Understanding Spiritual Energy & How to Tap Into Yours

Updated July 21, 2021
beams of spiritual energy

Tapping into spiritual energy is the most powerful feeling you can experience. The energy of divinity is pure, exciting, and expands your consciousness beyond all boundaries.

Recognizing Spiritual Energy

Whatever your religious belief, it can aid you in recognizing and connecting with spiritual energy. The purity of this energy is found in the emotion of unconditional love. This type of love is all accepting and non-judgmental. It has its own directive that is very simple--to love.

The love you feel when you tap into spiritual energy is far greater than the love you may have for another person. It is far greater than the love you have for your child, which is usually the strongest kind of love.

The moment you receive this energy, you instinctively place divine love above all things. This remarkable energy guides all of your actions from a higher plane that gives you divine insight and intention. It is the life force that binds your soul to your physical body. Spiritual energy is eternal, with no beginning and no ending. It is a constant, and most importantly, it is incorruptible.

When you connect to spiritual energy, you instantly recognize its power. You'll quickly experience the power of this energy as it miraculously calms anxiety, fears, and feelings of inadequacy. This energy is transformative, since it empowers you through your soul. You recognize that you're part of divinity and all it bestows to you.

How to Tap Into Your Spiritual Energy

Anyone is capable of tapping into spiritual energy and receiving the various benefits of pure love. An open heart and a willingness to receive without attempting to control are both necessary to accept this energy. Some people are adept at doing this while others will find it challenging. Perseverence and patience will assist you in achieving the goal of receiving spiritual energy. There are several ways you can tap into powerful spiritual energy. You can incorporate as many of these methods as you desire to elevate your personal frequency so you can connect with this boundless energy.


One of the easiest ways to tap into divine energy is through meditation. Meditation can create transformation and even lead to enlightenment. When you allow yourself to go into this deep state of consciousness, you lower the natural obstacles that separate the physical and spiritual realms. There are many forms of meditation from Zen, to tai chi, to transcendental, to walking (nature or labyrinth).


Young Woman Praying

There are many forms of prayer. This may be traditional prayers, chanting, or spontaneous personal prayers. For most people, prayer provides a direct connection to spiritual energy. You can combine prayer with a form of meditation. You may repeat a mantra or chant while you walk through a forest or walk a labyrinth. You want to make whatever type of praying you do personal so it creates a bridge between you and the divine.

Vision Quest

Native Americans and many Inuit peoples undertake a vision quest. This rite of passage or initiation is designed to establish a connection with spirits. This process includes fasting, no sleeping, and focusing on the quest. You can undertake a vision quest to establish this connection. One of the ultimate outcomes is to meet your spirit animal. This entity embodies the spirit energy that will assist you in your spiritual aspirations.

Activate Chakra Energy

Your crown chakra is the gateway to the spiritual realm. When all seven chakras are open and aligned, the spiritual energy is able to enter the crown chakra down to your root chakra in an exchange with the Earth energy that flows up to the crown chakra. You can use meditation to assist in activated your main chakras. Reiki is another method for activating and aligning these energy points. Some people find the energies of crystals are very effective in opening blocked chakras and maintaining a healthy chakra system.

Crystal Energy Boosters

You can use Earth energy to give you a boost toward reaching spiritual energy. The crystals formed deep within the Earth harness the energies of the planet that are also found within your physical body. You can use crystals that contained these powerful energies like batteries to amplify your own energy. This boosting power source helps you to raise your personal energy frequency. When your frequency is raised, it allows you to connect with the higher frequency of spiritual energy.

Understanding the Power of Spiritual Energy

When you learn how to tap into your spiritual energy, your perspective about life on Earth transforms. You begin to see your relationships, and all actions from a higher plane of understanding.

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Understanding Spiritual Energy & How to Tap Into Yours