What Is Black Magic and How Can You Break It? 

Updated June 13, 2021
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Curses, hexes, necromancy... basically the things that most people think of when the word "witchcraft" comes up, are all examples of black magic. Not all magical practitioners make use of black magic, but some do, so it's a good idea to know what it is and how to recognize it.

What Is Black Magic?

In general, magic as a whole is used as an attempt to influence the physical world via supernatural means. It can take many forms, including:

There are both "white" magic and "black" magic applications of all the methods above. In general, white magic has a positive, beneficial slant, while black magic has a more negative or harmful slant.

For example, black magic might be used to influence someone against their will, place a curse or hex, summon a demon, or attempt to raise the dead. Generally, things you really don't want to mess with fall under the realm of black magic.

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Who Practices Black Magic?

A number of spiritual, religious and mystical traditions integrate magic as part of their practices. Individual practitioners of magic may draw from multiple traditions, such as black magic when practicing their craft. Even practitioners who generally follow the "white" witch path might occasionally practice black magic, if a wrong has been done and they believe in "an eye for an eye" type of justice, or if they think using black magic in one instance is ultimately for the greater good.

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Signs of a Black Magic Attack

The signs of a black magic spell attack are very similar to the symptoms of a psychic attack. Both types of attacks are personal and often designed to cause confusion, unfound fears, reverse in fortune and various outside forces that attempt to affect your life.

This type of spell attack can also have physical effects, such as depression, weakness, headaches, sickness or other physical symptoms. If you're a sensitive, you may feel the presence of the spellworker and the negative energy being sent to you. There are several ways you can counter and break this type of evil, intrusive and immoral attack.

How to Break Black Magic Spells

There are several methods you can use to break a curse, hex, or other black magic attack.

Burning protective incense or herbs, taking a bath in sea salt to cleanse and purify yourself, cleansing yourself and your space, praying, meditation, or casting protective spells are all ways you might rid yourself of a black magic assault.

If you find that you're having to fend off this type of attack, it would really be a good idea to learn how to cleanse and shield yourself, and then make sure to take time to do those things every day, just to be on the safe side.

You could also purchase a protective item. These are usually blessed or consecrated by another magic user to offer protection to whoever wears or holds them.

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Recognizing Black Magic

Once you understand what black magic is and how to recognize it, it can go a long way toward explaining what was previously unexplainable. And once you've identified it, you can move toward cleansing and protecting yourself.

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What Is Black Magic and How Can You Break It?