Official (and Unofficial) Ouija Board Rules and Guidelines

Updated August 20, 2021
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You're ready to give it a try--you bought a Ouija board, gathered your friends, and it's go time! Now what? Does the Ouija board even have rules? The answer is yes...there are official Ouija board rules, but they're relatively minimal. Use them to get started, but in order to keep your fun Ouija game night from becoming one of sheer terror, you might also wish to follow some unofficial rules designed to keep your session safe.

Use the Written Ouija Board Rules

Hasbro has surprisingly few written rules for the Ouija board. Along with assembly instructions (attach the glide feet to the bottom of the planchette), Hasbro only offers a few instructions for play:

Ouija Board Safety Rules
  1. Set the board either on the players' laps or on a table between two players.
  2. If there are additional players, they can take notes and function as scribes.
  3. Turn the wooden board letter side up.
  4. Place the planchette in the center of the board.
  5. Both players will lightly place their fingertips on the planchette.
  6. Take turns asking questions, but everyone needs to agree and focus on the question. Speak slowly and clearly.
  7. Everyone should concentrate on the question.
  8. Wait for the Ouija board to answer (allow one to five minutes).
  9. If you don't receive an answer, move on to the next question.

Observe Unwritten Safety Rules

There is a lot of fear surrounding the Ouija board. Many people share Ouija board stories of both positive and negative experiences. Urban legends about spirits communicating via Ouija board, like Zozo, heighten the fear of using one. So, a few unofficial Ouija board rules ensure the session stays safe and productive.

  1. Begin a Ouija board session mindfully, much like conducting a séance.
  2. Don't mix your spirits. Everyone should be sober; don't use the Ouija board at a party with alcohol or drugs.
  3. Don't use the board as a lark or in a joking manner.
  4. The Ouija board is sold as a game, but it isn't for children. Never involve children in Ouija board sessions.
  5. Keep it simple with only one person asking the questions.
  6. Never antagonize or provoke spirits.
  7. Always close out the session. Say good bye and slide the planchette to the word on the board.
  8. Turn the planchette and/or board upside down and put it away.
  9. People who touched the planchette during the session can ground themselves by touching earth or running their hands under cold water to break any energetic connection.

Watch for Signs You Need to Stop the Session

If the board suddenly begins to behave erratically, stop at once and close out the session. Such strange behavior often indicates the presence of a negative entity. Other warning signs include:

Hands of women using a Ouija board
  • If the planchette begins making a figure eight on the board (the infinity symbol)
  • If the planchette begins counting down numbers or going through the alphabet, either forward or backward
  • If the planchette makes a rainbow arc back and forth between two letters, numbers, or responses
  • If the planchette spells out the name Zozo, Zaza, Zo, or Abacus
  • If the planchette flies off the table
  • Any time you feel uncomfortable

Follow Tips for Success

Keep in mind that the board is neither good nor evil. Your intention and your energy will attract like energy. The Ouija board is a divining tool for communicating with the spirit world. You can also use it as a means for getting in touch with your higher self to receive guidance. A few other tips to ensure your session is successful include:

  • Keep the tips of your fingers just barely touch the planchette. This prevents any unconscious or intentional movements.
  • Never use the Ouija board when you're afraid. The negative energy will alter your intention and the spirits you attract.
  • Be patient. It takes some time to connect with spirits and for a spirit to begin moving the planchette.
  • Have a scribe take notes and write down each letter the planchette stops at.

Helpful Official and Unofficial Ouija Board Rules

The official and unofficial Ouija board rules can help you communicate with spirits. By following some guidelines and basic safety suggestions, you can make the most of your session and gain valuable information.

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Official (and Unofficial) Ouija Board Rules and Guidelines