Candle Spells for Employment

Updated September 3, 2019
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Candle spells for employment are used to help when you're looking for a new job. There are a number of different candle burning spells to choose from, depending on where you are in the job searching process.

Preparations for Casting Employment Candle Spell

Before you begin a spell, you want to make a few preparations.

Candle Color Suggestions

Each candle color has a designated purpose or meaning that should be considered. Depending on your spell and purpose, you may use more than one color of a candle.

  • Green - Green candles are associated with both money and luck and can be used in an employment spell. This color is an excellent choice for casting a spell to get a raise or promotion.
  • Yellow - If you're going to ask for a raise or a promotion, you definitely want to exude confidence. A candle spell using a yellow candle can ensure you get that extra boost. Yellow candles imbue confidence and are symbols of intelligences.
  • Purple - You can substitute the green or yellow candle with a purple one. Purple is the color used to symbolize power and ambition.
  • White - Use a white candle when you don't have the other colors on hand. White candles represent purity and can be used for any spell. White candles will intensify the genuine heartfelt intentions of your spell.
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Use New Candles

You should always use a new, fresh candle that has not been previously lit. It's believed that candles pick up vibrations each time they are used. Even if you haven't used the candle in spellwork, if you lit it, the candle absorbed the frequencies surround it during the burn time. When you use a fresh candle, the candle energy provides a clear path to your goal.

Where to Place Your Candle

Candles can be placed on an altar when you cast a spell. If you don't have a dedicated altar, then any flat surface will do. Just be sure it's a safe place for a lit candle!

Dressing the Candle

Some spells require you to dress the candle. This simply means that you must anoint the candle with oil by using your fingertips, carve words or symbols into the candle, and charge it with your own personal energy. This is not always required, but many spellworkers believe dressing a candle will give the spell a better chance of working.

Casting a Candle Spell to Get Hired

A simple but effective candle spell can be used during any stage of your job search. It should be started on a Sunday to signify the beginning of the week and a fresh start for your job search or job interview.

Gather Your Supplies

You will need to gather a few supplies before you can cast a spell. Make sure you have everything you need before you start since interrupting a spell will break it before it can be cast. Votive candles are the most commonly used in spellwork since they burn down fairly quickly compared to larger pillar candles.

  • Yellow or gold candle
  • Candle holder
  • Olive oil for dressing candle
  • Matches

Cast Your Spell

You want to clean and clear your altar or flat surface of any clutter. Likewise, clear your mind to focus on the spell and your goal of finding new employment and being offered the job.

  1. Light a yellow or gold candle.
  2. Repeat the following chant three times:
    • "A good job awaits me I know
      for thine brilliant light scans
      and searches a place for me.
      A good job awaits me
      for thine goodness is great.
      My faith in thee is complete.
      A good job waits for me!"
  3. Let the candle burn for nine minutes, while visualizing yourself working at a job you enjoy.
  4. Once you feel satisfied you have completed the spell, snuff out the flame.
  5. Repeat the spell every Sunday until you get a job or the candle burns out.
  6. If you haven't gotten a job by the time the candle burns out, start the spell over with a new candle and follow the same steps.

Spell for Job Promotion

This spell will attract the energies you need to achieve a job promotion. You'll use comfrey oil to attract money and achieve career stability. Ginger root powder will attract the energies of excitement and starting a fun journey.

Supplies You'll Need

Before starting you need to gather a few supplies. Once you have these assembled, select a quiet place to cast your spell. Clear a flat surface or clear off your altar. Before you start, encircle yourself and your spellwork area in protective white light.

  • White candle
  • 1/8 cup of olive oil
  • Plastic gloves
  • 1 small bowl
  • 1 fireproof bowl
  • Small plate or holder for candle
  • 1 drop comfrey oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon ginger root, freshly grated
  • Piece of white paper
  • Gold ink pen
  • Matches or lighter
  • Arthame or paring knife)

Claim Job As Yours

You want to claim the job as yours. This is done by using your ritual arthame (small knife) or a paring knife and carefully carving the job title into the candle. If the job title is long, you can encircle the candle with the title starting at the bottom of the candle and working your way in a spiral toward the top. This symbolizes your rise up the corporate ladder. A short title can be carved into the side of the candle vertically.

Dress the Candle

Mix the olive oil and comfrey oil in the small bowl. You'll want to don the plastic gloves . Dip your fingers into the bowl and rub the oil onto the candle. Once you've fully anointed the candle set it on the plate.

Candle and oil

Write Your Name and Job Title

On the white piece of paper, write your name using the gold ink pen. Underneath your name write the job title you want to be promoted to. Fold the paper and place it beside the fireproof bow near the candle. You will burn the paper at the end of your spell.

