How to Use a Ouija Board: 10 Steps to Communicate With Spirits

Updated June 2, 2021
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The Ouija board game has long been a spooky slumber party staple. However, many people seeking true spirit communication also use Ouija boards and other talking boards as a tool for genuine connection to the other side. Many people have had interesting results with these boards, and they truly believe they have communicated with spirits. So, whether you want to contact spirits or you're just looking for some slumber party fun, the Ouija board may be right up your alley. Make sure your session is safe and increase your chances of communicating with an actual spirit by following some simple steps for using a Ouija board.

1. Choose Ouija Board Session Participants

The ideal number of people for a Ouija board session is three or more. If you have more than four people, any extras will be observers and will not ask questions or touch the planchette. Before you begin, designate who will do what during the session and go over ground rules so everyone understands who asks questions, who sits, who scribes, and who observes. If participants wish to change roles, you can always end one session and switch before beginning a new one. Roles are as follows.

Two Sitters

Two people will have their fingers on the planchette. There should only be two. Some Ouija board users prefer having a one male and one female sitter to work the board. It's believed this creates a balanced, traditional yin yang energy that is very inviting to spirits, but this isn't necessary for a session.

One Medium

The medium is the only person who asks questions. If there are only three people, the medium will also serve as the scribe. Nobody else should ask questions during the session other than the medium.

One Scribe

If you have four or more people, designate one as the scribe. The scribe can write each response to the questions in real time.


If you have more than four people, the rest should be observers only. They need to sit quietly in the room and watch without asking questions or disrupting the session in any way.

2. List Your Questions

Before you start, come up with a list of questions the scribe/medium will ask during the session. Number each question and write them on a piece of paper, leaving space for the scribe to write the responses. If working with a scribe and a medium, then write the corresponding question numbers on a separate paper where the scribe to write responses so the medium can have the questions in front of them. The medium will be the only person who asks the questions during the session, which is why it is essential to plan ahead. Make your first four or five Ouija questions yes or no questions before beginning to pose questions that require spelled responses.

3. Plan Chants and Prayers

When you have those questions ready, it's time plan the chants or prayers you'll use. At the very least, plan for a chant or prayer of protection as well as a closing prayer or chant. Have them written down so you don't forget to use them during the excitement of a session.

4. Set Up the Space and Open the Session

Use specific guideline for starting a session and have the medium begin. Position the sitters' chairs so they face one another. Sit with your knees touching each other. You can use the board balanced on your laps or on a table. The scribe, medium, and observers can sit off to either side, away from the table so they don't accidentally touch or bump it. When everyone is in their place, the medium will announce who can come through and who is forbidden access to the session as well as perform any planned chants or prayers for protection.

5. Place Fingers on Planchette

Set the planchette (pointer) in the middle of the board between the two sitters. Have each sitter place their fingers on either side of planchette, resting them ever so lightly and barely touching it.

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6. Warm Up the Planchette

Now, the sitters should warm up the board by gently and intentionally moving the planchette about the board in a circle. This will get the energy flowing from your fingers to the planchette to the board.

7. Start Ouija Board Session

After a few circles of the planchette, return it to the center of the board. Sitters should lift their fingers so they're just barely touching the planchette. Sitters may even feel the energy radiating from your fingers against the planchette.

8. Ask Questions

The medium will ask the first question as everyone else remains quiet. Although it may be tempting to interrupt the medium or comment on a response, it's best to maintain silence so the spirit isn't confused. Too much chatter can interfere in the communication with the spirit. As much as you might like to ask questions - don't! That is the medium's job. Having only one person take charge of the session and ask the questions keeps everything focused and establishes who the spirit listens to and responds to. Save your questions for the next session.

9. Allow Responses

Allow time for any responses. The planchet may move slowly, it may move quickly, or it may move not at all. For the sitters, the goal is to simply rest your fingers on the planchette without any attempt to control it at all. It may be tempting after a few minutes to rest your fingers more on the planchette. This will force the pointer to stop moving and can interfere in the energy exchange necessary for spirit to move the pointer.

10. Close Session

If the board is not responding, the session feels uncomfortable, you'd like to switch roles, or you feel the session is complete, then you must properly close it. Do not skip this step. The medium will close the session by thanking the spirit(s) for joining you. Both sitters then purposefully move the planchette so it points to the word Goodbye on the board. This officially breaks your connection with the spirit world.

Easy Steps for Using a Ouija Board

Make sure you follow these easy steps for using a Ouija board and don't leave any of them out. This will ensure you have a safe and successful session.

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How to Use a Ouija Board: 10 Steps to Communicate With Spirits