What Are Orange Light UFOs? 14 Sightings of These Balls of Light

Updated July 7, 2021
Lights in red sky

Many people around the world have reported seeing orange lights in the sky. This unexplained aerial phenomenon (UAP) often appears as balls of orange yellow light in the sky. Many people believe these UFOs have an alien origin, leading many to wonder exactly what is happening.

Orange Orb UFO Characteristics

What are they? Why are they orange? Where do they come from? What do they want? These are just some of the unanswered questions that UFO hunters and others ask. The orange orb UFOs are different from the run-of-the-mill UFOs since they seem to have the ability to morph easily in size, shape, and even number by splitting into two separate orbs.

Unlike other UFOs, the orange ones appear to be fireballs and often bounce about in non-formation. Another characteristic is that they usually appear in clusters.

Reports of Orange Lights in the Sky

In 2012, NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) Director Peter Davenport shared with Rense.com what he called the fireball phenomenon of orange and red lights being reported.

Davenport stated that "clusters of red, orange and yellow 'fireballs' are occurring, for which there appears to be no adequate explanation." He also noted many possible explanations have been ruled out, including:

  • Meteors
  • Weather balloons
  • Known aircraft
  • Satellites

Witnesses have seen orange orb UFOs around the world, and some have captured them on video. These reports and videos reveal the color, intensity and traveling pattern of these the UAPs. Various people offer possible explanations, such as drones, satellites, ISS (International Space Station), Chinese lanterns, plasma balls, plasma entities, and misidentification. Some people believe all UFO videos are part of a hoax, while others maintain these orange orbs are real UFOs.

July 4th Orange Orb UFOs

On July 4, 2018, Isabella Linarez saw three objects in the sky that all had an orange glow. She captured them on her camera video and posted the footage on YouTube. Some commenters believed the orbs were plasma, while others claim the orbs are alien entities. Others guessed the objects were Chinese balloons since it the sighting occurred during a Fourth of July celebration.

Vero Beach, Florida

During one of Steven Greer's 2015 classes on contacting UFOS, the group filmed two brightly glowing orange objects along the horizon. Greer was quick to point out to his students that the object was not a flare, describing how flares would have dropped from the sky, not just suddenly appear along the horizon. As the group watched one orange light began to fade and appeared to drop into the ocean.

He joked that even swamp gas has been ruled out. Davenport recounted a report filed from Castle Rock, Washington by an airline pilot. The pilot witnessed three orange objects moving at a very low altitude along a rather remote road that he was traveling. He told Davenport the objects were so close he expected them to land right in front of his car.

Escondido, California

In May 2013 around 9:30 p.m. this eyewitness stepped outside from a car and noticed six orange UFOs moving about the sky in an unsynchronized manner. The witness began filming, and Extreme UFO Hunter posted the video on YouTube.

Murrysville, Pennsylvania

Similar lights have been spotted in and around Murrysville, PA:

Also in PA, Alison Kruse states she uses a $7,000 video camera, and her videos aren't color enhanced. She states she also uses night vision to reveal that when the UFOs seem to disappear, they can still be seen using night vision technology.

Wakefield, Rhode Island

On October 16, 2016, from 8:15 to 8:30 PM EDT, a woman witnessed an orange molten object shining multiple lights onto the ground in a searching manner. Moon gazing at the "blood moon," the woman reported the moon was suddenly blacked out by a "sparkler type material" that she related to appearing like fireworks. This quickly transformed into a brilliant orange molten object that moved very slowly in a northern, then southern, direction. The woman stated the object appeared to be coming towards her. Frightened, she ran into her house. The entire episode lasted 15 minutes.

Lafayette, Colorado

Alex Lankhorst posted two videos of the UFOs he witnessed while on vacation in March 2011. He filmed the UFOs from his cousin's backyard. He states this is the same incident that was featured on a National Geographic UFO documentary. Alex writes the lights remained in a triangular formation as they moved through the night sky, and they watched the lights for nearly 20 minutes. He states that when the lights finally disappeared, they did so one at a time.

St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK

In October 2015, the Daily Mirror reported that at 7 am, Kirstie Hockley of St Neots (Cambridgeshire) was cooking breakfast when she saw a strange orange UFO out the window. Grabbing her phone, she began recording the object as it shot upward into the atmosphere. The video (as seen on the Daily Mirror site) reveals two streams of orange light moving through the sky and within seconds, it becomes no more than a microdot.

Melbourne, Australia

This YouTube video doesn't have much information other than that it was filmed in Melbourne, Australia and depicts a flowing orange UFO gliding soundlessly through the night sky. The photographer shows the image with a filter, and you can see the distinct outline of a metallic object with a yellowish core and the orange light radiating in a brilliant glow.

New Zealand and Oceania

New Zealand and Oceania are reporting an increase in the number of UFOs. The flurry has stirred fears and rumors of an impending alien invasion.

The increase in New Zealand UFO sightings is particularly significant since the country has only had 10 UFO reports over the previous six-year period. In 2015, orange and red lights were seen in the Christchurch area. These were the same type of lights people claimed to have been seen in 2013, only the UFOs were seen along the Bay of Plenty and Hamilton, North Island.

The New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed the 2015 sightings. A March 2016 report was highly unusual. Witnesses saw what could only be termed as a falling light. The subsequent investigation of the phenomena concluded that the object descent had been too slow for a meteor but was also too fast for a plane. There hasn't been any explanation for the falling light or the orange glowing orbs of light.

Cork, Ireland

This video is very unstable, but it does reveal a startling visual of several brilliantly glowing orange objects moving across the sky in Cork, Ireland. No information about the video is offered on the YouTube pages, but it's quite a capture of orange UFOs.

What Does It All Mean?

According to a June 2016 article in the Daily Mirror, the increase in orange orb UFOs has fueled conspiracy theories. One such theory is that the Earth is being invaded. Another one postulates that the aliens are on the verge of revealing themselves to the world. The mystery behind these sightings makes them all the more unusual and exciting.

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What Are Orange Light UFOs? 14 Sightings of These Balls of Light