Do Vampires Exist?

Ryan Dube

With the release of the latest popular movie Twilight and the cult following it is developing, there are more and more people who are now beginning to wonder whether or not vampires exist.

Can Vampires Exist?

When people talk about whether or not vampires exist, they often imagine the stereotypical vampire - a cartoonish character with two oversized fangs, a pale face and an unquenchable thirst for human blood.

Do Vampires Exist as The Dark Man?

A common report among many people who encounter paranormal entities is that of "The Dark Man". Some may explain this common description, reported by so many people, as some strange archetype related to what Carl Jung termed as humanity's "collective unconscious". Others believe that this being, or creature, is truly an authentic paranormal entity. Regardless what people believe, the characteristics of this dark man bear striking resemblance to the description of the classic vampire that can be found throughout literature and the media. A few examples of these paranormal encounters are quite shocking when viewed in this context.

  • True Ghost Tales featured the true story The Dark Man Shadow Creature, where the writer detailed a six-foot, muscular dark man who entered the bedroom and approached the bed as though to lay down. When the writer went to kick him, her foot passed through the figure.
  • Polly Gear, of the Mountaineer Ghosts Paranormal Investigators group, captured some impressive photographic evidence of the shadow man. While the image itself only appears as a shadow, her story offers readers a scenario reminiscent of Peter Pan and his own trickster shadow - this particular shadow acted intelligently and even attempted to run away when Polly shone a light through it.

People all throughout the Internet recount many experiences, just like these. In some cases, closer encounters sometimes reveal that the face is pale and the man is almost always dressed in black. Do these human experiences prove that vampires exist?

Vampirism as a Medical Condition

Throughout the centuries, people in various villages and communities have been accused of being a vampire. In some cases, the accused was actually caught red-handed (pardon the pun), literally sucking the blood from the unconscious or lifeless victim in its arms. While the label of "vampire" provided a somewhat paranormal explanation for the behavior, modern science provides new labels for the condition. However, does a medical label wipe away the reality that such afflicted people really do exist?

Porphyria is a medical condition where patients suffer from very pale and flaky skin, and they are extremely sensitive to sunlight. The condition is caused by an enzyme deficiency that can lead to changes in physical appearance, such as receding gums. The eye-opening aspect of this disease is the fact that the deficient enzyme produces a part of human blood that carries oxygen, so sufferers often feel weak and tired. Theoretically, those who suffer from this disease could find temporary relief from this weakness by drinking the blood of someone who is healthy. No evidence has ever been found that proves that people with Porphyria were those who were usually labeled as vampires, but it's quite possible.

Vampirism as a Psychological Illness

Richard Noll, a clinical psychologist and author of the 1992 book Vampires, Werewolves and Demons, proposed a new syndrome called "Renfield's Syndrome" as explanation for the population of individuals who go through life with the belief that they need to drink human blood in order to survive. This syndrome is not yet accepted by the general psychiatric community, but one does not need to look very far to find proof that this syndrome is very real. is a very large community and social network for "real vampires". It even offers articles such as:

  • Safe Bloodletting & Feeding
  • Cooking with Blood
  • Dealing with the Blood thirst
  • Eye & Skin Protection (dealing with the sun)

The creator of this website makes it clear that the site is for "real" vampires, not those people who suffer from mental conditions, or "fakers" who pretend to be vampires. The owner of the site presents it as a public service to help real vampires who suffer from a craving for blood or psi energy, and who are grossly misunderstood by the general public.

Do Vampires Exist or Not?

One thing that is very clear about vampires is that they most certainly exist, although they likely do not exist in the ways that children's storybooks describe them. Like many myths and legends, vampire stories appear to be based on a small gem of truth. As you explore the paranormal, physical and psychological truths behind vampirism, it becomes very clear that when it comes to vampires, the truth is far stranger than fiction.


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Do Vampires Exist?