Identifying Aliens on Earth: How They May Be Among Us

Updated July 13, 2021
Identifying Aliens on Earth

If aliens are living among us, would you know how to identify them? There might be some specific ways to identify aliens on Earth based on eyewitness descriptions.

What Do Aliens Look Like?

Obviously, any alien disguised as a human would need to be fairly human looking. Certainly one of the greys, short beings with large bulbous heads, would be too easy to spot in a crowd or at the mall. In the ufology culture, there are said to be a few humanoid looking aliens. In fact, some people claim they can distinguish a camouflaged alien posing as a human from a real human being. Each type of alien has specific telltale signs that make them stand out as non-humans.

Nordic Aliens

Claiming to be aliens living among humans, the Pleiadians, also known as the Nordics. These are tall, blond aliens with blue eyes. They are described as being physically beautiful with a slim but athletic body type. Contactees state the Nordics are making themselves known by reaching out to humans in an effort to assist humans in transforming to the next level of existence. Some people believe Scandinavians and Native Americans are Pleiadian descendants.

Aside from their Nordic physical appearances, Pleiadians can be distinguished by their personal interests and concerns, such as the planet, the human race's development, and advancing the healing arts. However, their biggest interest is to serve as guides in assisting humans to grow spiritually.

The Nordics are described as looking as those of Viking descent. However, many people living in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland could easily have all of the traits of Nordic aliens. The only real way to identify a Nordic alien would be for one to introduce themself as such and offer to assist you in your spiritual development or help you find ways to save the planet.

Tall Whites

The Tall Whites are a type of alien said to be tall, extremely white, and very enthusiastic about the various Earth cultures. It's believed that older Tall Whites can reach 10 feet in height, while younger ones have a shorter height and can temporarily blend in with humans. It is said to be very easy to pass a Tall White on the street and not notice them as an alien, but as a rather strange human.

Alien Drinking Hot Beverage

For some unknown reason, the Tall Whites are rumored to enjoy the glitter and glam of Las Vegas. If true, you might have gambled with one or sat beside them during a Vegas show. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas might have been coined just for Tall Whites.

Attempting to identify anyone as a Tall Whites alien simply based on height and overall appearance could be risky. There are many white humans who are tall although these aliens are said to have very light-colored, pale skin, and their hair is equally white. However, it's easy enough for someone to dye their hair and stay out of the sun and possibly fit a Tall Whites description. There's little chance you could prove someone is a Tall Whites alien by merely looking at them. There's a greater chance you might insult a human being for their fashion choice.

Reptilian Aliens

Reptilians are described as having a lizard-like appearance. So, it seems that identifying a Reptilian alien is easy enough. Well, not so fast. It's reported that the Reptilians are shapeshifters, thanks to their unique molecular makeup. Other reports claim that these lizard-like aliens have some form of cloaking technology, similar to a hologram, that gives the visual illusion of any shape they desire. They are said to be masters of hypnosis and often induce witnesses to see them in human form, instead of their terrifying Reptilian shape.

For this scary alien race, the earth is an outpost. Their mission is to dominate and control Earth since their planet is dying. Reptilians also have other powers, such as telepathy and invisibility. With their innate ability to shapeshift, it's nearly impossible to identify them in a crowd. Therefore, the best way to know if someone is reptilian may not be by their appearance.

There is a mix of possible telltale signs. You can use these to verify your suspicion that someone is a Reptilian alien. It might be their sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, since they are cold-blooded creatures and seek out sunny, warm places. They have a very low tolerance for the cold. Before you identify your friend who doesn't like the snow as a Reptilian in disguise, consider a few other alien identifiers.

These non-human creatures have keen eyesight and hearing. Their piercing eyes change when they morph. If you're lucky enough to catch them when they morph into another shape, you might glimpse their vertical reptilian shaped pupils. Likewise, forked tongue isn't just a saying about liars. Reptilian aliens have a long, forked tongue that isn't easy to hide. You won't ever see a Rep wearing sandals, since their toes are webbed. When they're in human disguise, Reptilians frequently change their appearances, such as hairdo, hair color, clothing style, and jewelry designs. They may suffer from skin rashes, an outward side effect of shapeshifting too frequently.

It may prove impractical to attempt identifying someone as a Reptilian based on webbed toes, since some humans have this characteristic, as well as skin rashes, keen hearing/eyesight, and sensitivity to cold/hot temperatures. You might suspect a Reptilian alien if you see a forked tongue, but some humans have undergone tongue splitting surgery for personal reasons.

Since Reptilian aliens supposedly have the ability to shapeshift, it seems very unlikely you could identify them unless you happened to witness them morphing into another shape. Being an eyewitness to such a transformation would certainly verify they are a Reptilian alien. However, the Rep could simply shapeshift into yet another human appearance and disappear into the crowd.

Men in Black

The Men in Black (MIB) have been reported for decades and appear soon after a UFO sighting or an encounter with a UFO. Who or what they are is often debated. Some people believe they are a type of android, while others think they are robots, or perhaps clones.

Whatever they are, the MIB are uniform in physical appearance, as though they are twins. Should you encounter one, you certainly will know it. Those who have seen or been visited by these strange beings report a sense of dread and a feeling of them not being human. They appear emotionless and talk in a monotone or robotic manner. Some people have reported that the MIB questions are often out of place or context. They seem curious about the most mundane, Earthly things.

With a very pale complexion and no facial hair, these strange men don't have eyebrows or eyelashes. They are said to be bald, with a few reports of them wearing ill-fitting wigs. They usually wear sunglasses, although some reports state they have overly large blue eyes. They dress exactly alike. Their typical costume is a black suit, white shirt, narrow black tie, long black trench coat, and a black Fedora hat. The rare video that was an Internet sensation of two MIB entering a hotel lobby looking for one of the employees involved in UFO investigations gave credence to eyewitness descriptions of the MIB.

How to Identify Aliens on Earth

Some people believe aliens are currently living on Earth and have been here for thousands of years. If you come upon someone you believe is an alien, knowing how to identify aliens on Earth will prove helpful.

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Identifying Aliens on Earth: How They May Be Among Us