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For those who like the experience of ghosts and ghouls, there are many virtual haunted houses online that they might be interested in visiting. These haunted houses are available on the Internet as websites that offer fun and enjoyable stories or games for fans of the murderous and the macabre.

The virtual haunted house is an interactive experience that allows the user the pleasure of roaming through either a haunted setting with a task or series of tasks to complete, or a story with interactive elements, such as clicking on graves, summoning spirits, etc. The websites often contain sound files for various elements in the story, and text to explain what is happening. Online haunted houses are fun and innocuous, and when taken at face value are little more than a humorous and interesting means of passing the time in a "scary" setting. There are many websites with different types of interactive elements and varying degrees of reliance on text or graphics. All of them seek to put a little fun into the haunted experience.

Virginia Varela's Haunted House

Virginia Varela's Haunted House website is a Flash website that utilizes the computer's mouse to operate a virtual flashlight in order to navigate the story. This website is basically a tour through the haunted house, beginning with a carriage ride seen from a distance through some murky woods on a dark and stormy night. The suspense is maintained with the use of silence, as well as the story taking time to unfold, allowing the user to explore each scene with their virtual flashlight that has a limited range of vision. This means the user has to move the mouse to explore as much of the scene as possible. Various sounds, such as bats, thunder and lightning, wolf howls, etc., serve to increase the effect of the "haunting". This website is a very impressive haunted house experience, and is one that should be visited alone at night in a darkened room with the headphones on.

Lightning 6

Lightning 6 is another Flash website dedicated to creating virtual haunted houses online. Although not as sophisticated as the Virginia Varela website, it nevertheless utilizes Flash technology in order to enhance the experience. Visitors have the option of visiting the Dungeon or the Library for their tour. Although the graphics are somewhat cartoon-like, the website is based around tasks rather than taking the visitor through a straight story. Pointing the mouse over various objects allows the user to see such things as ghosts, read books, move objects and more. The website is relatively simplistic, and is probably geared toward younger users.

More Virtual Haunted Houses Online

There are many more examples of this interactive genre. Online haunted houses are popular among fans of the occult and the supernatural, and are an entertaining distraction. Some examples of other sites are:

There is something for everyone in this particular field of supernatural and haunted fun. From child-friendly sites to the more serious story telling sites suitable for adults, online haunted houses will probably be around as long as people like to be spooked and scared.

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Virtual Haunted Houses Online