Alien Ships Spotted Over Wisconsin Throughout History

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Wisconsin has the nation's second-highest number of unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings - second only to New Mexico. No one can pinpoint why this region attracts so much activity.

Most Recent UFO Sightings in Wisconsin

Some of the most recent UFO sightings reported in Wisconsin are a mixed bag of UFOs.

October 4, 2018 Windsor Lake

An anonymous report was made to the National UFO Reporting Center from Windsor Lake. The witness saw a white tube or cigar-shaped object floating above I-90. The witness was traveling north and watched the object move slowly from left to right, then took off at a high rate of speed traveling northeast and was quickly out of sight.

July 23, 2018, Siren

In Siren, the witness was traveling east on Hwy 70 when five shiny objects were seen moving swiftly across the sky. The objects were silver and the witness stated they were either triangle or diamond shaped. The objects traveled in a straight line as though they were connected or in flight formation.

July 26, 2018, Clintonville

A dairy farmer in Clintonville, Wisconsin reported that for the past 11 months, he along with his wife and son had multiple UFO sightings as well as encounters with extraterrestrials in his home. The UFO shapes ranged from orange egg-shaped, golden triangles, white spheres and a saucer shape with rainbow-colored lights. The man described a four-foot tall humanoid coming into his bedroom, but the man soon blacked out. In the morning, he discovered an inch-long incision in his arm. He discusses how traumatized he and his family are and that they feel unsafe living on the farm. He claims to have video and photo proof, and his family is willing to take polygraphs. He describes electrical surges in his home and poltergeist activity and states if the activity continues, they will be forced to move.

February 27, 2018, Milwaukee

FOX6 in Milwaukee captured on live TV several mysterious white objects that left trails behind them and appeared to move as though swimming, darting, stopping and changing directions. The official explanation was a flock of seagulls although viewers commenting on YouTube didn't seem to buy that explanation.

UFO Sightings in Wisconsin

According to UFO Wisconsin, the first known report of a UFO sighting in Wisconsin was made on April 10, 1897, in Wood County, Wisconsin. There isn't a lot of information given within the report, only that the unidentified person saw an object that changed colors and was moving fast. The witness stated, "With a glass, it showed up cone-shaped with a bright headlight."

UFOs reported in Wisconsin are often described as having flashing lights that are green, bright orange, red/orange, and white. The shapes that have been seen include, round, triangle, cube, and cylindrical (cigar-shaped).

Elmwood: UFO Capital of Wisconsin

The 1970s saw a wave of UFO sightings in Elmwood, Wisconsin that continue to this day. RoadsideAmerica states, "There was once talk of building a 'UFO Landing Strip' in Elmwood as an attraction - the sightings were that numerous. A cluster of little saucers stands near Sailer's Food Market." The town holds an annual UFO Days celebration the last full weekend of July.

Police Officer George Wheeler's UFO Encounter and Death (Elmwood, Wisconsin)

One of the best-known Elmwood UFO sightings of Wisconsin occurred in 1976 when Police Officer George Wheeler, whose credibility was exemplary having been a WWII combat pilot and a 30-year veteran police officer, reported seeing a UFO. He encountered a glowing orange object about 100 feet off the ground. He noticed the object also had six lights that were bluish-white. However, perhaps the most startling part of this encounter was what he saw inside the windows of the craft: moving shadows.

According to Wheeler, the UFO shot straight up with a whoosh, but a beam of light flashed from the craft and struck him. Another witness, David Moots, came to Wheeler's aid. The squad car lights and radio stopped working, and a newly serviced car engine had to have the spark plugs replaced after the encounter.

There were several witnesses to the event that saw the orange light in the sky, including Police Chief Gene Helmer of Elmwood. Helmer was listening to the police scanner and heard Wheeler radio that he was looking at a UFO and later heard the officer call for assistance that he'd been hit.

