How to Start a Ouija Board Session Correctly (and Safely)

Updated May 25, 2021
People starting a ouija board session

Learning how to prepare and start a Ouija board session often includes rituals and even chants. Use these methods to create the right energy for your Ouija board session.

Find a Good Place

You should choose a space where you won't be disturbed. The space should have good energy since you want to invite benevolent energies to join you. Avoid holding a session in some dark, dank basement or creepy shed, since like energies attract like energies when you work with energy frequencies.

Set up the Board

Before you jump into the session, take time to set up the room. Some people prefer to rest the Ouija board on their knees with their knees touching to steady the board. However, most people prefer using a table and chairs for comfortable and easier board use.

You'll need:

  • A level table and a chair for each person participating
  • Square or round table small enough that each person can reach the other side of the board should the planchette move there.
  • At least two people to use the planchette
  • One person to serve as the scribe

You can have other participants. However, the preferred maximum number of participants is four, since each person needs to touch the planchette. You can have as many observers as you like. For the sake of argument, the placement example is for two participants and a scribe.

  1. Place one chair on each side of the table so participants will be sitting directly across from each other.
  2. When the session begins, the scribe will write down everything that comes through the board.
  3. The scribe will be the only one to ask questions of the spirit. This allows the participants to focus on the planchette and boost the spirits' energies. It also gives the spirits only one person to listen to during the session.
Ouija board

If the two participants choose to position the Ouija Board on their laps, then make sure the knees are touching so the board is level between them. If more than two people are going to participate with the planchette, then set the board on a table to ensure it is steady and everyone can touch the planchette.

For the best results of your Ouija Board session, allow your scribe to do their job. If you have certain things you wish to ask, provide these to the scribe before the session begins. You can also video or voice record your session, but don't rely on it since electronic devices can shut off, batteries drain, or other type of malfunction.

Gather Supplies to Cleanse the Space

Prepare the space by cleansing it. Gather a few supplies before you break out that Ouija board. By having a ritual tied to your session, you ensure you don't forget any important steps.

  • Sage smudge stick
  • Matches
  • Fireproof smudge bowl (to extinguish)
  • White candle (votive or pillar)
  • Pen and pad (take notes)
  • Bell (any type)
  • Table and chairs (one chair for each person)

Clear Your Space of Negative Energy

The space where you plan to hold your Ouija board session should be cleansed with a sage bundle. Sage is believed to clear a space of any negative energy, so you certainly should smudge the area.

Woman burning incense to cleanse the room
  1. Light the sage smudge bundle.
  2. Allow the smudge bundle to burn for a few seconds then blow out the flame.
  3. The sage will continue to smolder as you walk about the room and allow the smoke from the sage to fill the air.
  4. Pay close attention to the corners by holding the sage stick in each corner so the smoke fills the space. Wave the smoke into the corner if necessary.

While you're smudging the room, you can repeat a chant to assist you. This verbal aspect of cleansing should be done with a clear and calm voice. Don't yell or speak harshly. You want to send out inviting and loving energy, so the tone of your voice should be natural and never forced. Talk the way you would to a person you want to make feel right at home. A few examples include:

  • With this burning of sage, I cleanse this room of all negative energies.
  • As this sage burns, so do the negative energies accumulated here.
  • With this incense, let the frequency of the energies in this room rise to the higher realm.

You can repeat other chants or a prayer during the cleansing part of your preparation. These can also be said when you sit down at the Ouija board to open the session.

Ring a Bell to Attract Positive Energies

Once you've smudged the room, lift the frequencies of the space further to expel any residual negative energy through sound. You can use any kind of bell, such as a dinner bell. This action ensures your room is completely cleansed and cleared of all residual energies.

The sound of a ringing bell opens and empties the room's energies. It creates a vacuum effect that can then be filled with new and positive energies. As you go about the room ringing the bell, you may repeat any of these chants:

  • Let the energies of this room lift with the ringing of the bell.
  • May all the energies present rise to the frequency of the bell and lift away all oppressing energies.
  • Lift the energies of this space to that of the bell and cleanse all negative energies.

Protect Against Negative Entities

Once you've worked out the sitting details and designated your scribe, create protection. You never want to simply open the board and begin. Light the white candle to invoke spiritual protection. Depending on your personal preferences, you can either say a prayer, create a protection circle, or place the room in a bubble of white light. Any of these techniques will work to ensure you only invite benevolent spirits to your session. Your spiritual protection will repel any malevolent spirits to ensure these low energies don't intrude during your session.

Ready to Start Your Ouija Board Session

Now that you've prepared your space by clearing it of negative energies and put spiritual protections in place, you're ready to start your session. The scribe will ring the bell three times to signify the opening of your Ouija Board session. Don't forget to close your session by officially saying goodbye to the spirits to prevent spirits from lingering after you're through using the Ouija board.

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How to Start a Ouija Board Session Correctly (and Safely)