What Does a Brown Orb Mean? 

Updated August 4, 2021
brown orb floating in sky

If you see a brown orb, don't panic and automatically think it means you're in the presence of evil. While it's unusual to come across one, brown orbs are often low-frequency spirits and energies, so it's understandable why interpretations of this rare orb color often describe the spirit as being evil or demonic. But this may not be true when a brown orb appears to you.

Brown Colors and Their Orb Meanings

Brown orbs have many possible meanings. Most values of brown have dual meanings. Explore the color of the orb before condemning it as an evil or demonic spirit.

Brown orb meanings

Smoky Brown

The smoky brown orb might be a sign that an area isn't safe. In this instance, the orb serves only as a warning sign to anyone who ventures into a negative place. The accumulation of negative energy can morph into a negatively charged energy ball that appears brown. A more sinister meaning is a negative entity that is struggling to make itself known. Both interpretations carry a message that you should immediately leave the area.

Dark Brown

A dark brown orb could very well be that of an evil or demonic spirit also attempting to manifest into a more prominent form, such as a full-bodied, dark apparition. Consider how you feel when in the presence of a dark brown orb. If you feel afraid, then leave. On the other hand, if it doesn't feel frightening when you encounter the orb, you may be in the presence of an entity with no evil intent. For example, a densely brown orb that's almost black could be a wood nymph or an elemental that has temporarily assumed an orb shape. This may be its way of protecting the land/property by frightening intruders into fleeing.

Medium Brown

A medium brown colored orb can indicate an earthbound spirit. This entity may be unable to transcend to the next spiritual level for various reasons. For example, they might have suffered a traumatic death or have a deep emotional attachment to the place they haunt. The longer they linger, the lower their frequency becomes. This orb can also be the manifestation of a lower form of entity that is deceptive in its intent. It's best to leave an area when you see this orb.

Light Brown

Light brown (tan) orbs can be a mischievous fairy that isn't good or bad. It is usually the energy of a youthful fairy that enjoys confusing humans and hides its true form by taking the shape of a light colored brown orb. This orb color can also reflect a troubled spirit that doesn't understand why it is bound to the earth. Over time, this entity grows resentful and belligerent. This conflicted entity may become aggressive towards you, and you should leave the area when you encounter this orb.

Brown Orbs Attracted to Auras and Chakras

Whether a brown orb appears to you or shows up in a photo, pay attention to its location. Does it hover near your head? Does it appear near your chest or other area of your body? The location of the orb in relationship to your chakra centers can give you clues about the orb and its purpose. Keep in mind that no chakras are aligned with the color brown.

Hand With Orb Against Black Background

However, open vibrant chakras are gateways that powerful energies. If the brown orb interacts with your aura or chakras, then it could be attracted to the positive energy radiating from these areas. For example, a brown orb hovering around your head could indicate the spirit orb is attempting to feed off your auric energy or your crown chakra, where pure energy enters your body.

If the orb moves to other regions of your body, it may be attracted to similar low frequencies in that area of your body. This type of orb attraction is indicative of someone with a chakra blockage or disease. Pay close attention to this type of interaction and seek a professional medical evaluation if you sense something is off in this area of your body.

Deciphering Brown Orb Meanings

A brown orb can have several meanings that explain the energy and intent behind the spirit orb. Evaluate the orb by paying attention to the location where it has appeared. Your emotional reaction to the brown orb will provide you with a clear understanding of its intent and purpose.

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What Does a Brown Orb Mean?