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Where Can I Listen to EVP?

Karen Frazier
Person at computer with headphones on

Looking for a good scare and want to listen to real EVP recordings? Short of capturing them yourself, there are many places online where you can listen to electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

10 Sources to Listen to Real EVP Recordings

Ready to tune in to ghost communication? Dial up some great websites to fit the bill.

1. Hear Ghost Communication at World ITC

World ITC is a group of instrumental trans-communication researchers who attempt to communicate with those on the other side through a variety of instruments. EVP is considered one form of the many ITC methods. The World ITC site features communication via EVP, computer, telephone answering machine, and the Spiricom device, to name a few.

2. Listen to Ghost Voices on YouTube

YouTube is a great source of all types of paranormal videos. Search "Chris Moon telephone to the dead" or "Ghost Box" on YouTube for examples of EVP communication using Frank's Box and the generic Ghost Box.

3. Peruse Paranormal Task Force's EVP Library

Paranormal Task Force offers a collection of EVPs that includes one which they believe might be JonBenet Ramsey.

4. Hear the "Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded"

In 2012, an EVP appeared on YouTube suggested to be the "most horrific EVP ever recorded." The EVP goes on for 10 minutes with multiple layers. Read about what people have heard in the EVP after listening to it in the video below. What do you hear?

5. Listen to Shadowlands Ghost Sounds

The Shadowlands Ghost Sounds Page offers an extensive collection of EVP recordings with quick explanations about where and how they were captured. Listen and see what you think.

6. Hear EVPs From the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona

Huff paranormal offers a series of EVPs they captured at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona, which sits atop one of Sedona's energy vortexes. Listen with headphones if you can.

7. Listen to Southcoast EVPs

Listen to a series of electronic voice phenomena recordings from Spooky Southcoast in New Bedford.

8. Browse an EVP Gallery

This EVP gallery offers several EVPs with brief explanations. Headphones are highly recommended.

9. Discover Ghost Voices on Marcello Bacci's Radio

The case of Italian Marcello Bacci is an interesting one. He used a radio with no electricity or tubes, but was able to communicate with the voices of spirits. View a full-length (subtitled) documentary about Bacci and his radio or learn more in the English language documentary film, The Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiments.

10. Learn More About EVP Experiments in the ASSAP Gallery

The ASSAP gallery is a little different. In this gallery, you can listen to EVP experiments that show how logically occurring environmental sounds can be misinterpreted as EVPs.

Tips for Evaluating Electronic Voice Phenomenon

If you listened to the ASSAP link above, you probably noticed that electronic voice phenomenon isn't always exactly what it seems. Sometimes, environmental sounds can be mistaken for EVP. Critical thinking skills come into play when evaluating an electronic voice phenomenon. When listening to EVPs, ask yourself the following:

  • Is the EVP clip long enough to assess that the voice isn't one of the other investigators in the room?
  • Are there ambient noises in the room that might account for the electronic voice phenomenon?
  • Is there a story that accompanies the EVP that seems to confirm what the EVP is saying? If there is, is the EVP clear enough that you can be certain the EVP is saying what the story claims it does?
  • How clear is the voice or whisper? Is what it says open to interpretation?
  • Were the investigators using walkie talkies or some other type of radio that might generate the EVP?

Are EVPs Evidence of Ghosts?

True paranormal investigation seeks to rule out all logical and natural explanations before assuming a paranormal one. It is only when this is done that the evidence captured can be placed in the category of possible paranormal evidence.

Where Can I Listen to EVP?