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What to Do When a Ouija Board Session Goes Wrong

Karen Frazier
Planchette on Ouija board highlighting word no

When you use a Ouija board correctly and respectfully, chances are your session will go well. However, sometimes even when you've taken every precaution, something happens with the Ouija board that is frightening, discomfiting, or downright dark. It's important when working with occult forces and communicating with the spirit world to be prepared and know what to do if an experience turns negative.

The Right Way to End a Ouija Board Session

The first step to take any time a Ouija board experience starts to go south is to end the session immediately. There is a proper way to do this. Always end every Ouija board session this way, regardless of whether you feel there are any entities or spirits present that have been communicating with you.

  1. The person who has served as the Ouija board questioner thanks all entities present and announces the session is ending saying something such as, "Thank you for communicating with us. We are going to close communication now."
  2. The questioner states the intent all entities will return to where they came from, and all session participants are breaking any energetic connections with all spirits. This might sound something like this, "For all entities present, we are breaking off the energetic ties between you and everyone who has participated in or is present for this communication. All entities will return to their realm and all participants and observers of this communication will now remain separate. If anyone wishes to communicate with you again, we will contact you through this board with another session. After we close, there will be no communication or contact between any spirit or entity and anyone here who is observing or participating in this communication."
  3. The people with their hands on the planchette slide the planchette to "goodbye." Once they've done this, they should lift the planchette and turn it over, placing it on the surface below the board with the solid surface of the planchette on the table and the feet facing towards the ceiling.
  4. Ask everyone present to put a protective bubble around themselves, pushing it out from their core, and to state silently their intent to move forward with the energetic links between themselves and any entities that were present severed.
  5. Put the board away with the planchette wrapped in cloth or paper so the board and planchette aren't touching each other in storage.
Ouija board planchette pointing to goodbye

Recognizing a Negative Ouija Experience

Because Ouija boards are sold in the game aisle in toy stores, many people believe it is just a bit of fun and fail to understand they are using what they believe is just a game to contact the spirit world. And while you may encounter many friendly spirits who just wish to communicate when you're using a Ouija board, just as there are unkind, dark, or evil forces among living humans, so may there be entities with different types of intentions in the spirit realm. When you use a Ouija board, you open yourselves to communicating with all spirits; not just the nice ones. Because of this, when you communicate with a Ouija, you open yourself to negative experiences with entities every time you use it. Therefore, it's important to recognize the signs of a negative experience and understand how to proceed.

You Start to Feel Uncomfortable

It's natural to feel apprehensive or even frightened when you use a Ouija board, particularly if you are using it for the first time or you are alone. However, if at any time during your questions and answers with the Ouija board, you start to feel a sense of deep foreboding, fear, or discomfort, it is time to step away. Some signs the session's energy is shifting to something dark include the following:

  • You feel unusual uncomfortable physical sensations, such as heaviness, crawling skin, heavy pressure in your ears, burning in your eyes, burning, tingling or pain on your skin, sudden onset aches and pains, or similar.
  • You perceive something just isn't quite right.
  • You begin to experience negative emotions or thoughts inconsistent with how you normally feel or inconsistent with what is currently happening in your life.
  • You start having negative urges, such as deep rage or the desire to hurt someone.
  • You feel oppressive sadness.
  • The atmosphere in the room suddenly feels heavy and uncomfortable.
  • You get either extremely hot or extremely cold even though you are in a temperature controlled room.
  • You notice anyone who is with you in the room suddenly doesn't look and/or act like himself.
  • You feel terror.
  • Your fight or flight response kicks in.

When this happens, it's time to end the session as noted above and put up a protective bubble. If the feeling in the space remains heavy and uncomfortable after you've closed the session, cleanse the space where you've used the Ouija board by burning sage or palo santo.

Someone Asks Dangerous Questions or Behaves Disrespectfully

Some people using a Ouija board see it as a lark, and they may begin to ask questions that are unsafe to ask a Ouija board, or they may make disrespectful statements, challenge the spirits, or become flippant or disparaging. This is never a good idea, especially since you don't know which entities you will contact through the Ouija board. If one of the participants is behaving in such a manner, end the session as noted above. However, in your closing statements, including an apology to any spirits present for any offense they may have taken. Do not return to the session after closing it, even if the negative person has left the group, and make sure you don't include that person in any further Ouija sessions. If group members remain uncomfortable after such a session:

  1. Offer a prayer or affirmation of protection.
  2. Light a sage smudge bundle and fan the sage smoke over and around each person with a feather.
  3. Have each participant take a bath with sea salt or Himalayan pink salt in the bath water as soon as they return home.
Sage smudge sticks and abalone shell

The Planchette Begins to Respond in Strange Ways

Sometimes during a Ouija session, the planchette may be responding to questions by spelling out answers, when suddenly it begins to behave strangely. It is essential you immediately end any session when the Ouija board planchette does any of the following:

  • Starts to cycle through the alphabet either forwards or backward
  • Starts to count down from 9 to 0 or count upward from 0 to 9
  • Swings back and forth between any two letters
  • Slides back and forth between Z and any vowel, spelling something like zozo, zaza, zuzu, zizi, or zeze
  • Starts to make a figure 8
  • Starts moving from corner to corner on the board
  • Starts moving in circles
  • Seems to be spelling in Latin
  • Starts drawing symbols instead of spelling words
  • Flies of the board

These are all signs you need to do the following:

  1. Close your session immediately.
  2. Put up a protective bubble or shield.
  3. Offer a prayer of protection.
  4. Perform a cleansing burn.

If the planchette actually flies off the board, pick it up and place it back on the board so you can slide it to "good-bye" and immediately end the session. Many people are tempted to try to continue communication when these events occur. This is never a good idea as you may be opening everyone to something they are unable to control or understand. Always err on the side of caution.

The Board Stops Responding

In some cases, the board may stop responding altogether (or it may never respond in the first place). In either of these cases, end the session as noted above and try again another time. Do not provoke to get the board to respond.

Disposing of a Ouija Board

Sometimes someone has such a traumatic experience with a Ouija board they feel they must destroy it or get rid of it. The safest way to dispose of a Ouija board is the following:

  1. Make sure you have closed the final Ouija board session appropriately as noted above.
  2. Store it properly with the planchette wrapped in something so it is not touching the board.
  3. Put the board away in a cupboard or closet and leave it there.
  4. If you feel you need a more permanent form of disposal, bury the board with the printed side facing down. You can sprinkle black tourmaline crystals or sea salt above and around the board in the hole for added protection if you wish.

Some more tips for disposing of a Ouija:

  • Do not burn the board.
  • Never sell the board to someone.
  • If you gift the board to someone, make sure they know its true history and why you have decided to dispose of it. Many people collect Ouija boards or similar objects and are aware of any risks associated with them, but it is still important you honestly share the board's history so they are aware of any attachments that may accompany the board.

Use Ouija Responsibly

Ouija boards don't have to be scary, and chances are you'll never wind up with a negative attachment unless you work with the board incorrectly or fail to shut down your sessions and engage in personal protection rituals. However, when you are working with a Ouija board, you are communicating with spirits and opening yourself up to all entities that exist within the spirit realm. Therefore, it's essential to recognize the signs of an unsafe Ouija board session and know how to protect yourself effectively along with the spaces in which you hold your Ouija sessions and anyone who is present for the communication. By being prepared, you are far less likely to experience any negative effects from using your Ouija board.

What to Do When a Ouija Board Session Goes Wrong