Candle Reading Made Simple: Understanding the Signs

Published February 12, 2021
Burning candle

A candle reading gives you information to help you understand how effective your spell is. There are messages in the way the flame reacts, wax melts, type of soot from the candle, wick, or time it takes for the flame to self-extinguish.

Burning Candle Reading Signs and Messages

Some of the signs and messages from the candle can be subtle. If you're just learning about candle reading, then you want to take it slowly to ensure you understand what the spirit(s) are trying to communicate with you about the spell.

Flame Colors and Flame Reactions

The way the candle flame reacts during the burn can tell you a lot about how your spell is performing. Each possible color of the candle flame has a specific meaning. For example, a blue candle flame compared to a yellow burning flame can reveal whether you've contacted a benevolent spirit.

Way Candle Flame Reacts Meaning

Another sign or message is interpreted by the way the candle flame reacts. If the flame is strong or if it dances about can tell you can indicate if your spell is powerful enough to work. Other candle flame reactions carry specific meanings and messages.

candle flame

Self-Extinguishing Candle Flame Meaning

If your candle self-extinguishes, it signifies that your spell is over. It doesn't matter if you haven't finished your spellwork. You'll need to look at other signs to determine if the premature self-extinguished flame is a good or bad sign.

Candle Soot and Smoke Meanings

Even the candle soot, if any, reveals specific information about your spell and whether it will be successful. The color of candle smoke, if any, also carries a direct message about your spell.

Candle Black Smoke or Soot Interpretations

Candles in glass containers are more susceptible to soot and/or black smoke. However, that doesn't mean free-standing candles can't have both. Black smoke and soot are often interpreted as your spell being blocked.

Determine Cause of Blocked Spell

You can often determine the cause of your spell being blocked. You should look for other signs to explain why, such as a person blocking your spell, or the object of your spell has negative energy surrounding it and prevent your spell to break through.

Soot and Black Smoke at Candle Jar Base

If black smoke curls down to the bottom of your candle jar or the residue of soot is at the base of your burned candle, it may indicate that your spell was blocked. This can be for any number of reasons. The most obvious is that someone is intentionally blocking your spell.

How to Overcome Negative Black Soot in Candle Spell

You may need to perform the spell more than one time before you can break through whatever is blocking you. You may decide to postpone your spell to find a more advantageous time, such as evoking lunar energy or adding other elements like crystals and herbs to your spell.

Other examples of black soot and smoke include:

  • Long lasting or enduring black smoke and/or soot during the candle burn time is another indicator that someone or some force is preventing you from completing the candle spell.
  • Black soot can also indicate it isn't the right time to perform your spell.
  • Black smoke and/or soot around the top of the candle jar usually means some type of negative energy/force was broken and released by your spell.
  • Black smoke and/or soot that stops about half-way down the jar indicates you broke through a tougher obstacle, but were successful in your spellwork.
High Angle View Of Melting Candles
Close-Up Of Lit Candles
Broken candle - glowing light

Gray and White Smoke and Soot Meanings

Not all smoke and soot are black. Occasionally practitioners encounter gray or white smoke and soot. These aren't as common as the black smoke and soot but are messages that your request was received, and those negative forces block or eliminated.

What Does It Mean When Black Soot Turns Gray or White?

It is possible that the black soot turns to gray or white during your spell. It is believed that the soot that remains on the top part of the candle jar once the candle has self-extinguished is the prevailing energy and result.

Interpretations of White Smoke

The majority of interpretations for white smoke describe it as a positive sign. It's commonly believed that white smoke means your spell was successful.

Guidelines to Interpret Candle Smoke and Soot

One thing to keep in mind when conducting a candle reading, is your practice your own? While there are commonly held rules and interpretations when it comes to candle reading and all magic spellwork, interpretation depends on the individual performing the spellwork. You may have experiences that contradict the accepted candle reading rules. In such instances, you should always go with your personal divination experiences since they are part of your energy work and just as unique as your abilities.

Lit Yellow Candle

Interpret Wax Melts in Candle Readings

Another consideration for interpreting the success of your spell is to read the wax melts. Many practitioners place an importance on how the wax melted and the various shapes it assumes during the spell. A comprehensive guide can help you understand candle melts known as mountains, overflows, nets, walls, hooks, rolls, and other shapes.

Wax Left at Bottom of Candle

If there is quite a bit of wax left at the bottom of the candle, then your spell has met some form of obstacle. You must decide if you wish to try your spell another time or if you simply want to give up.

No Wax Left at Bottom of Candle

If your candle has a clean burn, with no wax remaining at the bottom, then your spell is a success. There are no obstacles in your way, and you just now need patience to await your spell to manifest in the physical.

How Long Your Candle Burns

Determining the success of your candle spell by the burn time of your candle depends on the type of spell you cast. Many spells require the candle to burn completely in order for the spell to be successful. Some spells are timed to burn over a series of nights or days.

Fast Burning Candle Reading

If your candle burns rapidly and evenly, you should consider your candle spell successful. An uneven fast burning candle indicates a poorly executed spell that will need to be performed again. Sometimes, a fast burning candle can mean the spell won't have enduring results. In such instances, you may need to cast the spell again. Sometimes, when casting a call or come to me love spell, one of the candles burns faster than the other one. This uneven burning may indicate that the timing for the relationship isn't right, or that the match isn't in the stars.

Slow Burning Candle Reading

If the candle burns slowly, but steadily to the very end, it usually indicates success, but with much opposition that was defeated. If the candle is a slow burn and self-extinguishes before the spell is finished, then the opposition to your spell was more powerful than the energy behind your spell. You'll need to try again, but you should fortify your spell by infusing stronger energy.

Candle Wick Meaning

If the wick falls into the melted wax, you can pull it out and attempt to let it regain itself, but if it curls back into the wax, chances are it will self-extinguish and end your spell. You should always trim the wick prior to lighting since many wicks are intentionally made too long so they can be trimmed.

Illuminated Candle

Circle or Loop Wick

If the wick forms a loop or circle, this is considered a good sign. The circle or loop is interpreted as an imitation of the bull's eye, which means your spell has hit its mark.

Flower or Herb Weigh Down Wick

If you're using herbs or flowers in your spell and a flower or herb weighs down your wick, it is believed you're receiving a message that there is someone else involved. This type of interference with the wick often happens with love spells when the person of desire is involved with someone else. You should never attempt to break up a couple. Whatever negative energy or ill-will sent to the couple will come right back to you, only three times more powerful. Remember, the rule is do no harm. This rule is a warning to the spellworker. Any harm you do or attempt to do will come back to you threefold.

Recognize the Signs in Candle Reading

There are many signs to observe and assess during a candle reading. With experience, you'll soon recognize different patterns in candle spellwork and how to interpret each one.

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Candle Reading Made Simple: Understanding the Signs