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If you are interested in true ghost stories from Singapore, there are many sources to read tall tales and amazing, true ghost stories. Singapore seems to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, and there are many books and online reports that provide fascinating ghostly accounts of those events.

Famous True Singapore Ghost Stories

There are usually two types of ghost stories. The first are those that are legendary and get passed down from generation to generation. Next, there are events that happen to people or entire families that are told in hushed voices over a campfire. The legendary ghost stories usually focus on a well-known location, and Singapore isn't lacking in such legends. The following stories are the most famous, true Singapore ghost stories. If you wonder whether Singapore is haunted, just browse through these amazing tales.

The Bedok Flats

In Singapore, there are many flats or blocks of tall apartment buildings where many families live. A terrible tragedy took place many years ago in one particular flat at Bedok North Avenue near the Bedok Reservoir in Singapore. A man, woman and their child were creating a life for themselves until, in an effort to make extra money, the husband got caught up in gambling. After destroying the family's finances and owing loan sharks a large sum of money, the financial stress started taking a terrible toll on the marriage.

Eventually, the husband met another woman and informed his wife that he wanted a divorce. In an event worse than any Shakespearean tragedy, the young mother threw her three-year-old toddler down 25 stories to his death before jumping out of the window herself.

Bedok Reservoir at dusk
Bedok Reservoir

The story turns even more unbelievable as local legend describes the widower eventually had another child with his mistress. On the child's third birthday, the ghost of a young boy, whom the child previously called his kor kor (brother), convinced the child to leap off of the balcony to fly. The child tumbled to his death.

Local residents report that the Bedok flats are terribly haunted, and apartments often remain vacant because of the extreme paranormal activity there. Rumors persist that another entire family committed suicide in one flat, and that another person was murdered in an elevator accident caused by a ghost.

Changi Beach

During World War II when the Japanese occupied Singapore, the Japanese government wanted to cleanse the population of anti-Japanese residents. Over a thousand Japanese soldiers set up screening centers throughout the country and screened all Chinese suspected of carrying anti-Japanese sentiments.All suspects were rounded up at several sites for execution. Tens of thousands of Singapore's Chinese residents were executed throughout 1942, but one of the most famous locations was Changi Beach. Chinese suspects were shot by a firing squad, and some witnesses report that many victims were beheaded by bayonet.

Changi Beach, Singapore at dawn
Changi Beach

Today, visitors to Changi Beach report hearing screams and crying, as well as seeing ghostly heads flying through the air or headless bodies of the murdered Chinese victims walking along the beach. Visitors also report witnessing some of the mass executions and finding the sand soaked in blood upon examining it afterwards.

Modern Day Singapore Ghost Stories

Beyond the legends, Singapore is a country that is filled with ongoing paranormal activity. Across the internet, you'll find countless tales of hauntings and other paranormal activity.

Read the Book

In 1989, author Russell Lee published Book 1 in his book True Singapore Ghost Stories series. The book cataloged various true ghost stories throughout Singapore, Indonesia and other countries in the region. It was a major hit throughout the world, and Russell went on to publish over 20 books as part of the series from 1989 through 2010. Today, Russell is considered one of Asia's most popular paranormal writers.

Browse Paranormal Stories Online

You can find a fascinating variety of ghost stories from Singapore on the web. There are so many ghostly tales from this region of the world that entire websites are devoted to this topic. The following websites offer some of the best ghost stories from Singapore citizens.

Your Ghost Stories Singapore Section

Your Ghost Stories has a section where readers can submit their own paranormal tales. You can search this section of the site by country, and there are always a lot of fantastic witness accounts posted here from Singapore.

Singapore's Freakiest Online Ghost Stories

SFOGS stands for Singapore's Freakiest Online Ghost Stories. The website certainly lives up to its name. One story about a man named Ah Wang describes how his mental and physical health deteriorated after he became possessed by a demon.

Exploring Ghost Stories From Singapore

Many paranormal enthusiasts focus primarily on the ghost stories or paranormal events that take place in their own backyard, but it's always interesting to explore paranormal accounts from around the world. Ghost stories from Singapore provide a wealth of details from a unique cultural viewpoint.

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