Black Candle Meaning: Unlocking the Mystery

Published March 11, 2021
Two black candles burning

A black candle meaning is one of protection and the banishing of negative energies. Black candles are used in magic spells cast to remove or reverse harmful spells.

Black Candle Meaning of Protection

The black candle meaning of protection is found in numerous magic spells cast to shield against a negative force. The type of negative force can differ from one person to the next.

Black Candle Meaning of Negativity

A black candle meaning of negativity can range from the energy in a home to negative energy sent to you by someone else. A black candle spell of protection is a white magic spell used in extreme cases when the person is being psychically or magically attacked. The black candle is the ideal color to combat negative energies since it absorbs all of the negative energy it encounters.

Black Candle Absorbs Negative Energy

It's best to allow an unlit candle to sit for sometime before you light it. This gives the black candle time to absorb all the negative energy either surrounding you or being bombarded toward you. Since fire purifies, you will light the candle and the flame will transform the negative energy into positive and beneficial energy.

Black Candle Meaning of Removal

Another wonderful attribute of a black candle is the power to remove spells and various negative rituals. If someone has placed a negative spell on you, especially one that is harmful to your health, job, marriage, or life in general, you can cast a spell using a black candle to remove their spell.

Situations a Black Candle Can Remove

You can cast a spell using a black candle to remove a situation or problem that is preventing and blocking you from moving forward. If a set of circumstances have derailed your life or interfered with something you planned, then a black candle removal spell can get you back on path or offer you a better path.

Black candles

Black Candle Meaning of Break a Spell or Hex

Another black candle meaning for a magic spell is to break a spell or hex. The black candle will once more absorb and transform the negative energies to break the spell, curse, or hex.

Black Candle Meaning of Binding

A black candle meaning of binding refers to binding someone or something. A binding spell is often performed to prevent someone or something from wreaking havoc. The goal is to prevent the person from harming another person or even themselves. A black candle can be used when binding magical powers to a talisman that can then be carried for protection.

Black Candle Meaning of Banishing

A black candle banishing spell can be cast against enemies who wish you harm. Other times, it is used to banish negative energy. This could be just the negative energy you feel has seeped into your home or into your life in general.

Black Candle Meaning of Reversing a Spell

You can use a black candle to reverse a spell you cast or one that someone else cast. You can simply reverse the spell so it is harmless. Some people reverse the spell and send it back to the person who cast it. The key to doing any type of spellwork is do no harm. It is always better for your soul to allow the universe to mete out justice.

Burning a Black Candle Means What?

If you wish to burn a black candle, but not perform any magic spells, you can use the power of the black candle to absorb negative energy. You can meditate on removing an obstacle while focusing on a burning black candle. For example, if you find yourself financially blocked from buying a home or car, you can light a black candle and visualize the obstacle removed, such as your credit score improves, or you get an increase in your income.

Mediation and Black Candle Meaning

It is appropriate to use a black candle for meditation since the candle reveals things hidden deep in your unconscious mind. If you wish to delve deeper into your hidden mind, a black candle is the perfect candle color.

Black Candle Meaning and Mysterious Power

Black candle meaning offers energies that protect and ground you. The black candle is a valuable tool that can absorb and transform negative energies into positive ones.

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Black Candle Meaning: Unlocking the Mystery