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Spirit Guides and How to Summon Them

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Learning how to summon your spirit guides is something anyone can do. It takes a little patience and a willingness to explore your inner world.

What Your Spirit Guide Is

The generally accepted belief of a spirit guide embraces the idea that your spirit guide(s) are assigned to you. This can be in the form of a protector, spiritual counselor, and even a life path guide, such as navigating a career. The role of all spirit guides is to help you within their assigned spiritual parameters.

Not Just Psychic Mediums Have Spirit Guides

Psychic mediums are often known to work with their spirit guides. However, you don't need to be a psychic medium to connect with your guides.

Many Guides Throughout Your Life

It is believed that you have one lifelong main guide, who serves as your guardian. You can have an infinite number of spirit guides throughout your lifetime. Some may pop in to assist you during a crisis and once it has passed, they move on to manage someone else's crisis. You may be suffering a hurdle in your chosen career path and a spirit guide arrives to lend a hand.

Number of Spirit Guides

The number of spirit guides you have can vary from one day to the next, depending on the reason a spirit guide is with you. While you might have only one spirit guide assisting you in a career path, someone else my have two or more. The challenges you face in life and your ability or inability to meet the challenge can determine how much spiritual help you require.

Types and Forms of Spirit Guides

A spirit guide can be any type of benevolent spirit, such as a guardian angel, a deceased ancestor or a stranger who lived before and has chosen to serve as a spirit guide to others. Other types of spirit guides come in the form of an animal as those found in the Native American culture. In other cultures, spirit guides are manifestations of various demigods. And, nature spirits can also be guides to anyone connected to Mother Earth energies.

Waiting in the Wings to Be Called

A guardian angel or protector guide is always there to assist you. When you're a child, that guardian will usually step in without being summoned. Sometimes, intervention isn't allowed in order for you to fulfill your life lessons. As you grow older, there may be times when your guardian spirit waits for you to call for help. It's difficult to understand how these instances are determined, but your spirit guardian knows when to intervene and when to wait for you to ask for help.

11 Easy Steps How to Summon Spirit Guides

The easiest way to summon a guide is simply to call out to them through spirit. If it's your first time attempting to contact your spirit guide(s), you can follow a few easy steps to help you make that connection.

Step One: Choose a Quiet Place

You'll want to make sure you aren't interrupted during your spirit contact. Choose a quiet peaceful place. Most people prefer to be alone during this process. Think of it as placing an intimate private phone call.

Step Two: Invoke Protection

You'll want to encase yourself in a bubble of protection. This can be any form you're comfortable using. A favorite form of protection is a bubble of white light. This can be Christ white light, Buddha white light, etc. Encase yourself in the light as though you're inside a bubble.

Step Three: Ritual Relaxation

If you have a ritual or routine you perform before starting your meditation, you can do it now. It may be as simple as a few yoga breathing techniques, burning incense and/or a white candle.

Step Four: Meditation Connection With Higher Self

You can go into your meditation routine and connect with your higher self. If you've never meditated and/or connected with your higher self, you'll want to practice and develop an inner pathway to your higher self. Simply put, your higher self is your soul. Your soul guides your personality and physical presence in life. Connecting with your higher self puts you on a different frequency that allows you easy access to the spiritual realm.

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Step Five: Ask to Meet Your Spirit Guides

Once you've established a strong connection with your higher self, you're in a place to receive your first spirit guide. You can summon your spirit guide by requesting your main spirit guide to step forth. Greet your guide with an open heart full of love.

Step Six: Introduction to Spirit Guides

You may be surprised who steps forth when you summon your guide. It could be an angel, an ancestor, a stranger, or an animal spirit. Don't question the validity of your spirit guide. Simply accept them as your helper and be grateful they have revealed themselves to you.

Step Seven: Converse With Your Spirit Guide

It isn't enough just to summon your guide(s) to reveal themselves to you, you want to open a dialogue with your guide(s). If more than one has appeared, proceed one at a time. Ask questions of your guide(s). They will be pleased to answer anything you ask that is within their realm of understanding.

  • Ask your spirit guide their purpose in your life.
  • Are they your life guardian(s)?
  • Do they need you to do something before they can assist you?
  • How do they prefer to communicate with you, such as directly or through symbolism/omens, etc.?
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Step Eight: Say Thank You!

Be sure to thank your guide(s) for revealing themselves. Traditionally, you say, "Thank you" to each guide three times. This is the number of the Trinity and using the number three in gratitude is considered a divine act of appreciation and reverence.