Other residents saw the light in the sky as well. Helmer rushed to the scene. Afterward, Wheeler went home but two hours later, his wife rushed him to the local hospital suffering from a severe headache. After three days Wheeler was released, but doctors weren't able to diagnose the cause of his distress and pain. He was unable to recall the UFO encounter. Wheeler's health rapidly declined and six months after his UFO encounter, Officer Wheeler was dead, cause unknown.

Hobbs Wilson UFO Sighting

Hobbs Wilson (76) claimed he saw a UFO six miles out of town in 1972. He told the Chicago Tribune in September 1990 about his sighting. He described the craft as being soundless and spanning 18 to 20 feet. He said, " lit up the barnyard."

Other Wisconsin UFO Close Encounters

Other areas of Wisconsin also report UFO sightings, and they are varied and span over several decades.

Sledding Incident Produces Photographic Evidence

In 2003, an anonymous report from Weyauwega was accompanied by two very good photos of a silver disc with three white lights and one red. The witness stated, "My boy was sledding in the snow and I was taking pictures." It was getting dark when the boy pointed to the sky and there was a disc that the witness then photographed.

Fish Creek

UFOSNW describes how a professional photographer was shooting rural landscapes. When the photographer was reviewing the photo of a small rural church, he noticed four white objects. He at first tested to see if these were the result of a lens flare but ruled it out. He showed the photo to other professional photographers, and they agreed it wasn't a lens flare.

October 16, 1980 UFO

A Wisconsin couple was awakened by bright lights shining in through their bedroom windows around 9 pm. The wife got up to investigate and saw a white-yellow light that was so bright she couldn't look directly at it.

The light was hovering over the trees about 200 feet from their home. She and her husband watched as a search beam came from the large light. They described how the searchlight rotated around the ground as though seeking something specific. The light turned toward their bedroom window. The couple ran outside to get a better look since they lived near an airport and had never witnessed anything like this. They were surprised there wasn't any sound coming from the object overhead and just as surprising, there was no air movement, such as what would come from propellers.

The light diminished some, and the couple was able to make out a disk shape that had a higher top area. Windows were positioned around the upper part of the craft, and they were able to see red lights inside it. They described this as those found in photographer dark rooms. As the light grew dimmer, the couple could distinguish five or six silhouettes of human shapes that were moving about inside the spacecraft. The underbelly of the craft was illuminated with yellow-white light.

Rice Lake Teardrop UFO

In January and April 2008, Barron County Sheriff Department received reports from Rice Lake of a teardrop-shaped craft with several colors of lights and a flashing purple light at one end following vehicles near the Rice Lake airport. Witnesses reported a red laser-like beam emitting from the craft shining onto the road. Several reported it appeared as though the craft landed and took off from the airport although airport records indicated no known aircraft has landed during those time frames.

More Wisconsin Hotspots

The Fond du Lac area that's near Long Lake and Dundee has also been called the number one hotspot for UFOs. Besides lights and objects, there have also been crop circles reported. The town Dundee has also been dubbed UFO capital of the world.

Could Water Attract UFOs?

Many of the Wisconsin UFOs are seen hovering or moving over water. Could the UFO attraction to Wisconsin be connected to the many lakes found in the state? USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects) are like UFOs only they are seen entering and emerging from large bodies of water, such as lakes and oceans.

UFO Hunters website features an interactive map of reported sightings in Wisconsin with a high concentration of sightings around Lake Michigan. Part of the theory surrounding the connection between UFOs and the water claims there are underwater UFO bases.

UFO Wisconsin Reporting Websites

There are several UFO reporting sites for Wisconsin, most of which are national sites. These include

Flying Objects Over the State

The mystery about what attracts the UFO may go unresolved, but clearly, they are drawn to this region of the country. If you're interested in seeing a UFO for yourself, Wisconsin might be just the place for you to start your adventure.

Alien Ships Spotted Over Wisconsin Throughout History