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Meaning of White Orbs

Sally Painter
White orbs

The meaning of white orbs can vary, but the general meaning is one of divine contact. This can be either angelic or a deceased person who wishes to help those struggling in their earthly journeys.

Divine Energy Meanings of White Orbs

White orbs are typically associated with divinity and the conveying of spiritual energy. These spiritual messengers are believed to be angelic or at the least a highly evolved soul. Some people believe white orbs are intermediaries between the physical world and the spiritual world. Some white spirit orb entities are thought to have once been incarnated in the physical.

Both angelic and human spirit orbs have specific missions. These can include:

  • The spirit orb is a guide to one or more people and manifests in the form of an orb when it needs to deliver an important message to their charge.
  • The spirit has chosen to serve as a bridge between divinity and humanity to provide hope and love.
  • The entity has chosen to be a guardian and protect their charge(s) by showing up during threatening situations or pivotal moments in the person's life.
  • Some of these spirits were protectors in their earthly life, such as medical professionals, caregivers, law enforcement professionals and religious leaders and continue serving in spirit form. Some are said to feel they failed in life and wish to redeem themselves in spirit form.

Meaning of Different White Shades

There are varying degrees of white orbs that have been assigned different meanings. These are generalizations, so you'll want to trust your intuition to determine the meaning behind any orb that appears to you or shows up in a photo with you.

  • Murky/cloudy white orb: This type of orb is usually said to be an evolved soul somehow trapped on the earthly plane. It can also be a spirit that is confused and unsure of how to move on to the next plane of existence.
  • Brilliant white: This color of orb is believed to be that of an angelic being.
  • Soft or pale white: The energy of this spirit is kind, compassionate and tender to the human condition. Unconditional love and empathy is conveyed by this spirit orb.
  • Opaque white: Some people believe this orb color indicates denser matter. The orb appears to have greater substance than a translucent orb. It's theorized that an opaque white orb may be the precursor to a full-bodied manifestation of a spirit or a larger spirit presence than an orb, such as a vapor or fog like appearance. This type of energy transformation is believed to require a greater expenditure of energy.

Chakra Energy, White Auras and White Orbs

None of the Chakra energy points are represented by the color white, but when a chakra system is fully open and functioning, the person's aura can transform into a white shield of energy. The aura can also become streaked with white colors.

Connection to Divinity

The white aura is a visible sign that the person is connected through the chakra system to the divine energy. The person may be on the verge of enlightenment or has achieved that level of spiritual communication. It shouldn't be surprising that a white spirit orb might be attracted to a person with this auric color. That type of divine energy is readily recognized by a kindred spirit and serves as a magnet, similar to how a moth is drawn to the light of a candle flame.

Assessing White Orb Meanings

If you see a white orb, you may experience a surge of energy, receive various mental pictures and/or experience certain emotions. These forms of communication can establish a lasting connection with the spirit orb or can be a onetime event. Using discernment, you can assess the experience and draw the conclusions appropriate to you and your current circumstances.

Meaning of White Orbs