Cast Your Spell

Light the candle and concentrate on the job you want. Envision your boss offering the job. Visualize all the details, what you're wearing, where you are, any sounds, smells, or colors around you, and what your boss is saying to you. Imagine how you'll feel when you get that job! Imagine your boss congratulating you and explaining when you'll start and what your duties will be. You may repeat this mantra or create your own. Repeat three times:

"[Job title] come to me. I am worthy.
I claim the job of [Job Title] with [Company name].
The job of [Job Title] is now mine.
I have received the promotion as the new [Job Title]"

Release Your Spell Energy

Once you've fully experienced your promotion in your visualization, it's time to release that energy into the world. Light the paper with your name and job title and place it in the fireproof bowl to burn. Imagine the smoke from the paper lifting into a pink bubble that floats above the candle as it rises toward your new future. Allow the candle to burn out. Dispose of the wax and paper ashes by burying them in your yard. If you don't have a yard, find a place like a forest to bury it, so it can continue to support you with the Earth's energies.

Spell of a Salary Raise

If you're wanting a raise, you need to a spell that will work in your favor. A green candle spell is quick and easy to perform.

What You'll Need

You will need a green candle the symbol of money and patchouli leaves that represent money and prosperity. You'll need to gather these and other supplies before you begin.

  • Green candle
  • Candle holder
  • Matches or lighter
  • Olive oil (enough to dress candle)
  • 1/8 teaspoon patchouli leaves
  • White paper
  • Green ink pen
  • Fireproof bowl
  • Disposable gloves

Dress the Candle

Place candle holder and bowl on a table or altar. Don the disposable gloves and dress the candle with the olive oil. Set the candle in the candle holder.

Paper and Green Ink Pen

Using the green ink pen, write your name and the dollar sign on the piece of paper. Place the patchouli leaves in the center of the paper. Fold the paper by gathering the ends to create a pouch. Set aside in fireproof bowl.

Person Writing With Fountain Pen On Paper

Cast Your Spell

Once you've encircled yourself in a protect ring of white light, you can begin envisioning how your life will change once you receive the raise. Visualize your boss giving you the raise and how you feel. Take in all the nuances of the moment, from sights, sounds and what your boss is saying. Once you feel firmly centered in your visualization. Repeat the following mantra three times:

"This visualization of my raise or something better will happen to me,
Let the appreciation and rewards for doing good work be bestowed on me,
Bring monetary reward for my efforts in my career go bless me."

Close Your Spell and Circle

You will then hold the packet of herbs with your name and dollar sign over the candle flame allowing the paper to catch fire. Carefully, place the packet into the fireproof bowl and allow it to burn out. You want to close the circle and allow the candle to burn out. Bury the remains of the candle and the ashes to ensure your spell takes root.

Spell for Resolving a Work Conflict

Sometimes work conflicts seem impossible to resolve. If you're suffering from a misunderstanding jealous co-worker or a micro-managing boss, you can try a spell to intervene on your behalf. The main thing to keep in mind is never wish ill of anyone. It will always come back on you threefold.

Supplies You'll Need

As with any spellwork, you must first gather your supplies. Make sure you have a safe, quiet place to cast your spell. This spell uses the name "Star" for the harassing co-worker, so replace with the name you want.

  • Pink candle
  • White candle
  • Black candle
  • Candle holder for each candle
  • Olive oil (enough to dress candles)
  • Matches or lighter
  • Photo of "Star" (photo of a coworker) or white paper with name
  • Black ink pen
  • Fireproof bowl

Dress the Candles

The black candle offer protection again darkness. The white candle symbolizes pure intent. The pink candle represent love. You want to all three candles with olive oil. Cover each fully and place in their respective holders.

Photo or Name of Harasser

If you have a photo of the person harassing you, place it in front of the pink candle. If you don't have a photo, write the person's name at the bottom of the paper and attempt to draw an image to represent them. It doesn't need to be a work of art. Place the paper in front of the pink candle.

Lighting Order for Candles

You want to light the candles in a specific order. This will ensure your intent is pure and made from a place of love to overpower darkness of your nemesis.

  1. Light the first candle and repeat, "Let the light of goodness descend over Star."
  2. Light the second candle and repeat, "I send love to Star and only good wishes for her well-being."
  3. Light the third candle and repeat, "This candle releases the negative and anger that Star has for me and frees both of us."
  4. Next light the photo or paper using the black candle and place it to burn completely in the fireproof bowl.
  5. Extinguish the black candle but allow the white and pink ones to burn out.

Close the Spell

Once the candles have self-extinguished, take their remains, the black candle and the ashes, and bury them together in the ground to ensure Star's angry, meanness and hatred are buried for good.

About Candle Spells

Candle spells have been used for centuries as a form of magic. All these spells require are a candle and a strong desire and ability to believe. If you can focus on your goal and concentrate that focus while lighting the candle, you can perform a candle spell. Once the candle is lit, it's important to visualize your desires and concentrate.

Do No Harm

It's important to note that candle spells should never be used to wish harm on anyone. In the case of employment spells, it's fine to cast one for your own gain, but you should never wish for something negative to happen to someone else in order to create a job opening for yourself.

Choosing a Candle Spell for Employment

You can use any of the candle spell to address your employment desire. You can customize any spell so it better fits you and your desire concerning your employment. When you cast a spell with good intentions for all, it has a chance of being successful.

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