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Why Won't My Ouija Board Work?

Sally Painter
hands on a ouija board

You purchased a Ouija board with the expectation of communicating with spirit, but the planchette hasn't moved. You've followed the instructions and have done everything correctly but you're still not getting action out of your Ouija board. You may want to consider a few things before becoming disillusioned.

Interacting Through Your Ouija Board

A Ouija board won't just function on its own. You have to provide the channel for spirit to enter and use the board as a communication device. The first thing you want to explore is if you've prepared yourself to connect with spirit and have established that connection.

Connecting With Spirit

While you may be willing to connect with spirit, not everyone automatically has this kind of connection already established. The Ouija board is like a telephone. You must dial the number before it can connect you to spirit. There are a couple of ways you can establish this connection.

Meditate Before Using Ouija Board

Meditation is one of the best ways to open a channel between you and the spirit world. This should be done prior to using the board. Meditation will assist you in establishing and maintaining a connection with the spirit world. To keep the connection open once you end your meditation, you can immediately use the Ouija Board.

The Art of Mediumship

Not everyone has the ability to connect with spirit. While most people can learn to connect with spirit through a toll, such as a Ouija board not everyone has the ability of mediumship. For many people, it often requires practice before they are able to establish this communication through the board. The best advice is not to grow impatient or frustration. Recognize that it may take some time before you can effectively use this spirit tool.

Add Other Divination Tools

crystal rock

Another way to boost your connection to spirit is with other divination tools, such as crystals and talismans. Quartz is believed to amplify your personal frequency that may assist you in connection with the higher spiritual frequencies of dimensional light beings. Lower frequency entities should be avoided, so wearing a quartz crystal or simply placing a few around the area can help you make that higher connection. A talisman can be any kind that you resonate with, such as a religious medal.

Lighten Up

Double check the pressure you are placing on the planchette. Sometimes people rest their fingers onto this tool and unknowingly press down too hard. Your fingertips should just barely touch the planchette so it can vibrate easily under the guidance of spirit.

Framing Your Questions

There is usually a tendency to ask yes or no questions. This type of questioning can impede spirit since most times, the answer requires more than a simple yes or no. For example, you might ask, "Are you here, spirit?" The spirit is actually in two places, with you and where it resides. For a conscientious spirit, this question may prove impossible to answer honestly and correctly, so it simply waits for another question it might be able to answer. A better framing of this question might be, "Where are you, spirit?" This open-ended approach allows the spirit to reply without constraints and limitations of a yes or no response.

Attitude and Tone

Another possible reason you're having difficulty connecting with spirit is your attitude and tone. Some people approach this type of connection with a disrespectful attitude and demanding tone. Take things down a notch. Treat the spirit you're connecting with as you would a guest in your home. Be polite. Be respectful. Ask questions while remaining courteous. It helps to envision the spirit as having stopped what they were doing to answer a phone call. Be aware that you very possibly interrupted the spirit and may be inconveniencing them. Remember to use words like please and thank you.

Invite Others to Participate

If you are still having difficulty getting a response from your Ouija board, you may want to invite a friend or two to assist you. While you can successfully use a talking board by yourself, it's always easier with a partner. This is especially valuable if you've never used a Ouija board or have very little experience using one. If you can, enlist the help with someone who has successfully used one. This person has an obvious channel established with the spirit world and help you learn to establish one.

Reasons Why Your Ouija Board Doesn't Work

There are several reasons why your Ouija board might not work, but there are an equal number of solutions. It may take a little practice before you can establish a spirit connection.

Why Won't My Ouija Board Work?