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Where to Find Virtual Haunted Houses Online

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Virtual interactive haunted houses provide a fun online experience filled with enjoyable stories or games for fans of the murderous and the macabre. These houses allow the user to roam a haunted house with a task or series of tasks to complete, or a story with interactive elements, such as clicking on graves, summoning spirits and other creepy things.

Frightbytes Interactive Haunted Houses Online

Frightbytes has been serving up virtual haunted house fun online since 1998. This Flash-free site offers several haunted houses complete with a story that takes you deeper into each haunted place, such as Mrs. Grul's boarding house, an asylum, haunted inn, a cemetery that leads to a haunted house and more. You can explore each haunted world, some require you click on a feature or find a hidden key to continue through the house. In addition to the stories of haunted houses and places, you can find a section called Evil Fun. This area of the website offers interactive games, such as different mazes you can play online or print as well as a demon-possessed oracle reading.

Second Life Interactive Haunted House

Spooky Interactive Haunted House is an online haunted house found on Second Life. Of course, you'll need to first register as a member of Second Life before you can enter the haunted house. Once registered, you will download and install Second Life. You can go with a free basic version or opt for a fee-based membership. Once inside, you can explore the haunted house. There is a hidden sinister laboratory you have to find. While you're on Second Life, be sure to check out other virtual interactive haunted houses!

The Chancery House

The Chancery House has something for everyone in this particular field of supernatural and haunted fun. To enter the haunted house, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the magic mirror. The next page explains that while you're exploring the haunted house, you can also participate in a scavenger hunt throughout the site for a single rose. Next, you can click on the pyramid to continue to the foyer of the haunted house. This room has all types of objects, cats and various artifacts that you can click on to further explore the haunted house.

Google Play VR Haunted House 3D

You can find numerous virtual haunted house games on Google Play. Just download and install on your device and you're ready to play and explored the latest VR haunted house online.

VR Haunted House 3D

VR Haunted House 3D has a well-known reputation for its features of simulated paranormal activities that take happen once you're inside the house. The many mystical events presented to the player revolve around protecting the house from all the different ghosts and monsters, including zombies. The house is touted as a realistic haunted house and horror environment with three skill levels.

VR Escape Horror House 3D

VR Escape Horror House 3D is filled with hidden passages and secret tunnels. Different types of paranormal activity greet the player on each floor. The haunted house is dark and intimidating as you try to maneuver your way through the darkness.

Haunted House: Halloween Special

The Haunted House Halloween Special is a new episode to Scary House, a top-rated game. The goal is to escape a house filled with ghosts, sky creatures, dead bodies and pumpkin head creatures in a scary haunted house environment.

Finding Virtual Haunted Houses Online

Online virtual haunted houses are a safe and fun way to experience spooky and scary situations. You can find many generic online haunted houses as well as those specifically for Halloween or with zombies.

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Where to Find Virtual Haunted Houses Online