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Blue Aura Meaning

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woman posing in mysterious blue aura

The meaning of a blue aura includes intuition, communication, and even healing energies. It shouldn't be surprising that the fifth chakra matches this color and is located in the throat. You can explore the different meanings of various shades of blue to determine the meaning of your aura color.

General Blue Aura Meaning

In general, a blue aura is evidence a person who has found inner peace and a calmness that transcends a trained emotional response to alleviate stress. This is a genuine inner balance that resides deep inside the person. It is a byproduct of serious spiritual work that connects and establishes a powerful tie between the human soul and the divine.

Sign of Psychic and Intuitive Abilities

The abilities referred to as psychic and intuitive are prevalent in a person with a blue aura. This is a natural state of being or ability that a person has. It isn't something that can be acquired or learned. Some people are simply wired to receive information and impressions. When your aura shines in a brilliant blue, you have a strong and enduring connection with the realm often described as heaven or the other side.

Aura Blues

There are several values of blue, and each one has a specific meaning. An aura will rarely be just one shade of blue, so you'll want to read each blue meaning to determine if one attribute is more prominent than the others. You can then assess how the blues combine to determine the overall meaning of your aura.

  • Light blue: If your aura is light blue, your communication skills are fully open and as an intuitive or psychic, you're primed and connected.
  • Royal blue: This color of blue indicates an intuitive that is currently open to different possibilities and ideas. This auric hue reflects that open mind and accepting attitude.
  • Dark blue: If your aura is a dark blue or a cloudy blue, it indicates some kind of distrust. This is typically a distrust in your future. This can create a type of limbo in your spiritual development. It can also reflect an inability to accept a specific truth. This distrust is often the result of your need to control your life or a specific situation.
  • Turquoise: When you reach that high level of healing abilities, your healer aura color transforms from a green to turquoise or a combination of both colors.

Fifth Chakra and Blue Aura

The fifth chakra is seated in the neck and often called the throat chakra. When blocked, your ability to communicate is impaired. If this chakra is blocked or not functioning properly, it can be identified by some symptoms, such as being shy or anxious and compensating for the lack of energy with different personality traits, such as an arrogant persona.

Balanced Chakra Traits

A well-balanced throat chakra can be seen in a personality, such as a love for helping others. Many psychics and other intuitives have a blue aura. This personality has insight to most situations that send others into a panic. The blue aura is true to the color properties of calmness.

Blue Spirits and Orbs

A blue aura may attract blue orbs or spirits that are believed to be angelic beings. Blue orbs are also theorized to be ghost orbs of the deceased who were highly developed spiritual people. They had an innate need to be helpful in life and that desire was carried with them in the afterlife. They are naturally attracted to anyone with a blue aura as a kindred spirit.

Understanding a Blue Aura Meaning

There are several ways you can interpret a blue aura meaning. Study the various shades of blue in your aura or another person's aura to get a better idea of the messages they convey. Keep in mind that auras change colors all the time depending on the individual's emotional state, situation, and circumstances.

Blue Aura Meaning