Blue Candle Spells to Promote Peace and Clarity

Published February 5, 2021
Blue Candle Spell

Magick blue candle spells are powerful tools for your spell arsenal. You can use blue candle spells for specific color magic.

Blue Candle Spells and Water Element

The color blue, like all colors in magic, represents an element. Blue represents water. Sleep, dreams, spiritual peace, and harmony are some of the areas in your life that water rules. Your spiritual nature and your soul's integrity are also represented by the water element. The depths of your mind, like the depths of an ocean, fall under the influence of the water element.

Casting Blue Candle Spells

You need to select a blue candle for your spellwork. For a onetime simple spell, you can use a votive or tea candle. A taper candle is used when you need to focus your attention for an extended period to give your spell additional power. If you're casting a spell over a series of days/nights, then a pillar candle is ideal. If you must leave the candle burning until it burns down, then opt for a jar candle for fire safety. (You should never leave a burning candle unattended.)

Choose the Type of Blue Candle Spell to Cast

Once you've decided on the type of spell you wish to cast, you'll need to select the appropriate blue candle size to carry out your spellwork. Casting a spell is a highly personal act motivated by intent. You should always approach spellwork with the rule of do no harm.

Blue Candle Spell for Sleep

Insomnia is a common problem, especially among intuitives. You cannot have clarity of mind or peace if you can't sleep and rejuvenate your body and mind. You can cast a spell to induce a peaceful night of sleep by using a blue candle.


  • 1 blue candle
  • Matches or lighter
  • Candle holder
  • Athame (knife)
  • Sleep sigil
Blue candle burning

Step One: Create Your Sleep Sigil

You can create a sleep sigil to carve into the blue candle. If your sigil is too elaborate, then you can draw it onto a piece of paper and burn it during your blue candle spell. However, carving your sigil into the candle is a more powerful use of a sigil in spellwork. You will create your sleep sigil by writing out your intention the same as you would for any sigil. The main thing is to keep your sigil short, focused, and positive. For example, you might write:

  • "I sleep peacefully through the night."
  • "Sleep comes easily to me."
  • "I fall asleep easily."

Step Two: Carve Your Sigil Into the Blue Candle

Once you've created your sigil for sleep, you can carve it into your candle. You want the blue candle to burn down past your sigil and preferably until the candle burns completely down. A blue tea candle or votive candle is best for this type of spell.

Step Three: Write Your Incantation

You need to write your incantation. Your words can follow the simplistic form of this spell by stating what you want or you can write a chant that relies on prose. A couple examples include:

  • "I burn this candle and sigil to ensure a restive peaceful sleep."
  • "Let sleep find me and give me rest."
  • "May sleep come to me, easy, fast, and sound. Let me take a long yawn and awake at dawn."

Step Four: Cast Your Blue Candle Sleep Spell

You are now ready to cast your sleep spell. Make sure you take your normal precautions when casting a spell, such as cleansing the area and placing yourself in a protective circle or bubble.

  1. Open your circle of protection.
  2. Place your candle in its holder on your altar or table.
  3. Clear your mind and focus on your intent - sleep.
  4. Light the candle and extinguish the match or lighter.
  5. Begin chanting the incantation you wrote.
  6. Continue to chant until you feel you've imbued your energy into the candle.
  7. You can sit in meditation on your intent while the candle burns down and extinguishes itself.
  8. You need to close your circle to complete your spell.
  9. Put any leftover wax into a jar and place underneath your bed or bury underneath your bedroom window.
  10. Enjoy your restful night's sleep!

Blue Candle Spell for Family Peace

If your family is in turmoil or suffering from constant arguments, you can cast a blue candle spell for family peace. Blue is the color of the throat chakra and an appropriate candle color for communication. You can create a spell to heal the wound that unkind words have inflicted.

Blue candle with flame


You will need a few more supplies for this blue candle spell. This spell requires you to anoint the candle and use a few additional items in your spellwork.

Step One: Cleanse and Charge Chalcedony Crystal

Chalcedony is known as the crystal that promotes harmony and good will towards others. There are many ways you can cleanse and charge crystals. Chalcedony is no different and can be cleansed with soap and holding it underneath running warm water. You can then charge the crystal. Chalcedony can lose color when exposed in the sun for a long period. You can avoid this and still charge your crystal by placing it under moonlight and leaving it until late mid-morning.

Step Two: Charge Your Candle

Before charging your candle, you'll open a circle to cast your spell and once finished, you'll close it. You'll need to place yourself in this protective circle or bubble of light. You will charge your candle with your intent. In this instance, your intention is to restore family peace. You will dress the candle by first anointing it with oil. This can be virgin olive oil, or any other oil you prefer, such as coconut or almond.

Step Three Anoint Your Candle

Once you select the oil you wish to use, you'll anoint the blue candle with it. Some practitioners add essential oils to the anointing oil. This is strictly a personal choice and depends on your preferred spellwork. Whether you use essential oil, the anointing of the candle is the same.

  1. Since you are bringing peace to your family, you will draw the oil from the top of the candle to the middle and from the bottom of the candle to the middle.
  2. You will work your way around the candle.
  3. Avoid applying oil to the wick.
  4. Focus on your intent as you anoint the candle.
Essential Oil On Table

Step Four: Carve Names of Family in Blue Candle

Once you've anointed your candle and imbued it with your intention for peace in your family, you can use the athame to carve the names of your family in the candle (lengthwise from top to bottom). With each name, visualize them being happy, laughing, and loving. See each person in your family at peace and in harmony with one another. Once finished, set the candle in the holder on your altar or a flat surface.

Step Five: Meditate on Family Peace and Harmony

You will go into a meditative state and visualize your family doing various things together in harmony and peace. It could be watching a movie together, going on a family hike, enjoying a day in the park, and day-to-day interactions. Once you're satisfied that you've solidified your intent, you're ready to cast your spell.

Step Six: Light Sandalwood Incense and Blue Candle

You will light the sandalwood incense and hold the chalcedony crystal, so the incense encircles it. You'll then set the crystal on your altar or table beside the candle holder. Next, light the candle.

Step Seven: Recite Your Incantation

You will begin reciting your incantation or chant. This can be something you pre-wrote to personalize your spell for your family situation, or you can use the one below.

"I invite harmony, peace, tranquility, love, joy, and kindness into my family and home.

Reside with us and guide us through our daily lives.

Keep us connected to each other through love and respect.

Still angry tongues and let hateful words disappear from our lives together.

Let us love and honor each other and treat each other kindly.

Fill my family with the desire to be true to one another and care for each other.

Blessed be, so mote it be."

Step Eight: Close Your Circle

Once the candle has completely burned down, you will close the protective circle you opened at the beginning of your spell. You can either wear the chalcedony crystal or carry it with you for an added boost to your spell.

Blue Candle Spells to Create Peace

You can use blue candle spells to create peace in your life. Blue candle spells can bring many forms of peace and tranquility to provide greater spiritual and mental clarity into your life.

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Blue Candle Spells to Promote Peace and Clarity