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Meaning of a Black Aura

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Many people immediately think evil when looking for the meaning of a black aura. While it is possible an evil person could have a black aura, the average person's black aura is usually due to a dark and troubling emotional response or is the victim of a psychic attack. In a more extreme case, a black aura indicates a malevolent spirit has attached itself to the person. Once you understand the meaning of a black aura, you can find a possible remedy.

Different Meanings of a Black Aura

A person with a black aura may be suffering from emotional or physical trauma. There are also possible paranormal or supernatural causes.

  • A black aura is usually a sign the person is holding on to powerful negative emotions. This emotional response blocks the flow of chi energy throughout the chakras energy system.
  • Harboring negative thoughts and feelings can taint your aura with black steaks and if it goes unchecked, it can grow and spread.
  • Anger and hatred can transform positive chakra energy into negative energy and blacken your aura.
  • The darkening of the aura can also reveal a person unwilling to forgive.
  • A black aura can show up in different regions of your body. This type of darkening in the aura is usually where disease resides within your body.

Malevolent Spirits

A malevolent spirit can interfere with a person's aura. You may not be aware of a spirit being attached to you.

  • Lesser spirits that have a negative influence or temperament may simply be entities that are too frightened and insecure to move on to the afterlife. They find solace in your energy and feed off your negative reactions to their presence.
  • Addiction can color your aura black and make you susceptible to spirit attachments.
  • Practicing the black arts can be an open invitation to a malevolent or otherwise negative spirit.

Shades of Gray

Lighter black auras are seen as various shades of gray. Depending on the intensity of black, they can have a different meaning.

  • Gray: Whenever gray shows up in your aura, it's a warning sign an energy point is blocked. There are other possible causes for dark areas in your aura. Some might be temporary situations while others may be deep-seated and stubborn.
  • Light gray: This gray is the color of uneasiness and worry. It can indicate a distrust of people or concern over a current situation.
  • Dark gray (charcoal): This gray can indicate an imbalance in your chakras that is affecting your physical health. It can also indicate a chakra that is attempting to open.

Remedies for Black Aura

There are several things you can do to cleanse your aura to restore its natural energy flow.

  • Cleanse, balance and open chakras: There are several techniques you can use to unblock chakras, such as meditation, mantras, tapping, and yoga. With clear chakras, healthy energy will return throughout your body.
  • Forgiveness: Emotions tied to a black aura include, resentment, anger, fear, hate, distrust, and revenge. Learning to forgive can repair/restore your aura. While forgiveness isn't easy, it helps to remember that you are the only person harmed by holding on to negative emotions.
  • Illness: A black aura due to illness requires professional medical care to determine what disease it is and to find a cure. In addition, you should examine what emotional upset predated the onset and find a way to reconcile your feelings.
  • Spirit attachment: Some spirit attachments are considered a possession that requires an exorcism. However, not all parasitic spirits are demonic. In all cases of attached spirits, a reputable professional can assist you in freeing yourself. You can seek a professional aura cleaner, reiki master, or other energy worker. Part of the releasing process is to help the spirit release its hold on this world and finally join its rightful place in the next.

Protecting Yourself From Spirit Attachments

There are several things you can do to prevent a spirit from attaching itself to your auric energies.

  • Place yourself in a bubble of white light. This should completely encase your body, below your feet and above your head.
  • Meditation will keep your energy connected to the divine source of all life, such as God, depending on your belief system.
  • Certain crystals emit energies that will boost your psychic defenses, such as black obsidian, black tourmaline with mica, or amethyst.

Black Auras Have Many Causes

There are many possible causes for a black aura. Determining what the cause is can guide you to a remedy and improvement in your life.

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Meaning of a Black Aura