Orbs With Faces in Them: What Do They Mean?

Updated August 4, 2021
Young woman face inside a sphere

Orbs have many possible non-paranormal explanations. But when you spot an orb with a face in it, it gets harder to explain it as anything other than ghostly. If you've seen or photographed orbs with faces, what does it mean? Is a spirit paying you a visit, or could it be something else altogether?

Spirits of Loved Ones

The most common theory about orbs with faces is they are the spirits of deceased loved ones. This is a popular explanation when this type of orb shows up in a photo taken during an emotional event, such as a funeral or wedding. It might be Grandma watching over her young granddaughter or grandpa, showing up for the family Christmas photo since it was his favorite holiday.

Many paranormal investigators believe that the amount of energy needed for a spirit to manifest into the physical world is tremendous. So, instead of manifesting as a full-bodied apparition, it requires less energy for the spirit to manifest as an orb with a face.

Spirits of loved ones

Angels and Spirit Guides

The angels and spirit guides theory hypothesizes that these helpers can reveal themselves with little energy expenditure when they take on the form of a face inside an orb. If your guardian angel or spirit guide manifests as an orb with a face, there is a significant meaning and purpose for it. Examine your current situation or circumstances to better understand the messaging.

For example, the color of the orb also relays a message. It could be your angel's attempt to respond to your emotional state if you're feeling depressed or alone. The sudden appearance of the orb might be a message of reassurance that you aren't traveling through life alone. This type of contact offers comfort whenever the person views photos snapped and discovers these mysterious faces within the orbs.

Orb Spirits Travel in Groups

Another theory about the appearance of multiple orbs with faces is that some spirits travel in groups. For example, you may snap a photo at a cemetery and upon review discover a multitude of orbs with faces. It could be this group pools their energies for easier manifestation in orb shapes. The smaller expenditure of effort allows the group of orbs to maneuver, whereas taking on the shape of full-bodied apparitions would be difficult and probably impossible for a group of spirits. The energy requirement would demand they manifest where there is ample energy to feed the energy required to manifest. Group orbs with faces seem to be a form of energy economics.

Plasma Balls

The most scientific explanation for orbs is balls of ionized gas. People have reported seeing plasma balls, often referred to as lightning balls, for centuries. It's believed that plasma balls are released as a naturally occurring process. The mysterious legendary orbs of Brown Mountain Lights in the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina are seen as self-illuminated balls of light. Unlike ghost orbs, plasma balls are visible to the naked eye. It is speculated that plasma orbs create the illusion of faces within the nucleus due to the plasma energy movements inside the ball.

Man's face inside an orb

Pareidolia or Matrixing

Scientists believe the most likely explanation for faces appearing in orbs is pareidolia, a phenomenon often referred to as matrixing. Pareidolia is a psychological term describing a person's ability to look at an object and see shapes or images that aren't really there. It's a form of pattern recognition that causes you to see a face or another familiar object from a series of random images. The orb might contain shadows or reflections, but to you, it looks like a face.

Pareidolia as an Explanation

Psychology Today explains how pareidolia results from someone unconsciously projecting their feelings, experiences, and attitudes onto a random image. This phenomenon is frequently offered as a reason why someone might see Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich, the Virgin Mary on a church wall stain, or a face in an orb.

Understanding Orbs With Faces

With so many explanations for faces in orbs, you might be wondering if you can trust what you see. The truth is, nobody knows for sure. Orbs are just one of many mysteries that continue to haunt the paranormal.

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Orbs With Faces in Them: What Do They Mean?