Yellow Aura Meaning

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A yellow aura typically means something positive. Every color in a person's aura has a basic aura meaning. When a person has a yellow aura, the color can represent several things. These aspects range from emotional, spiritual, and even your third chakra. Read on, and if you want more information about your chakra layers and aura -- including how to see and repair your aura, and what it says about your life trajectory and relationships -- get your copy of my LoveToKnow eBook, "Auras Revealed".

Yellow Auras Show Emotional Joy and Spiritual Freedom

If someone tells you your aura is yellow, then you're probably in a very good place emotionally and spiritually. A yellow aura means you're feeling a great deal of joy and freedom. If your aura is yellow, it can mean you are a generous person, and you find joy in sharing with others. If this is the case, yellow will continue to perpetuate itself as you spread love and hope to those you come in contact with. This in turn causes your own joy to become stronger and more stable.

Yellow Aura Personality Attributes

Some yellow aura attributes include the following:

  • An actively intelligent person who likes to share wisdom with others will have a yellow aura.
  • People with recurrent yellow auras are usually more optimistic and easygoing.
  • Creative people tend to have yellow auras.
  • Those with yellow auras spread optimism and hope and easily brighten the lives of other people.

Bright Yellow Aura Represents Spiritual Freedom

Yellow is the color of spiritual vitality. If yellow is anywhere in your aura, it means you are radiating spiritual yellow energy and harnessing the power of ideas. A bright, attention-getting color, yellow creates a sensation of brightness and warmth since it attracts those looking for joy and light. You may notice people are drawn to you.

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In Buddhism, the goal is to achieve joyful detachment from everything; this is seen as a necessary step in order to reach enlightenment. If you are glowing yellow, then it appears you are well on your way, and you are not attached to anything earthly.

Other Spiritual Meanings of a Yellow Halo or Aura

Other spiritual meanings include:

  • A sense of awakening and inspiration emits a yellow aura.
  • A clear, yellow aura around your head, like a halo, means your spiritual development is advanced.
  • Many natural born spiritual leaders have yellow auras. This is caused by the stimulation of the third eye chakra (sixth chakra), located in brow or third eye chakra region. When this chakra is very active, it can create a yellow glow around your head that looks like a halo. Natural Health Techniques reminds that both Jesus Christ and Buddha are depicted as having yellow halo-type auras, so as you can imagine, a yellow halo is a very powerful sign.

Reiki Meanings for Various Yellow Auras

Reiki for Holistic Health distinguishes various values of yellow with specific meanings.

These include:

  • Light yellow or pale yellow : Your psychic and spiritual abilities are awakening and beginning to grow.
  • Bright yellow: You're in a battle to hang on to power and control. The lemon yellow signifies all types of fears related to personal power and prestige.
  • Metallic gold: You are awakened to a surge of spiritual energy that inspires you.
  • Dark gold or brownish yellow: You are a student struggling and hampered by being too analytical.

Yellow and the Third Chakra

While a yellow halo indicates an active third eye chakra, yellow actually rules the third chakra, also known as the solar plexus. Colors from this chakra may expand into your aura. The solar plexus can be found between your ribs and your naval. The attributes of a solar plexus generated yellow aura reflect wisdom, hope, joy, and enthusiasm.

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The solar plexus is the source of your core energy. It's no wonder people often reference this region in their body when commenting about situations that shake them to their core. You may have felt this vortex of energy in response to emotions, such as anger, pain, shock, or fear. You may have felt a sinking feeling in the pit of your abdomen as the third chakra reacted.

Blocked Third Chakra

The symptoms of a blocked third chakra include, feelings of depression, bitterness, and fear. You can try surrounding yourself with yellow to stimulate this chakra. You can wear yellow clothes and even eat yellow foods.

In her book, The Book of Chakra Healing, Liz Simpson explains the sun is a metaphor for the powerhouse of the solar plexus core. The third chakra rules your sense of fulfillment and self confidence. Simpson offers several ways to stimulate your solar plexus with a series of specific exercises and the use of what she calls key crystals, such as yellow citrine.

Simpson writes, "It [citrine crystal] enhances self-confidence." She also explains that a dysfunctional third chakra is a common ailment for anyone suffering from substance abuse and addiction.

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What Does a Gold Aura Mean?

Silver and gold auras have a special meaning that is linked to the spirit world.

Reading Yellow Auras

The color of your aura changes many times a day. It might be yellow one minute and then change to a different color the next. Reading auras is a process that can be very personal since many factors go into an interpretation. The interpretation of an aura has nuances defined by individual personalities as well as their lifestyles and value systems.

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Yellow Aura Meaning