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Meaning of Silver or Gold Auras

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Woman with silver gold aura

The meaning of silver or gold auras is one of divinity, enlightenment and power. While each color has distinctive meanings, both are more rare than other colors. If your aura is silver or gold, then you are truly special being.

Silver Auras and the Spirit World

Silver auras signify a person capable of communicating with spirits and this connection is very strong. In fact, there's always the risk of being too plugged into other realms of existence to the detrimental harm of the individual. Balance of energies is always the goal for a healthy life, especially for psychics and other spiritually connected individuals. This balance should also carry over for any type of other-worldly communications or contact.

Silver Aura Meanings

Some people who are extremely gifted may have a silver aura most of the time. Some people may experience bursts of spirit connections, with their aura changing to silver during that communication and then returning to their normal auric color(s).

  • If your aura is silver the majority of time, you are very unique. You are what the ancients call blessed. Your connection with divinity and the spirit world is constant and never broken.
  • Bright silver auras represent a person who uses their intuition to take advantage of opportunities others don't see.
  • Dark silver auras can be an indicator of stagnation due to spiritual fear. If you're fearful of moving forward with your spiritual development, it can affect you physically with the manifestation of illnesses or diseases.
  • Medium silver shows that you have the ability to astral project, read the akashic records and peer into other dimensions.

Gold Auras of Enlightenment

A gold aura can indicate a person who has reached enlightenment. The gold halo is often seen in antique and ancient paintings, reliefs and statues of those considered to be enlightened or connected to divinity. The sign of divine protection is often equated with a golden aura.

Gold Aura Meanings

People with a gold aura move through the world to a very different beat than the rest of humanity. These are the people you know as great spiritual leaders throughout history. That's not to say that all gold auric people become renowned spiritual advisors. Many walk a path of anonymity yet wield great spiritual gifts they bestow on others throughout their lives.

  • If you have a gold aura, or even rays of gold in your aura, you are one of the chosen souls that has at least glimpsed, if not visited, the divine realm.
  • If you have a gold aura, it is said that you are the recipient of divine guidance.
  • A shiny gold aura reflects a spiritually inspired person or an individual who is transitioning through inspiration that is divinely inspired. You are in the process of awakening to a new spiritual energy.
  • A dark gold aura reveals a spiritual novice frustrated and overwhelmed by what she/he perceives to be information and teaching that must be learned.

Chakra and Silver or Gold Auras

There are no silver or gold chakras. However, when the third eye opens, the aura often reveals golden rays as this connection to divinity is established.

Gold or Silver Orbs

On occasion, a person may see a gold or silver orb. You may have one show up in a photo. Many people believe that some of these orbs are dust particles, while others contend that colored orbs are ghosts or angelic spirits.

  • A gold orb is interpreted as a spirit orb or angel.
  • A silver orb is considered a divine messenger.

Understanding Silver and Gold Aura Meanings

Silver and gold auras have several meanings depending on the intensity of the aura color. You can use these meanings to help in your spiritual journey to achieve enlightenment and connecting with the divine.

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Meaning of Silver or Gold Auras