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What Does a Green Aura Mean?

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Green auras are said to mean the person is a healer and often deeply connected to nature. The intensity and value of green have different meanings that may assist you in greater personal and spiritual understanding.

Intensity of a Green Aura

While green auras are associated with healers, they can also mean that the person has recently undergone a healing or needs to be healed. Green reveals a willingness to grow and try new ideas, methods and techniques. Open-mindedness is the first step to healing on all levels. The color green is soothing, nurturing and healing. The intensity of the green color signifies:

  • Weak and pale light green: The person may be seeking a healing on a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level.
  • Deep rich green: This is often seen in people who are deeply connected to nature and use homeopathic and other alternative healing arts.
  • Light and dark green mix: An aura that has several green values reveals a healthy and well-balanced person.

Different Shades of Green

To state that a green aura symbolizes a healer is a very broad interpretation of this auric color. You can gain a better understanding of your green aura when you explore the various greens and their color combinations. Meanings may include:

  • New spring green as seen in recently sprouting tree leaves can symbolize someone new to healing. This aura color can indicate someone who is just learning to heal or to be a healer. This represents growth spurt.
  • Emerald green is one of the colors found in a forest. This auric color symbolizes someone who is a natural healer and is possibly a herbalist in addition to other healing arts.
  • Dark murky green auras sometimes represent a person who is green with envy. This can become a destructive energy but can be countered by practicing meditation.
  • Dark clear green auras are found in people who are stuck emotionally and cannot let go of the past. They have planted roots in this emotional stasis and refuse to move forward.
  • Yellow-green auras signify a person who has learned to balance work and play.
  • Blue-green auras are usually seen in very powerful healers. The calming energies of blue energy and that of the green energies of nature combine for a strong healing energy.

Chakra and Green Aura

The heart chakra is green and a symbol of love, growth and transformation. Your green aura is directly connected to this chakra and could be a sign that you are in the process of transformation. The aura could be the result of you having recently opened your heart to love.

  • If you have suffered the loss of love, a green aura reveals you are open to a new love relationship without the fear of being hurt.
  • This aura color can also reveal a broken heart that has healed, and the healing energy is flowing.
  • Another interpretation for a green aura is someone who has abundance and wealth.
  • When interpreting dark green auras, it's wise to focus on opening the heart chakra to energy that can heal.

Green Auras and Spirit Orbs

Green auras indicate that a person is tied to nature and green orbs are said to be associated with nature. Some people believe that sprites and nymphs can take the shape of green orbs to communicate with kindred spirits - people with green auras. Another possible connection is that orbs may be the spirits of healers wanting to communicate with healers still in physical form.

Meaning of Green Aura

Understanding the meaning of different shades of green auras can help you make adjustments and changes to your life. This can include your diet, making time to immerse yourself in nature, and meditation to open the heart chakra and allow yourself time to heal.

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What Does a Green Aura Mean?