Guide to Aura Photography: What Can You Expect? 

Updated August 10, 2021
Aura photography of a woman

They say the camera doesn't lie, but can it show your aura? Aura photography allows you to see the colors of your aura using specialized equipment. So if your aura is ready for its closeup, discover exactly what a photo reveals.

What an Aura Photo Is and What It Reveals

Aura photos capture the radiance (energy) of your aura appearing as layers of color surrounding your body. The photographs help you better understand your chakra health, identify areas in your life that can be improved, and point towards strengths you may be unaware you possess. In modern aura photography, the photographers translate the colors using a template created after extensive research tracking volunteers through a range of emotional responses while photographs captured the hues in their auras.

Meditation aura and chakras

Aura Photography Has Come a Long Way

Modern aura photography is technologically sophisticated, involving a specialized camera, biofeedback sensors, computers, and complex algorithms that create a simulation of what your aura might look like. However, early aura photos were far more basic. The earliest aura photos were called Kirlian photography, and they became popular in the Spiritualist era. Creating Kirlian images involved a metal discharge plate, current, and photographic film. The photographs were the first to identify energy coronas surrounding objects, but they failed to capture the aura and its colors.

Kirlian Photograph of Hand

Modern technology provides a more thorough representation of your aura, bringing the colors to light based on information received through biofeedback. While the integration of these technologies is complex, it may offer a more effective and accurate photo of your auric field. This technology creates a simulated aura image by translating that data into color that is superimposed over your photograph. There are other types of aura photography products that may measure different data points, such as a thermal camera to measure and record the heat emitting from your body. All of these products offer a representation of your aura that is based on the data collected.

How a Modern Aura Photo Is Made

Most of today's technology uses a biofeedback imaging camera. It's designed to integrate your photo with the imaging of your electromagnetic field. This field is known as your aura and is generated by your chakra system.

Most aura photographers use a black background to assist in capturing the aura color(s). A typical photo pose for an aura photograph is a bust pose containing your head, shoulders, arms, and torso. You'll be seated in front of an aura camera. While you're seated in front of the camera, you'll be asked to place your hand onto a sensor pad or hold a biofeedback sensor.

The sensor provides sends electromagnetic information to the camera software, and your image appears on the computer screen. This records a simulation of your aura colors in real time. You will receive a printout of your photo and a detailed report.

Deciphering What Your Aura Photo Means

Your aura can appear as one color, varying shades of a single color, or multiple colors. Some aura photography software produces your image that appears to be behind a haze of color expanding out from you.

Aura photography

More recent technology provides a quality photo with the aura radiating around you, instead of masking your face and body. This creates a more authentic feel of how your aura looks to someone who can see auras. However, either type of imagery will reveal your auric field. Some newer aura photography software also provides a 3D model, charts, and chakra information.

Where to Get an Aura Photograph

Aura photographers often participate in metaphysical, psychic, and energy healing fairs. Some energy workers provide aura photographs. There are some who require a periodic aura photograph to assist in gauging how your therapy is progressing. Keep in mind that your aura colors can change often, so aura photos taken over a period of time might best reveal your genuine aura color once it is stabilized.

Of course, not all photographers claiming to take aura photos use the modern technology of bioelectrical imaging equipment. Instead, they generate an image based on your answers to a questionnaire that then produce a random color image. This type of aura photography isn't authentic to your aura and is merely a best guess. An authentic aura photographer doesn't need information in order to snap your photo. The equipment assesses and records your energy fields for a more accurate aura photo.

You may be more of a DIYer and decide to make your own aura photograph. There are several aura photography cameras and software home versions, should you prefer to try it on your computer.

Your Guide to Aura Photography

Aura photography has come a long way since Kirlian images. A simple guide offers a better understanding about what technology is available and what you can expect to see in an aura photograph.

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Guide to Aura Photography: What Can You Expect?