13 Recent UFO Sightings: Is There Life Beyond Earth?

Updated July 21, 2021
Unidentified Flying Object UFO

UFO sightings, especially recent ones, are popping up all over the Internet since the U.S. military verified leaked UFO videos taken aboard Navy battleships. More eyes are turned toward the skies in search of UFOs.

Bryson DeChambeau's UFO Sighting

One UFO sighting that is gaining traction comes from PGA Tour champion Bryson DeChambeau. DeChambeau's UFO story was unexpected and came during a 2021 SirusXM PGA Tour Radio interview. He recounted how he was in his backyard with his instructor Chris Como and his friend Adam Hurley when they spotted three silver metallic disc shaped objects forming a triangle shape overhead. The three men watched the objects for almost an hour until the UFOs just simply disappeared.

UFO Triangular Unidentified Flying Object

Blue Hawaiian UFO

In January 2021, several people in Hawaii saw an elongated blue UFO falling through the night sky toward the ocean. Two videos of the object were featured on a local news report. The police were called to the scene. The airport was contacted, but no aircraft were in the area or appeared on radar. An eyewitness stated the UFO was as long as a telephone pole from the distance they saw it. The object disappeared into the ocean, but not until a white disc shaped UFO appeared to follow it. The second UFO was obscured when it flew behind a small mountain. The eyewitnesses reported the object made no noise, and there was no splash or other sound when it submerged in the ocean.

UFO Follows Military Airplane

A MUFON report from Searcy, Arkansas details June 2021 sighting. The eyewitness describes experimenting with his smartphone by recording the sky continuously. He detected a blimp-shaped or Tic Tac shaped UFO following a military C-130. He states that he has recorded the same event on multiple occasions, always at noon when the sun is the highest. The eyewitness claims it is a daily occurrence. He theorizes that the intensity of the sun makes it difficult to see the UFOs and only by advancing his video frame by frame is he able to detect them. There are several screenshots that accompany the MUFON report, revealing the UFO as an iridescent/clear shape.

50-100 Sphere UFOs Swarm 8 U.S. Battleships

In July 2021, a leaked video taken in the radar center onboard the USS Omaha off the coast of Virginia reveals a sphere UFO. The six-foot sphere UFO tracked alongside the battleship. The narration by journalist George Knapp describes how the UFO disappears from radar when it submerges in the ocean. According to Knapp, eight other navy ships were targeted by similar UFOs that interacted with them at the same time in what appeared to be coordinated. Ships' crews witnessed between 50 and 100 UFOs.

Cylinder, Tic Tac UFO

UFO Stalker features a July 2021 video of a Tic Tac UFO sighting in Cortex, Colorado. The report states that the woman thought she was recording an airplane, but as she watched the object, she realized it wasn't a plane. She states the bright white cylinder had some kind of appendages. She also notice the object had randomly flashing lights. New to using the video camera on her smart phone, she admits it took her some time to get the UFO centered on the screen, but once she does, the UFO is visible as it steadily climbs higher and disappears into the distance.

UFOs Follow Fishermen on Lake

One May night in 2021, two men were traveling in a pontoon boat on Chautauqua Lake in New York. They were on their way back to the lake house after a day of fishing when they spotted six bright white lights moving across the night sky. One light broke away from the others and began to follow the men in the boat.

The object was about 100 feet above the two men. For 35 minutes, the men were tracked by a single as one object would seem to vanish and another one would take its place. One of the men captured a video recording of the object but states the quality is very low due to how dark the night was. He concludes that the sixth object they spotted was at a higher altitude and emitted a flashing red light as it divided into two objects and vanished.

UFO at a lake

Gold Orb Mother Ship

In October 2020, an artist hired to paint a mural on one of the old buildings in downtown Phoenix, Arizona reported seeing a gold orb. Around midnight, the artist was working on a high ladder and noticed a gold orb traveling above the streets. The artist and two friends witnessed the orb expel a smaller golden orb that quickly made a loop and then disappeared. The large orb ejected two more orbs in succession and each time the expelled smaller gold orb created a loop and then disappeared. The eyewitness described what appeared to be gold "pixie dust" left in the wake of the smaller orb's disappearance.

UFO Cluster Taunts Thailand Passenger Jet

The April 2019, a passenger video taken on board a Jeju Airplane went viral and was posted on the Daily Mail. The video shows a series of UFOs flying alongside the plane that is traveling to Thailand. The passengers stated there were a total of six individual UFOs that clustered, then broke off into pairs before traveling away from the plane. The passengers described seeing green-yellow pulsating lights. The video shows a blurred closeup of the objects, but they are definitely in pairs when they break up and then fly away from the plane.

20+ Orange UFOs

In July 2021, in Baltimore, Maryland, a former navy and law enforcement eyewitness saw approximately 20+ orange lights that appeared to be following a thunderstorm. The objects traveled in a group, but not in any type of formation, since the UFOs were moving in different directions. The lights began to disappear one-by-one. The eyewitness was able to snap several photos and a video of the objects traveling in the sky.

Dancing UFOs Eject Cigar-Shaped UFO

In July 2021, a couple was driving on a road at night in Franklin, Tennessee. They noticed two lights moving erratically in the sky. They captured video of the lights appearing to dance around each other. At one point, the lights separate and one of the UFOs flies toward the treeline. While moving it ejects a bright, cylinder-shaped UFO. The cylinder appears to zoom away from the objects and quickly vanishes when it reaches the treetops. The couple provided three short videos of the objects and one photo in their MUFON report.

Tic Tac UFO Over a Rainbow

This MUFON report doesn't contain much information, but the saying that a photo is worth a thousand words definitely holds true. Whatever the report lacks in detail, the photo says it all. In June 2021, an eyewitness snapped the photo attached to the report. The white Tic Tac UFO appeared in Neebing, Ontario, Canada and was photographed hovering over a rainbow.

Dancing Red Tic Tac

In July 2021, a couple in Joshua, Texas, video recorded a reddish-orange Tic Tac UFO in the night sky. The UFO first appeared as a round orange ball that intensified and was described as looking as though it were on fire. The couple recorded an excellent video that zooms in on the object and then returns to the normal view that shows the actual distance. The Tic Tac UFO appears to bounce about in sporadic movements, but in a definite repeating pattern. The UFO eventually flies at a higher altitude and disappears.

Group of red lights

Tic Tac UFO Over Lake

In June 2021, a white Tic Tac UFO was video recorded in Whitehall, Michigan. The eyewitness reports eating a burger in a park across from the lake when he noticed the UFO. The Tic Tac UFO was recorded for over a minute as it traveled over a fishing bridge. The video follows the UFO until it appears to travel farther away, disappearing into the distant clouds.

Recent UFO Sightings on the Increase

UFO sightings are quite common and appear all over the world and more people are taking videos of them. All you have to do is keep your eyes on the night sky, look for something unusual and have your smart phone camera ready.

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13 Recent UFO Sightings: Is There Life Beyond Earth?