Step Nine: Allow Your Spirit Guides to Speak

You can now ask your spirit guide(s) if they have any guidance for you. Let them speak first and share what they need to tell you. You may be surprised how much your guide(s) has to say, having waited patiently to be called upon.

Step Ten: Ask for Specific Guidance

If you're having difficulties in an area of life, request your spirit guides help. There may be one guide that volunteers to assist you, or there may be several or even all of them. Your main task is to ask for help and then be willing to accept that help. The latter is often difficult since help may not come in the form you expect.

Step 11: Establish Trust

For your relationship with your guides to work, you must trust them. A genuine spirit guide has only your best interest at heart and will never steer you wrong. It is impossible. Sometimes people fail to heed warnings or don't listen to the advice given them. In such cases, the fault is with the individual and not the spirit guide.

Importance of Steps One Through Four

Steps one through four are in place to ensure the spirits you connect with are benevolent ones. If you skip any of these steps, you could come in contact with a deceptive spirit instead of your true spirit guides. It is very rare that a person doesn't trust their guides.

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Avoiding Malevolent Spirits

If you skipped any of the first four steps and feel you may have connected with a malevolent spirit instead of a benevolent one, then cut off all communication immediately and surround yourself in white light. Remember, you are a sovereign being of God and have dominion over all things under God, especially malevolent spirits. Always trust your instincts and protect yourself.

Why Your Spirit Guides Wait to Be Summoned

The reason your spirit guides await your call is a matter of free will. God bestowed free will on every soul created. That is a sacred and divine right that none can circumvent. Even God doesn't interfere with free will. You must ask for your spirit guide(s) assistance. This request grants them the permission they need to become active in your life.

Spirit Guide Communication in Dreams

You may meet other spirit guides who choose to connect with you during the dream state. This type of communication is common and easier to manifest than in the physical world. Guides you've already met may choose to communicate at times through your dreams as well as during awake times.

You Control Your Life

Now that you've contacted your guides to help you, it's important to remember that you still have control over your life and the choices you make. Your guide is a consultant for those issues you need help resolving. Ultimately, you're the one who will make all decisions about your life as you exert your free will. You may choose not to heed the advice of your guide and again, that's ok. It's always your choice.

Allowing Spirit Guides to Assist You Every Day

Now that you've made contact with your spirit guides, you're ready to allow them into your daily life to help you. There can be a period of adjustment as you permit spirit to guide you. You don't want to just give over your life to a spirit. A true spirit guide doesn't seek that type of submission or control. A true spirit guide is a mentor and protector.

Signs, Omens and Spirit Communication

You may begin to receive subtle (or not-so-subtle) signs of your spirit guide's presence. This might be in the form of synchronicity when several unrelated events or circumstances converge. An unexpected opportunity might appear in front of you or someone you knew from the past suddenly reappears in your life to lend a hand.

Moments of Gratitude

It's important to acknowledge every little and big thing you can attribute to your guides working on your behalf. Simply stop to thank them for their assistance.

When a Guardian Spirit Fails to Intervene

There are instances when tragedy strikes, and you may be left wondering what happened to your guardian angel/spirit. This type of circumstance can be highly complex in the spiritual realm. It can also be as simple as you failing to heed a warning or guidance of your spirit guide/protector.

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Pre-Planned Lessons in Life Experiences

The belief that you're here to learn lessons and achieve spiritual growth, may explain why a guardian angel/spirit failed to intervene and prevent the tragedy. How your life is interwoven with others creates a very intricate and complicated intermingling of karmas and life purposes.

Seeing the Intricate Connections

This belief espouses the idea that everything is orchestrated and choreographed for the higher spiritual purpose of all concerned, even though the tragedy in the physical may appear otherwise. If the life purpose was to experience the tragedy, a guardian angel/spirit won't be allowed to intervene.

Spirit Guide Ideology

Some people find the lack of intervention by a spirit guide difficult to accept, especially during the throes of a tragedy, but it is an important aspect of the spirit guide belief and framework of their Earthly purpose. You cannot accept the belief in spirit guides without accepting their very nature and their roles in your life.

Living With Spirit Guides and How to Summon Them

Living with spirit guides in your life brings a deeper understanding and appreciation of the spirit realm. Spread a little love and kindness in their wake and you'll be on your way to a higher spiritual path, enriching your life tremendously.

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Spirit Guides and How to Summon Them