What Are Spirit Guides? An Introduction to Summoning Yours

Updated May 3, 2021
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The role of spirit guides is to help you. A spirit guide can be assigned to you as a protector, spiritual counselor, or a life path guide. With a few easy steps, you can meet your spirit guides through meditation and various techniques for summoning and communicating with your guides.

What Is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides are helpers in spirit form that provide insight and assistance throughout your life. It's believed that you have one lifelong main guide, who serves as your guardian, but you can have an infinite number of spirit guides throughout your lifetime. A spirit guide can be any type of benevolent being, such as a guardian angel, an ancestor, a deceased loved one, or a stranger who lived before and has chosen to serve as a spirit guide to others. Other types of guides come in the form of an animal as those found in the Native American and Celtic cultures. In some cultures, spirit guides are manifestations of various demigods. Nature spirits can serve as guides to anyone connected to Mother Earth's energies.

How to Summon Spirit Guides Step-by-Step

Spirit guides communicate mostly via your intuition. However, you don't need to be a Psychic medium to connect with your guides. Try this simple step-by-step meditation process to connect with your spirit guides.

1. Choose a Quiet Place and Clear the Energy

Since meeting your spirit guides involves meditation, it's important to find a quiet, peaceful place you won't be disturbed and cleanse it energetically. This removes any energy that might block or interfere with your connection to guides.

  • You can use incense or a smudge bundle. Light the incense or bundle and once it begins to smoke, walk clockwise around the room (starting at the entrance), allowing the smoke to flow all around and through the room. If using incense, place it in a holder when you're done and let it burn out. If using a smudge bundle, you can simply snuff it out.
  • Some people use a bell, singing bowl, or clap their hands to clear out negative energies. Be sure to do this in each corner of the room where energy accumulates.

What to expect: You should notice a difference in how the room feels once you've cleansed it. The ambience should be noticeably lighter and open.

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2. Invoke Spiritual Protection

Spiritual protection will keep negative energy and entities at bay, allowing only energy, entities, or information that serves your greatest good to enter. The type of spiritual protection you wish to invoke is up to you. To do this:

  1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  2. Visualize a bubble of white light popping out from your solar plexus.
  3. Visualize pushing the bubble out from you so it surrounds you completely.

You should always invoke spiritual protection whenever you meditate and communicate with spirit to ensure you only connect with benevolent beings. If you desire additional protection, you can do one of the following as well:

  • Create a circle of salt on the floor and sit inside the circle.
  • Wear or hold a religious or spiritual symbol or talisman.
  • Repeat a prayer, chant, or mantra such as, "I am safe."

What to expect: After you activate your spiritual protection, you should feel calm and safe. You may feel a loving energy filling the room.

3. Begin Your Meditation

If you've never meditated, don't worry, you can simply take three deep breaths to relax your body. The goal is to completely relax, so you can slip into a meditative state of being. Clear your mind and focus on connecting with your spirit guides. Some methods to draw you deeply into meditation include using the following points of focus:

  • Light incense and/or a white candle and hold a softly focused gaze on the smoke or flame.
  • Play soft, gentle music in the background and focus on the sounds of the music.
  • Focus on your breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

If your mind wanders, gently return your attention to your point of focus.

What to expect: You should feel relaxed and at peace. You may begin to see different waves of colors or lights, especially white and purple.

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4. Ask to Meet Your Spirit Guides

You should now be in a place to receive your first spirit guide.

  1. Say, "Spirit guides, I am here to receive you. Please allow me to communicate with you."
  2. Sit quietly, maintaining your focus on your focus point.
  3. Depending on how you receive psychic information, pay attention to your psychic senses. In your mind's eye, you may see visions, hear sounds or voices, notice aromas or tastes, feel physical sensations or emotions, or simply know something you didn't know before. All are valid ways you may receive communication.

Your guides may come to you in different ways. For example, they can be in the form of:

  • A person
  • An angelic being
  • An animal spirit

Some things to keep in mind during the session:

  • Allow your guides to take the lead, and then you can ask questions the same as you would with a person.
  • When you end your session, be sure to thank your guides for revealing themselves. Traditionally, you say, "Thank you" to each guide three times. This is the number of the Trinity and using the number three in gratitude is considered a divine act of appreciation and reverence.

What to expect: Your first contact with your spirit guides may be brief and more of a feeling than an actual conversation. You may receive an image in your mind's eye, have a sense of your guides' presence, or smell the fragrance of roses or other flowers. An overwhelming feeling of love, protection, and joy is common. If you don't connect with your guides, it may take more than one try, so don't give up. Keep in mind that you're establishing a frequency or vibrational pattern to connect your energy with that of your guides. You may need to raise your frequency by practicing meditation before you can establish this type of connection.

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More Ways to Connect With Spirit Guides

Not everyone is comfortable with meditation. If that sounds like you, don't worry. There are other ways to connect with your spirit guides, as well.

