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How to Start a Ouija Board Session

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People starting a ouija board session

Learning how to prepare and start a Ouija board session often includes chants and rituals. These tools are used by some psychics to open their sessions. You can use a few of these methods to create the right energy for your Ouija board session.

Chants to Start a Ouija Board Session

You can repeat mantras or chants during the cleansing part of your preparation. These can also be said when you sit down at the Ouija board to open the session.

Cleansing the Room Chants

When you smudge (incense burning) you can repeat a chant or mantra to assist in clearing the space of any negative energies. The verbal aspect of cleansing should be with a clear and calm voice. Don't yell or speak harshly. You want to send out inviting energy. This includes the tone of your voice. A few examples include:

  • "With this burning of sage, I cleanse this room of all negative energies."
  • "As this sage burns so do the negative energies accumulated here."
  • "With this incense, let the frequency of the energies in this room rise to the higher realm."

Chants for Cleansing by Ringing Bell or Singing Bowl

Once you've smudged the room, you can lift the frequencies of the space to expel any residual negative energy through sound. This can be either a dinner bell or you can use a singing bowl. The process ensures your room is completely cleansed and cleared of all residual energies. It opens and empties the room energies, so it creates a vacuum effect that can then be filled with new and positive energies. As you go about the room ringing or playing the bowl, you may repeat any of these chants:

  • "Let the energies of this room lift with the ringing of the bell (or singing bowl)."
  • "May all the energy present rise to the frequency of the bell (singing bowl) and lift away all oppressing energies."
  • "Lift the energies of this space to that of the bell (singing bowl) and cleanse all negative energies."
Woman using a singing bowl

Handling Known Negative Entities

If you sense the presence of negative entities or energies, you can repeat chants that directly address them. Keep your voice calm, but authoritative to send these negative forces on their way. Some chants you may repeat include:

  • "I ring this bell to clear all residual energies from this room. Hear the bell toll and leave this room."
  • "Bells ring out the negative energy and invite positive spiritual energy to fill this room."
  • "Hear the ringing and flee this room. Hear the ringing and leave this room. Let this ringing bell (or singing bowl) chase all negative energy from this sacred space."

Protection Chants

It's not enough to cleanse your space and make it sacred, you also want to invoke protection for yourself and those participating in the session. This can be done either with prayer or with a repetitive chant.

  • "Encase this room in a bubble of white light and allow only those beings of the Light to enter when invited."
  • "I call upon my spirit guides to protect me and those participating tonight (or today). Keep us safe from harm and stand guard against unwelcomed malevolent spirits."
  • "I ask for a protective shield against malevolent spirits and negative energies. Cloak all of us participating in this session with the armor of righteousness, goodness, and love. Repel all harmful energies from this sacred space and from all present."
woman holding a lit candle

Chants to Open Ouija Board Sessions

You can use chants to open your Ouija board session. Once seated at the table with the participants, select a chant and repeat it three times. You only need to use one chant, but some people prefer to use a couple of chants together. This is a personal choice, so if it feels better to repeat two chants together three times, you can do so. You may prefer to say a prayer. The choice is strictly up to you. You can use the bell or singing bowl to summon the spirits. A few possible chants include:

  • "Let the spirits of the Light hear the bell (or singing bowl) as I call them to join us in this session."
  • "Only beings of Light are invited to this sacred space as I light this candle."
  • "Spirits of the Light willing to join us, hear this bell (or singing bowl) and come into our circle."
  • "Welcome Light beings. Join our circle."

Set Guidelines for Spirits with Chants

It's important to let spirits know at the opening of your session what the protocols are. You want to instruct them to only communicate with you through the board. This prevents spirits from attempting to channel through you or one of your participants. It also allows you to maintain control over the session. Make this clear after the opening invitation to join you. A few chants that you can repeat three times if desired include:

  • "Let those spirits joining us communicate only through the Ouija board."
  • "We will communicate only through the Ouija board doing this session."
  • "Any spirit willing to communicate with us must do so through the Ouija board."

Ritual Preparations for Your Ouija Board Session

You should prepare in advance of your actual Ouija board session to ensure you and your participants are protected. You want to set the stage and it helps to think of this pre-session preparation as though you're decorating a stage for a play. The room is your stage, and the play is the session.

Ouija board on table with candles

Create the Right Ambience

The elements you choose to use in creating the right atmosphere for your session depends on what makes you personally feel safe, at ease and secure. Some elements you can use include:

  • Choose a few candles of a color that resonates with you.
  • Cast a protection candle spell to fortify your space as sacred and belonging to you.
  • Exchange bright light bulbs in lamps for low wattage so you have subtle but ample lighting.

Dress the Stage

The next part of your stage set is to dress the stage. This requires placing a certain sense of importance of the centerpiece of your session - the Ouija board. You can do this by selecting the right size table. A round or square table gives participants equal access to the board.

  • Choose a tablecloth or piece of fabric that makes you feel happy and comfortable to drape over the table where you intend to conduct the session.
  • Choose comfortable chairs to place around the table so each participant has access to the board.
  • Seat cushions are ideal for wood chairs that may be too hard for some guests. Add a lumbar pillow if necessary.

Cozy Means Comfortable and Safe

A cozy room will help you and your participants relax and feel safe. Close the blinds and/or draperies to give a sense of privacy. If conducting the session during the day, you can use blackout blinds or draperies to create a sense of darkness.

Burning Incense to Cleanse Room

Scents can be an important part of creating the right ambiance for your Ouija board session. This can be tricky since some people are overly sensitive to scents. Some may have negative emotional responses or even allergic reactions, so be sure to check with participants before using incense.

  • Sage is the most popular cleansing choice to clear out negative energies, but you can use cedarwood and other incenses to cleanse the space (smudge the room).
  • Allow the smoke to lift into the air and slowly move about the room.
  • Stop at each corner of the room and let the smoke lift toward the ceiling. You may wave your hand or use a ceremonial feather to push the smoke deeper into the corners.
Woman burning incense to cleanse room

Using Bells and Singing Bowls

Some psychics prefer to incorporate sound cleansing in their ritual. This includes either ringing a bell or using a singing bowl. This is done much the same way you smudged the room.

  • You will go about the room, ringing the bell or using the singing bowl.
  • Stop to stand in each corner for a few seconds ringing the bell or using the singing bowl to dislodge any stagnant energy still trapped there.
  • You can use more than one bell or singing bowl if you wish to raise the frequency higher and higher. This may be necessary to connect with certain spirit guides or other spiritual beings.

Learning How to Start a Ouija Board Session

You can select the chants and rituals you wish to incorporate in your Ouija board session. Prepare your mind in advance through meditation or repeating some of these chants until you feel at peace, safe and comfortable. You're now ready to hold a protected Ouija board session and connect with benevolent spirits.

How to Start a Ouija Board Session