of that energy on places and even inanimate objects.

Lizzie Borden's House (92 Second Street, Fall River, Massachusetts)

Now known as the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, you can rent and sleep in the rooms where Lizzie and the rest of the family slept. The debate rages on as to whom committed the infamous murders, but most agree, this is still an active location. People have reported seeing a mist-like human figure from above a couch in the area where Andrew Borden took the last nap of his life. Apparitions of Abby Borden and Lizzie have reportedly appeared in the basement and bedrooms in front of startled guests and staff.

The Houghton Mansion (172 Church Street, North Adams, Massachusetts)

The story at this haunted location is about a 1914 car accident, the death of a beloved daughter and that of a devoted father a few days later. Add the tragic suicide of the chauffeur, and you have the sordid tale of the Houghton Mansion. The mansion was the home of a wealthy businessperson, Albert Houghton. A pleasure drive resulted in an accident that killed his adult (and youngest) daughter and caused Albert to die a few days later, reportedly of a broken heart. Family servant, John Widders, was at the wheel and committed suicide later. Activity includes doors opening on their own accord, audible footsteps, overwhelming feelings of sadness and anger, cold spots and EVPs. The mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hauntings in Massachusetts

The most haunted place in Massachusetts is actually the 200 square miles of southeastern Massachusetts that form the Bridgewater Triangle. The triangle encompasses as its points the towns of Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown. Every town in the triangle is a hot spot, the most famous being the Hockomock Swamp in the Freetown Fall River State Forest.

Paranormal Activity

Reports of paranormal activity exist as far back as precolonial times. They include poltergeist activity, balls of fire, Big Foot sightings, ghosts of Indians and soldiers, and reports of UFOs and large birds with ten-foot wingspans.

Sacred to Native Americans

People investigating the swamp have heard Indian battle cries, drumming and singing. The 'Profile Rock', shaped in the profile of a Native American face, is there and is considered sacred to Native Americans in the area.

UFO Sightings

UFO reports begin as early as 1710 and continue through actual police reports today. There are also existing and current reports of a Big Foot-like creature. It has also been seen scavenging the gardens of homeowners whose property abut the swap.

Black Magic Cult in Forest

The Freetown Fall River State Forest has been home to many cults dedicated to black magic. It has also served as the dumping ground for the bodies of murder victims and mutilated livestock. Ghost sightings include a hitchhiking ghost with red hair that wonders along Route 44. A ghostly trucker has been seen driving the road in Freetown. People claim to see ghosts of Native Americans and soldiers in the swamp itself.

Massachusetts Most Haunted Places

The most haunted places in Massachusetts are worth visiting for the spectacular scenery as well as the many ghosts. Your chance of running into something not of this world is practically guaranteed as soon as you cross the state line.

The Most Haunted Places in Massachusetts