Connect With Guides Through Dreams

It requires less energy for both you and your guide to meet in the dream world. You may need to do this for several nights before you get results.

  1. Before going to sleep every night, state an intention such as, "Tonight I will meet and be guided by my spirit guides."
  2. Keep a journal by your bed to jot down your dreams and, in the morning, look at dream symbols to see what guidance your guides have provided.

Practicing lucid dreaming can assist you in connecting with your guides. You may dream of an animal, like a wolf or a bear. These could be your animal spirits revealing themselves to you.

What to expect: You will know when you've had a dream about one of your guides. The dream will be vivid and feel real. You will wake up feeling that you've had a profound experience. You may have a feeling of expectation or joy.

Use Divination Tools to Consult Spirit Guides

Another way to connect with your spirit guides is with the use of divination tools. Tarot cards are the most commonly used divination tool for communicating with guides. However, you can communicate using other tools, such as:

If you know how to use these tools, then you can establish a rapport with your guides using your favorite method.

What to expect: If you're comfortable using a divination tool, you should enjoy a strong connection with your spirit guide. They can convey information to you through any of these methods of divination.

Decipher Number Messages

Some entities prefer to use repeating numbers for messaging. You may see the same number or number series when you glance at a clock, see car license plates, or receive a random phone call. These numbers are often called angelic numbers, but non-angelic guides also use numbers. You can look up the meanings of angelic numbers and also use numerology to decipher your guides' numeric messages.

What to expect: Angelic numbers and numerology help you decipher what your guide is communicating. Sometimes a number message is used to encourage you or is a reminder that you have a helper on the other side. These messages are often profound and have a direct bearing on your current situation.

Recognize Guidance From Nature

Nature spirit guides help you reconnect with Earth energies that are so vital to the human psyche. These entities send messages via different forms of nature. For example, a butterfly may land on your arm as a message that your guide is with you. If you've been unsure about a decision you've made, your guide may be sending affirmation that you made the right choice.

What to expect: Nature messages can be as subtle as the wind shifting to blow against you, or a rainstorm breaking and light streaming through the tree canopy. When you are attuned to the rhythms of nature, you can connect easier with a nature spirit.

Observe and Spot Omens and Symbols

Not all guides will communicate directly with you. Some use omens and symbols. If you've never used this form of communication, you'll need to train yourself to look at the world with a different perspective. This form of communication might be overlooked if you aren't paying attention to all the little nuances around you.

What to expect: The first time your spirit guide sends you an omen or symbol, you may question if it is real. The art of communicating with your guides is to accept all forms of communication, not with logic, but with your heart. This acceptance will build trust between you and your spirit guides and pave the way for more forms of communication.

Seek Synchronicity

Synchronicity may be all around you, but you may fail to recognize it. Spirit guides use moments of synchronicity to communicate and provide you with answers and solutions. If you ask your guides to help you earn more money, a new opportunity could pop up in an email. If you're seeking a mentor, but have never met the person you have in mind, your guides can help. You could have a sudden desire to try a new cafe where you stumble upon the very person you were thinking of. This is how spirit guide synchronicity works. Other moments of synchronicity can place you in situations that push you in a different direction for a course correction.

What to expect: Synchronicity can be very subtle or in-your-face moments. It may take you some time to recognize the former type. The more you trust and go with the flow of synchronicity, the more you'll learn to recognize it and understand how your spirit guides are helping you. Journaling may help you recognize such moments.

Make a Direct Psychic Connection

The easiest way to summon a guide is simply to call out to them through spirit. If you have psychic abilities, you may be able to connect with your guides without needing meditation or a divination tool.

  1. Place yourself in a spiritual protection.
  2. Ask your spirit guides to reveal themselves to you.
  3. Allow each guide to introduce themselves and deliver any message they have for you.
  4. Talk with your guides about whatever you wish to discuss.

What to expect: Depending on your psychic ability, you may find this form of communication with your guides the best method for both of you. As you establish your link to your guides through your psychic self, you'll be able to talk with your guides at will. You can have conversations with them as easily as you do with someone in the physical world.

How to Know You've Contacted Your Spirit Guides

A genuine spirit guide has only your best interest at heart, so the information you receive will be positive and serve your best interests. Spiritual guidance often contains wisdom beyond your current frame of reference. You may also feel deeply positive emotions after contact, such as joy, peace, unconditional love, or hope. You will have a spiritual knowing when you make that sacred bond with your guides.

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Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

Regardless of whether you believe you know your spirit guides, they definitely know you. This is an ancient relationship that has evolved through lifetimes. Once you've summoned and invited your spirit guides to play an active role in your life, you quickly develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the spirit realm. Your guides are consultants for issues you need help in resolving. Ultimately, you'll make all decisions about your life as you exert your free will.

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What Are Spirit Guides? An Introduction to Summoning Yours