What Are Grey Aliens? Separating Fact From Fiction

Updated May 17, 2021
Grey Alien

Grey aliens are the most commonly recognized type of alien. This small ET has been identified by those claiming to be abductees and depicted in all types of fiction.

Description of Grey Aliens

Grey aliens, or Greys, are described as being small, three to four-foot-tall, child-size humanoid creatures. They have grey-colored skin and enlarged, hairless, bulbous heads with extremely large wrapping, almond-shaped black eyes. They have shorter legs than humans with oddly jointed limbs.

Abductees claim the Greys have telepathic abilities and some form of technology that paralyzes their victims. Some witnesses claim the Greys can pass through walls. It's highly debatable what the Greys are or where they are from. Many believe the Greys are some type of organic robots.

It's widely accepted within the UFO community that the Greys hail from the binary star system Zeta Reticuli, which is located in the constellation Reticulum. It's also believed that these creatures are mere slaves to a different type of alien. This dominating alien race delegates various jobs to the Greys. One of those main duties is to abduct humans for all manner of physical experimentation, including producing a hybrid alien/human species.

Desperation of a Dying Race

There is a consensus that the aliens are a dying race and need the infusion of human DNA into their gene pool in order to survive. Others view the alien hybridization programs as a way for the alien race to acclimate to Earth in their eventual agenda to colonize the planet and take control.

There's another faction of ufologists who believe the Greys are the result of human evolution. These alien scientists have traveled back in time in their mission to correct through genetics whatever caused the human race to devolve physically into a sterile race. These ufologists believe the aliens are desperately trying to save the future human race.

Another piece of the Grey alien puzzle claims that the United States government entered into an agreement with the Greys. In exchange for alien technology, the Greys were given permission to abduct and experiment on a specified percentage of humans with the stipulation no humans would be killed in the process.

Alien spaceship landing in urban park

First Grey Alien Abduction Story

The first widely publicized case of alien abductions by Greys was in 1961 when Betty and Barney Hill came forward. After undergoing regression therapy, the Hills reclaimed lost memories of their joint abduction as they drove home late one night. The couple claimed the Greys took them on board their spaceship and subjected the husband and wife to physical examinations and experimentations.

Betty claimed she was shown a Star Map of the aliens' home world. She told how the Greys' Star Map featured solid lines that the creatures identified as trade routes and their regular travel routes. A series of broken lines on the Star Map represented the Greys' various expeditions. Through regression therapy, Betty was able to draw the Star Map she'd been shown.

Greys First Mentioned in Science Fiction

The Hills' story of Grey aliens wasn't the first introduction the world had to Greys. In 1893, HG Wells, world famous science fiction author, wrote how futuristic humans transformed into short, childlike grey beings with bulbous heads and large almond-shaped eyes in a frightening evolution process.

Wells went on to feature these grey aliens in other stories, such as The War of Worlds (1898) where he described Greys as snack food for the invading Martians. Other science fiction writers began to weave the Greys into their own works.

Roswell Greys

Then, in 1947, the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico stirred more rumors of Grey aliens that continue to intrigue and captivate. Eyewitnesses claimed that small, childlike, grey creatures were pulled from the smoldering wreck of the downed flying saucer. The bodies were then taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Tales of one Grey alien survivor spread and how the wreckage along with the bodies of the rest of the alien crew were stored in Hangar-18.

By the time Betty and Barney Hill's real-life claim of alien abduction in 1961, the Greys were a common science fiction alien and known as the Roswell Greys. This led skeptics to question the validity of the Hills' claims of abduction. However, the Hills' story didn't go away, and neither did the tales of the Greys and their abductions of unwilling humans.

Roswell UFO Museum Sign

Pop Culture and the Greys

Greys are part of the pop culture and have been part of the UFO phenomena since Roswell. With movies, books, and a continuous stream of stories about alien abductions, it's no wonder the Greys are a centerpiece in the UFO community. Some of the popular science fiction movies include the Greys, such as the ending of the 1977 movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The movie depicts Greys in a human and alien exchange program.

Within the UFO community, this closing scene of the movie was taken from a real-life event as part of a government secret project known as Project Serpo. Supposedly twelve aliens arrived on Earth and 12 humans (American citizens) traveled to the Greys' homeworld, Serpo, some 39-light years away for a 10-year exchange program. The trip to Serpo took only minutes, but due to a miscalculation, the American team didn't return as planned and was three years overdue when they finally came home.

The TV series, X-Files, brought many of the tales of the Greys, human abductions, and the alien/human hybrid program to an eager audience. The book, Communion: a True Story by Whitley Strieber raised public awareness of the alien abduction phenomena and was later made into a movie. Emboldened whistleblowers have brought even more grey alien stories to light.

These include underground alien bases and the US military working side by side with the Greys and other alien beings. Whistleblowers emerged like Bob Lazar, an Area 51 employee who claims he worked on reverse engineering alien technology. The late Philip "Phil" Schneider, who built D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military Bases) for the US military claimed he'd been caught in an underground battle between the Greys and the military. These and other stories have ingrained the creatures known as the Greys into the consciousness of pop culture.

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What Are Grey Aliens? Separating Fact From Fiction