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Looking for a good scare and wondering, "Where can I listen to EVP recordings?" There are all sorts of great sites on the web that feature EVP recordings.

What Is an EVP?

EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. EVP is typically captured on a recording device such as a digital voice recorder, tape recorder or video tape. Electronic voice phenomenon is typically not heard at the time that the recording is done, and instead shows up on later review of the electronic media evidence.

An EVP session is usually conducted in a reportedly haunted location. The investigator attempting to capture the EVP will ask questions such as, "What is your name?" and "Why are you here?", and then pauses between questions in order to allow any entities that are present to answer.

An electronic voice phenomenon can take many forms. Sometimes it takes the form of audible and understandable words. Sometimes it is an inaudible, but obviously human voice. However, the most commonly captured EVP is a whisper - either with or without recognizable words.

While the traditional method of capturing EVPs on a paranormal investigation is using one of the aforementioned methods, there are currently many new technologies that paranormal investigators and researchers believe may also capture electronic voice phenomena. Some of these instruments include:

  • Frank's Box (also known as the telephone to the dead), a radio that scans frequency bands
  • SpeakJet box that converts electromagnetic energy into allophones (the sounds of speech)
  • Ovilus (from Digital Dowsing) that converts environmental conditions into either words or allophones
  • The Spiricom device, tested and used extensively by researchers at World ITC

Where Can I Listen to EVPs?

Ghost Box and Digital Voice Recorders

Even with all of the background information, you are probably still wondering, "Where can I listen to EVP recordings?" There are a number of websites that provide samples of all of the aforementioned methods of communication.

  • World ITC is a group of instrumental trans-communication researchers who attempt to communicate with those on the other side through a variety of instruments. EVP is considered one form of the many ITC methods. The World ITC site features communication via EVP, computer, telephone answering machine and the Spiricom device, to name a few.
  • YouTube is a great source of all types of paranormal videos. Search "Chris Moon telephone to the dead" or "Ghost Box" on YouTube for examples of EVP communication using Frank's Box and the generic Ghost Box.
  • Paranormal Underground has EVP galleries that feature traditionally captured electronic voice phenomena as well as EVPs captured using the SpeakJet box and Ovilus.
  • Paranormal Task Force offers a collection of EVPs that includes one which they believe might be JonBenet Ramsey.
  • The ASSAP gallery is a little bit different. In this gallery, you can listen to EVP experiments that show how logically occurring environmental sounds can be misinterpreted as EVPs.

Other Sources of EVPs

EVP wave forms

If you still haven't had your fill of electronic voice phenomenon after listening to all of the above EVPS and are still wondering, "Where can I listen to EVP recordings?", Google is your friend. Some of the best electronic voice phenomena captured come from the paranormal investigation teams that are out in the field recording EVPs from some of the most haunted locations in the world. Many of these teams post their EVPs on their own websites. Google "paranormal investigators", visit their sites and see what you can find.

Tips for Evaluating Electronic Voice Phenomenon

If you listened to the ASSAP link above, you probably noticed that electronic voice phenomenon isn't always exactly what it seems. Sometimes, environmental sounds can be mistaken for EVP. Critical thinking skills come into play when evaluating an electronic voice phenomenon. When listening to EVPs, ask yourself the following:

  1. Is the EVP clip long enough to assess that the voice isn't one of the other investigators in the room?
  2. Are there ambient noises in the room that might account for the electronic voice phenomenon?
  3. Is there a story that accompanies the EVP that seems to confirm what the EVP is saying? If there is, is the EVP clear enough that you can be certain the EVP is saying what the story claims it does?
  4. How clear is the voice or whisper? Is what it says open to interpretation?
  5. Were the investigators using walkie talkies or some other type of radio that might generate the EVP?

These are just a few of the questions that you might want to consider when listening to EVP. True paranormal investigation seeks to rule out all logical and natural explanations before assuming a paranormal one. It is only when this is done that the evidence captured can be placed in the category of possible paranormal evidence.

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Where Can I Listen to EVP